The freebies have arrived in Fortnite, and it's possible to open one per day in the Cozy Cabin! But how do you make your choice?

The Winter Party has just started in Fortnite , and there are plenty of new Christmas features to discover in the game! Each day, a winter challenge is to be completed to unlock rewards, and Christmas weapons and items are now available in the different game modes.

In addition to that, it is possible to open one gift per day! The principle is simple: meet every day in the cozy chalet , and choose from the 14 gifts offered the one you want to open. A free reward per gift is to be obtained! But how do you choose your gift ? We reveal to you the list of the various gifts and the rewards they offer so that you can make your choice.

What gift to choose in Fortnite for Christmas 2021?

To choose the gift you want to open at the cozy chalet, you can use the visual below, which lists all the gifts with the reward they offer :

gift to choose in Fortnite for Christmas 2021

To differentiate the gifts, use their color and pattern. You can then choose the gift of your choice according to its reward! Remember that if one day you can't log into the game, you can always claim your gift a little later, before January 6th. You can even log in only on January 6, and open all your freebies at once!

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