21 best mobile games of 2021


21 best mobile games of 2021

We remember what made us break away from consoles and computers in the past year

The most popular mobile games of 20...
The most popular mobile games of 2021 in esports

When major releases of 2021 did not please, someone, returned to time-tested hits, someone discovered the amazing world of indie games. And someone switched to mobile games since this year there was no shortage of hits. Did you not like Biomutant, released in spring on PC and consoles, with an empty world and monotonous tasks? On smartphones, you could play Slash of Sword 2 inspired by The Witcher. And in the fall, instead of New World or Battlefield 2042, plunge into a cozy Botworld Adventure or have plenty of shots in PUBG: New State.

In this article, we have collected 21 of the most memorable mobile releases of the past year.

PUBG: New State - the old game in a new way

A new version of the mobile battle royale, which, according to the authors, should be regarded as a continuation of the original PUBG. The developers updated the design of classic maps, added several new ones in a futuristic setting, changed vehicles to more advanced models of 2051, and made the game itself more convenient and included new modes: a team deathmatch for 4 people and a training camp, as in the computer version.

Seven Knights 2 - Best Graphics of 2021

In Seven Knights 2, cutscenes and gameplay smoothly flow into each other, and the world and characters look no worse than in the same Final Fantasy 14. In addition, the game is fully voiced.

The gameplay of Seven Knights 2 is more reminiscent of Final Fantasy 15 with its high dynamics, real-time battles, and smooth switching between teammates. Preparation for battles is of great importance: upgrading equipment and weapons, as well as finding stronger fighters in the squad.

Botworld Adventure is the coziest adventure ever

A tactical RPG with auto-combat in a cozy open world where humanoid beasts live. The main character, like everyone who has reached the age of majority, gets his own companion bot, and then the adventure begins. You need to travel the world and compete with other bot breeders, gradually replenishing your army of bots and making upgrades.

Fights between bots are semi-automatic, but mindlessly dumping the entire army and pressing the perk buttons will not work: at least light long-range ones should be hidden behind melee heavyweights, and perks should be used wisely against different types of enemies and at the right moment.

Marvel Future Revolution is the main surprise of the year

If you were disappointed with last year's Marvel's Avengers, then you might have skipped Marvel Future Revolution. This is a surprisingly high-quality mobile MMO set in the Avengers universe, in which you are immediately offered to feel like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, or even Spider-Man.

Action Marvel Future Revolution takes place in two worlds: in the real and in the mysterious Dark Dimension, familiar to many from the movie "Doctor Strange". And the main villain is the big-headed freak M.O.D.O.K. , which has yet to appear in the MCU.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown - Best Robot Fights

The easiest way to describe Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is the Overwatch about robots. Here, too, it is based on 5v5 team matches and does not require esports skills. There are as many as 15 robots available, and they are all very different: from a heavy robot with machine guns that can accelerate for a short time, to a nimble kid who shoots rockets and knows how to jump.

Robots can be refined in the workshop, pumping and changing equipment, which increases the ammunition of their weapons and allows them to use their abilities more often. And 22 game cards look really diverse: from sports arenas and city streets to desert and space.

Contra Returns - Most Nostalgic Release of the Year

In Contra Returns, we again play as Bill Riser and Lance Bean, who save the Earth in the XXVII century from aliens, dodging projectiles, and shooting armored bosses. Only this time in a modern wrapper with colorful special effects and full voice acting. And all this will be enough for a long time - more than 200 levels are available to complete.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Best Fantasy Story

The world of Punishing: Gray Raven strongly resembles Nier from large platforms - in the distant future, almost all organic life became extinct, and machines became the masters of the world. We play as fighters of the Resistance, which ironically includes cyborgs.

On levels with beautiful landscapes of a dying world, you need to destroy mobs. This provides resources for pumping squad members and preparing for boss battles at the end of each level.

Infinite Tanks WW2 - a fresh look at "Tanks"

Infinite Tanks WW2 provides a full-fledged storyline campaign for 12 missions for a gradual immersion in all the intricacies of armored vehicles. And then you can do some modifications: for example, put a turret from a KV-2 on a platform from a T-34, and a gun from a Tiger.

The gameplay is as close as possible to the good old WoT: Blitz - we take cover, target the vulnerable spots of the enemies, select the required projectile, and hope to break through. And among the modes here - the capture of the base, destruction, and superiority.

Modern Warships - the scale of the PC gaming level

Modern Warships is reminiscent of the computer version of World of Warships. The player here also becomes a captain and participates in fierce sea battles with other players from all over the world. More than 30 real ships are available in total: battleships, submarines and aircraft carriers. And from the latter, helicopters and fighters are helping to seize the initiative in the airspace.

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital - Best Horror of the Year

A spooky adventure inspired by Outlast and Resident Evil. In a certain laboratory, experiments are carried out over the main character, it becomes difficult for him to distinguish reality from nightmares, and the present from the past. The goal of the game is to get out of the complex, which resembles a mental hospital, constantly looking for bullets, notes, and keys to the doors.

Infinite Lagrange is the best space game of the year

Infinite Lagrange is a mix of the best ideas from space fiction, reminiscent of both Homeworld and EVE Online. The plot tells about the expansion of mankind throughout the Milky Way galaxy after the discovery of the technology of fast travel in space (here it is called the Lagrangian Stargate Network).

Traveling between the stargates, the player's fleet meets abandoned cities and ships of friends or enemies. You must first settle in the new territory: build a station, start mining ore from asteroids and build a defense. The game also has a large tree of technologies - by researching them, you can unlock new ships and other buildings. The ultimate goal of the mission is to create the most powerful fleet in the galaxy.

Slash of Sword 2 - The Witcher from the mobile RPG world

The protagonist of Slash of Sword 2 was framed and accused of murder, and then exiled to the arena of the city of Fyrstiun, where all the surrounding criminals are fighting to the death. Fortunately, the main character is a swordmaster and a former mercenary, fencing no worse than the witcher Geralt.

The similarities with the creation of CD Projekt Red do not end there: in order to save money for an upgrade of equipment, you have to complete tasks for the inhabitants of Fyrstiun with catchy dialogues and unexpected plot twists.

The Oregon Trail - Best Educational Game of the Year

In real history, the famous Oregon Trail was a route from the east to the west coast of the United States with a length of more than 3 thousand kilometers. In the middle of the 19th century, tens of thousands of people traveled along with it to Oregon every year in search of a better life.

The Oregon Trail is an educational game about the history of the colonization of North America. It reflects the hardships of the long travels of those years: food tends to run out or spoil, travelers can break their legs or run into other troubles during one of the stops. You need to be prepared for all of this and make the appropriate decisions in order to successfully get to Oregon.

Fantasian Best Comeback of the Year

Fantasian is an Apple Arcade exclusive from famed Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series. The gameplay is reminiscent of classic franchise releases like Final Fantasy VII. The camera hangs away from the characters in peacetime, and the battles take place in turn-based mode using a whole palette of different abilities.

But the main feature of Fantasian is the location. They were created using 3D scans of hand-assembled dioramas. The landscapes turned out to be very cozy, and their combination with frankly cartoon characters looks unusual. In addition, as is often the case in Final Fantasy, the cool high-tech world of the game coexists with pastoral fantasy.

Fantasian is conceived as a dilogy, and so far only the first part of the story has been released. But even to complete it will take more than 20 hours.

World War 2: Battle Combat is the best historical shooter

A multiplayer 5x5 shooter set on historic battlefields from Normandy Beach to the streets of Berlin. The game offers 5 combat modes, among which, in addition to the banal "team battle" or "capture point", there is also an "arms race" and "knives only". You can play as a soldier of the USSR, USA, Japan, and Germany. But one team can only include representatives of allied countries.

World War 2: Battle Combat feels like a bouncy online shooter in the spirit of the first Call of Duty games, with great modern graphics and an unusually low TTK (average time to kill) for smartphones. The latter forces you not to substitute yourself once again in battle.

Dwarf Journey is the best combat platformer

Dwarf Journey - 2D "roguelike" about a dwarf who rebelled against the coming old age, grabbed an ax and a pickaxe, pulled on rusted armor, and went into the dungeon to destroy monsters and mine ore.

The levels in the game are randomly generated, and after each death the hero is revived at the base, having lost half of the mined. At the base, you can improve equipment for ore and pump characteristics such as strength (responsible for damage from an ax) or vitality (increases the amount of health). Until you pump your armor and health well, you will have to die often: there are a lot of enemies in the caves, they attack from different directions and hit painfully.

Warhammer: Odyssey - Best Old School MMO of the Year

An old-school multiplayer online RPG in which you have to spend dozens of hours on a monotonous routine in order to get normal equipment, pumping is extremely unhurried, and for any dungeon or raid, you will definitely have to find party members. But fans of the long-defunct Warhammer Online will be pleased.

Ninja Arashi 2 is the best ninja game

The levels of the Ninja Arashi series are distinguished by their attention to detail: even the traps fit perfectly into the surroundings and are not striking, and in the middle of each level there is an obligatory peaceful part when you can just admire the scenery.

In the second part, familiar mechanics are brought to perfection, and the ninja Arasi has mastered new techniques. Shuriken throws and basic sword attacks now work with one button, depending on the distance from the enemy. Now it is possible to slip under the enemy's feet in order to stab from the back (helps against opponents with shields), and now you can climb the walls as much as you like.

Astracraft is the best combat constructor of the year

In Astracraft, you need to collect platforms from cubes and hang legs, cutters, cannons and various devices on them. Then the ready-made "Lego robots" are sent to the arena, where they shoot at each other with lasers, missiles and cut with blades until there is only one left. Parts beautifully fly off and crumble, and the unfinished robots are trying to crawl away on one leg with the remains of the body.

There is also a racing mode in which you need to focus on speed, not combat power. However, no one forbids getting rid of competitors on the track with the help of guns.

Merge Master: Magic Jigsaw is the most fun jigsaw puzzle ever

Stylized as an adventure in a fantasy land, a puzzle in which not a single step on the world map and not a single meeting with the locals is complete with jokes. Did you save the village from the fire? "Who put out the village, he is the owner in it!" - the companion encourages you. Everyone is glad to see you (well, almost), because you are a magician, you take out a variety of objects from knapsacks, chests, and even coffee grinders and combine them to solve this or that quest. Every chisel and every spool of thread will come in handy on the farm!

Micetopia - Best Indie Game of the Year

Metroidvania is about a knight mouse who is trying to save the fairy kingdom of the mouse from the dark forces, armed with a sword and a bow. The world of the game is large, and in the course of the passage, new places open up and paths to old ones are unlocked. Drawn by Micetopia very painstakingly - with pastoral villages and dark caves in which evil lurks. And the most interesting thing is that only one person created the game - a simple worker from the Moscow region.

What mobile games do you remember the most in 2021? Leave your answers in the comments!

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