10 Rainbow Six: Extraction tips I wish I knew beforehand


10 Rainbow Six: Extraction tips I wish I knew beforehand

The new co-op shooter Rainbow Six: Extraction sends you into parasite-infested areas full of dangers and nasty monsters. We have a few tips for newbies and beginners, which the intrusive opponents shouldn't like at all.

Rainbow Six: Extraction is a co-op shooter with smaller missions that will take you on a short but intense adventure. With up to two friends, you should collect information about an alien parasite that wants to spread on earth.

"Not with us," the Rainbow squad says to themselves, and begins examining the parasite for weaknesses that should aid in the eradication.

So that you have a good chance of bringing your operator back home healthy right from the start, we have the right beginner tips for you here.

1. Sneak until the bang

If you start a mission or a new area, the nasty opponents are very calm at first. As long as you don't get too close to the critters, it stays that way.

In Extraction, it makes sense to rely a lot on sneaking. In some missions, this is even necessary to get through at all.

Headshots enemies to take them down straight away. Avoid the Sprenger opponents with their bombs on their backs - if they explode, this often alerts other opponents. Also, pay attention to the displays around your visor - they alert you to noises or enemies who are approaching.

If an enemy has discovered you, you usually have a small window of time before the cattle scream or somehow let their parasite buddies know. With a “takedown” (close-range attack from behind – keep the button pressed) you can still get the eaten enemies down.

Stay together a lot, talk to each other, and pay attention to each other where the rest of the team is. If there is a parasitic alarm, you are then ready for the fight together.

2. Nests are the biggest enemies

Everywhere in the areas you will find nests of enemies. Nests are alerted in a similar way to enemies, and then begin their slimy work - "spawning" enemies.

An alarmed nest will not stop unleashing enemy offspring on you either. If you don't destroy the hatchery, the nests are incessant enemy suppliers.

Therefore, make sure that you finish off all nests - whether you are still in the sneak phase or ready for the big fight to break out.

The timely and systematic destruction of this supply line is essential to keep the enemy hordes at bay.

Important tips for nests:

  • The parts can stick anywhere - check out high ceilings too
  • With a "takedown" melee you get more experience and the nasty parasite slime around the nest disappears
  • In most missions, nests do not come back after being destroyed

If you have to hold an area in a mission, as in "Serial Scan" or "Sabotage", then first search the entire area for nests and eliminate the breeding stations. In this way, the number of troublemakers can be significantly reduced.

3. Doc is the operator to keep going

In Extraction, there are Operators with different abilities and advantages. Some help with reconnaissance, others help with repelling opponents. One even has a big hammer that can be used to clear destructible walls out of the way.

Take a close look at all the operators and pick 3, 4 that you can make amends with. If an operator goes down in a match and is not evacuated by you, then the character will not be available to you in the next round.

This operator system goes even further: if you take health damage, the damage remains after the round. Depending on the experience points you have collected, you will then get your health back.

A healer should always be present, especially at the beginning. "Doc" is by far the best choice here. His Health Orbs ability lets you fire healing projectiles. With this, you either distribute health or revive a teammate who has gone down.

So Doc has a resuscitation gun that you can use on yourself as well. You have a total of 3 charges at your disposal and as long as you have the health orbs in your pocket, you stay in the game. You can also find new charges for the abilities in the mission areas.

The second healer to start with is the Russian "Finka". She can also revive teammates from afar.

4. You can only go down once

If you lose all your health, you go down. Team members can then save you - Doc and Finka don't even have to be close by.

However, there are only limited possibilities to help the lazy teammate back on his feet. In fact, you can only go down once.

Body armor also allows you to go down more often. The armor will then only be used up before you are counted. Body Armor comes as a "REACT device" or as an ability. The operator "Rook" distributes a load of protective clothing to the whole team.

But if you go completely down, your operator wraps himself in a kind of insulating foam. The so-called "REACT foam" protects unconscious operators from infection and other dangers.

A player wrapped in foam is demoted to a spectator.

If you leave the comrade behind, the player in question must free the operator in the next mission so that he is available to play again.

5. Operators are getting stronger and stronger

Each selectable character has its own operator level. The more times you play an operator, the more benefits you get.

You not only unlock weapons. As you level up, there are also passive bonuses like more health, stronger skills, and higher movement speed.

Therefore, choose a level of difficulty that suits your operator level. Because the difficulty settings not only demand smarter tactics from you - Extraction also assumes that your operators are better at the higher difficulties.

6. Melee gives you time

If you get up close and personal with enemies on a mission, things can quickly get very tight. Health is extremely valuable and every hit you take brings you closer to death. Healing isn't that easy.

To give yourself some time in the heat of close-ranged combat, give a quick smack to enemies interested in physical contact.

If you don't catch the explosive critters directly on their "bomb", then most enemies can be stunned with one hit and they take a step backward.

This gives you the moment you need to quickly reload your weapon, get on your feet, or get help from your teammates.

7. Healing is temporary

As previously mentioned, health is extremely valuable in Extraction. This is due to 2 points:

  • Operators not fully healing after a match
  • Difficult to regenerate health during the match
If you heal a teammate with Doc or pick up a medkit, you only get "temporary health". You will then see a blue area in the health bar - the real health is white.

The “blue” health will then slowly run down. This takes a while but can become important on longer laps. In addition, nothing remains of the blue health after the match.

So if you find medikits - treat yourself to the bonus even with "full" health. You can then get over 100. Are you on the road with Doc and findability charges, then fire the 3 shots into your comrade and then collect the charges.

Later you will also unlock the "Anabolic Accelerator" as a REACT device. With this, you can slowly increase your "real" health back to 50. You will not get the value higher during a match.

8. Removes the annoying parasite soup and alien mines

The strange alien parasite doesn't just set different types of opponents on you. The fungus-like invader has a few other nasty tricks up his sleeve.

There are blind mines everywhere and sneaky blind spores just waiting to cling to you like burrs.

Flash Mines will detonate if you get too close to them. The spores stick to you and only explode after a certain time. Make sure that both of these don't happen too often.

Because the blend effects are violent. You are virtually incapacitated for several seconds and can hardly defend yourself if an enemy is targeting you.

The little alien gadgets are finished with one bullet. If a comrade has collected blinding spores, they can also be shot from the body. However, a friendly melee attack also helps.

The ubiquitous slime that slows you down when you walk over it can also be removed a bit with a melee attack or a shot. Very helpful when you already know an escape is imminent - almost anytime.

9. Aim-Assist with Controller kicks in

With this tip, the mouse players can switch off for a moment - the aim assist for controllers is incredibly strong.

If you aim near an enemy, the crosshairs will jump on the enemy - regardless of casualties. It takes a lot of getting used to, especially at the beginning, but it is also helpful.

If you know "The Division 2" or the zombie mode of Call of Duty as a controller player, you should already know the strange feeling of aiming. To everyone else: No, you haven't forgotten how to aim - the assist is just so intrusive.

Either switch off the Aim Assist right at the start (Options – Controls – Aim Assist) or let the function work for you.

If you use the assist, do not correct your crosshairs immediately after aiming, but take a split second to realize where the assist is aiming. Often you don't need to make any corrections - the headshot is spot on.

However, do not work against the Aim Assist, but deactivate it directly if the function gets on your nerves. Otherwise, you lose the fight, as well as your current operator.

10. Skips annoying or deadly quests

When you start a mission you get 3 different orders that have to be completed. Over time, favorites emerge – and possibly also unpopular tasks.

If you don't feel like a mission, you can go straight to the exit and the next section. Basically, you have no disadvantages.

This also applies if you took too much damage in the first section and are not sure if you can still complete the next mission.

Then rather go to the evacuation and complete the entire mission. This way you won't lose an operator and you'll get more experience points for completing it.

Your Operators will thank you for not having to spend hours in that gross REACT foam again. Surrounded by alien parasites.

The co-op shooter in the Rainbow Six universe demands your skills and always demands you when you are on higher difficulty levels.

If you keep our tips in mind, you shouldn't have any problems for the first few hours. Stay together, talk to each other a lot and protect each other from the nasty fungus.

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