Xbox Game Pass: December 2021 tasks. How to get more than 1500 Rewards points for free

Xbox Game Pass: December 2021 tasks. How to get more than 1500 Rewards points for free

 The Game Pass has been filled with great games , must-see appointments and rewards: Rewards Points allow you to obtain prizes that can be exchanged for games or gift vouchers within the Microsoft Rewards program. And just for taking a little time to specific games you can receive more than 1500 points . Nothing bad.

The process is simple: Microsoft offers us daily, weekly and monthly missions . Daily calls consist of playing a Game Pass game each day and opening the official Game Pass mobile app. The monthly ones, on the other hand, have a little more crumb.

For this reason, at VidaExtra we bring you together and solve all the monthly Xbox Game Pass tasks in the same place and, already put, we explain and advise you how to solve those that require a little more skill. Our goal: that you take them off in record time and spend the points to make yourself a nice Christmas gift.

The best? You can claim several of the games from the console, your PC or playing in the cloud with Xbox Cloud Gaming. And in the latter case, you won't even have to install the game.

Get 10 points every day in less than a minute

Just for starting a game included in the Xbox, PC or cloud Game Pass you will get 5 Reward Points. And if you also open the Xbox Game Pass mobile application you will get 5 additional points. If you run a game in the cloud from your mobile, you get the Rewards in no time.

Commitment to tasks

  • Objective: Complete 12 daily tasks and 12 weekly tasks this month
  • Reward: +100 Rewards points

The tip: complete the tasks in the weeks and play a Game Pass title each day. If you install the Xbox App on your mobile and open it daily, you will have removed the first part in six days.

Task completer

  • Objective: Complete 45 daily tasks and 15 weekly tasks this month
  • Reward: +1000 Rewards points
The tip: to do this easily, you'll need to open a Game Pass game and the Xbox Game Pass App every day. It won't take you two minutes a day and the payoff is pretty high.

Halo Infinite

  • Objective: Get 3 achievements in Halo Infinite
  • Reward: 2 x +75 Rewards points
The Tip: If you go into multiplayer and customize your Spartan, his armor or the ID name above, you will make those three achievements jump quickly. 150 Rewards points very easy to achieve.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Unlimited Tamriel

  • Objective: Play for an hour
  • Reward: +75 Rewards points
The tip: Just start a game and go for a ride for 60 minutes. Or leave the game in progress and put the console out of sleep mode. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, but you won't need to do much either.

Faith [Exclusive Game Pass Ultimate]

  • Objective: Collect 1 partition
  • Reward: +75 Rewards points
Tip: Partitions are collectibles that are scattered throughout the game. Its shape is that of a sharpened piece of glass. If you start a new game you will have found the first one in less than 15 minutes.

Homework learner

  • Objective: Complete 8 weekly tasks
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points

Game Pass Adventurer

  • Objective: Play 10 different Game Pass games
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points
The advice: To do this, you don't have to start each game. Just start ten games and wait until the Game Pass achievement pops up on the screen. If you open them in the cloud you can achieve it in less than 5 minutes.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

  • Objective: Acquire 50 coins to earn Rewards points.
  • Reward: +75 Rewards points
The Tip: Start an ongoing game of Dishonored: Death of the Stranger or start a new one and simply collect the coins you see while playing. If you are in a hurry, you can always go to an area where there is a large amount, do a quick save, collect the coins and reload the game. It won't take too long.

Homework Rookie

  • Objective: Complete 4 weekly tasks
  • Reward: +10 Rewards points


  • Objective: Eliminate 20 teammates in Outriders to earn Rewards points.
  • Reward: +75 Rewards points
The Tip: Despite the indication, you must eliminate 20 enemies. Start a game or join someone else's and take part in a shootout. Before this one ends you will have accomplished the task.

Game Pass Explorer

  • Objective: Play 4 different Game Pass games
  • Reward: +10 Rewards points

Game Pass games anywhere

  • Objective: Install 5 games with the Game Pass mobile app
  • Reward: +25 Rewards points

The Tip: Just open the Game Pass app, choose five games and install them. You do not need to complete the installation. If you have enough storage space on the console, choose five indie titles and then cancel the download from the console itself.

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