Where to find all of the weapons depots in Halo Infinite

 Map showing the location of all weapons depots in Halo Infinite, which provide access to cosmetic items for multiplayer

In Halo Infinite, weapon depots are scattered across the map, each containing hidden multiplayer cosmetic items. Our instructions will help you find each such weapons depot in the game.

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What is the "Mjolnir" arms depots

The Mjolnir Armory are essential collectibles for players. Each of them will open access to one item to customize the appearance of the Spartan in multiplayer game. In the process of research, users may stumble upon lockers with armor and other skins, so you need to carefully examine every corner of the location. Other collectibles can also be found along the way.

What is the "Mjolnir" arms depots

Each locker contains only one item, but there are more than 30 skins scattered throughout the location. In these specialized warehouses, you can find armor, weapon coatings, poses, and other skins. All open items can be viewed in the corresponding section in the network game. When approaching the locker, the artificial intelligence will mark the location of the item on the map. As soon as the player is near the warehouse, a quiet beep will sound. Now it is enough to inspect the nearest territories and find a tall metal container with green flashing lights nearby. Also, when you hover the cursor on the map, you can see what exactly is inside the weapons store.

All locations with weapons depots "Mjolnir"

All locations with weapons depots "Mjolnir"

The screenshot above shows all the weapons storage in the location. It should be borne in mind that you will not be able to get all the items at once, since the map in Halo Infinite is unlocked gradually in the process of completing the main tasks in the campaign. We explore the location and visit each island to pick up all the collectibles:

  1. North Island (14 warehouses). You can collect these skins after leaving the station surface.
  2. South-east island (5 warehouses). Located on the second island south of the initial one. Access to them will open after completing the "Tower" quest.
  3. Central Island (1 warehouse). Access to a small piece of land will open in the process of completing the quest "The Fall of the Pelican".
  4. Southeast Islands (12 warehouses). After completing the mission "Sequence" the player will be able to visit all the remaining areas of the map.

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