Where to Find Objectives and New Weapons in the Halo Infinite Campaign

 Detailed information on the location of each target in Halo Infinite

Throughout the Halo Infinite campaign, players will come across bosses, each of which will open the Spartan access to new weapons. Collecting all the copies yourself will be quite difficult, since they are scattered throughout the map. In our material, we will tell you about the location of each target and help you collect all the weapons in the game.

Special Purposes

Special Purposes

On the general map, there are small bosses that must be killed in order to get modified weapons with unique types of shooting. Each copy can be useful on the battlefields. Players can attack any target in any order. Each enemy is assigned a special weapon that can only be obtained from him. Throughout the campaign, the player will constantly have to engage in particularly difficult and unequal battles. It is in these situations that the new guns come in handy. The screenshot above shows the location of all targets. As a hint, follow the link and use the interactive map to make it easy to find opponents.

Special Purpose Information

In total, there are 15 reinforced opponents on the map. They can be accidentally stumbled upon during missions and island exploration. After capturing bases, the location of some nearby enemies may be displayed on the map. Below are all 15 targets tied to weapons that the player will receive after the destruction of each:

  1. Inka 'Saham - Impulse Carbine (high rate of fire)
  2. Thav 'Sebarim - Guardian Beam (increased damage and quick recovery).
  3. Okro 'Vagaduun - Energy sword (fast travel, fast attack and recovery).
  4. Bipbap - Breaker (increased damage and extended electric shock).
  5. Briglard - Plasma pistol (loading weapon allows you to shoot multiple rounds, high damage to shields).
  6. Barroth - Hunting rifle (high rate of fire and damage at long range).
  7. Zeretus - M41 SPNKR (self-guided missiles).
  8. Balkarus - Slasher (low rate of fire, increased damage from one shot).
  9. En'Geddon - Gravity Hammer (increased damage, movement speed and attack radius).
  10. Ik 'Novus the Devourer - Ostrog (high damage, penetrates vehicles).
  11. Artok - Ravager (ricochet ammo).
  12. Writh Kul - Needle Thrower (homing shots, tracks multiple targets at the same time).
  13. Skimmer Patrol - Electric Rifle (increased range and damage).
  14. Myriad (Myriad) - Ashbringer (a cartridge, when it hits an obstacle, is divided into several fragments and explodes).
  15. Ordo 'Mal - Thermal emitter (shoots multiple rounds in a row that ricochet off obstacles).
The player needs to defeat each target and clear the nearest territory from all enemies in order to unlock new weapons. Some opponents are located in hard-to-reach places, so it is recommended to first pump the hook. It is also impossible to get to Writh Kul without an aircraft, so find the "Banshee" or "Wasp" in advance.

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