Brawl Stars Character Guide

 A brief description of all the main abilities and super-skills of the characters, categorized by rarity

Brawl Stars, which belongs to the games of the MOBA genre, offers users fun gameplay, made in a bright cartoon style. The principle is quite simple: players are divided into teams and fight with each other using a variety of heroes. In Brawl Stars, they are called brawlers. It is clear that each of these characters has its own unique characteristics, parameters, features, and abilities. You have to take into account the smallest details in order to choose the hero that will be most suitable for your play style. In this guide, we have compiled lists of all brawlers and categorized them by rarity.

Brawl Stars Ultimate Player - 5 min
Brawl Stars Ultimate Player - 5 min

List of Brawl Stars characters

All brawlers in the game are divided into several categories according to the degree of rarity. The higher the rarity for brawlers, the better its characteristics and the more powerful it will be after potential leveling. More specifically, this:

  • Regular brawlers
  • Rare brawlers
  • Super rare brawlers
  • Epic brawlers
  • Mythical brawlers
  • Legendary brawlers
  • Chromatic brawlers

Regular brawlers

Shelley - refers to the destroyers, although she was previously a warrior. Everyone gets this hero when they first start Brawl Stars. The main attack is buckshot - a shot from a rifle with 5 shells, causing damage of medium magnitude. Shelley's Super Barrage allows the Brawler to fire 9 rounds at once, destroying barricades and knocking back enemies.


Colt is another brawler belonging to the destroyer class (before that - a shooter). To get it, accumulate 60 Cups on the Path to Glory. The main attack is called Full Clip and allows Colt to fire 6 quick shots. The bullets fly quite far, and each of them deals low damage. However, if the Colt hits any character with all the shells, then the consequences for his opponent can be dire. The Super Bullet Storm allows Colt to fire 12 bullets, which are much larger than normal bullets, travel even faster, further, and do more damage.


8-bit is a character who previously belonged to the class of shooters and now has migrated to destroyers. It is much more difficult to get it: you will have to accumulate 6,000 Cups on the Path to Glory. Its main beam blaster fires 6 laser beams, so the attack is visually similar to the shots from Colt's revolvers. However, these beams fly farther, have a high accuracy (less spread), and increase damage. And the reload speed is higher. As for the ultimate "Damage Booster", then 8-Bit can install a special item with a certain range of action. As soon as a robot or its allies are within range, their damage is increased by 35%. Does not affect summoned units.


Nita - formerly a warrior, now this heroine is considered a destroyer. To open it, it is enough to collect 10 cups along the Path to Glory. Her main attack, Ancient Power, allows Nita to summon a shockwave that spreads a short distance and damages all enemies that fall into the affected area. Ulta "Bear" allows the brawler to summon a large red bear to attack nearby opponents. Suitable for getting away from pursuit. By pumping Nita, you also improve the bear.


Jesse is a destroyer formerly a Warrior. If you want to unlock this brawler, then earn 500 Cups on the Path to Glory. Fires a shock rifle that fires a sphere of energy that travels at a medium distance and damages multiple targets. It bounces up to two times, which means that you can hit three opponents at once. Super ability "Scrappy!" allows Jesse to mount a low damage turret with a medium hit point.


Stu is an assassin that can be unlocked after earning 10,000 Cups on the Path to Glory. The main attack "Special Effects" allows Stu to launch 2 fireworks, and in case of a hit, get a full charge of his Super-ability. Ulta's "Nitrogen Booster" gives Stu the ability to make a powerful dash, as a result of which the brawler leaves a trail of fire. All opponents caught in it light up and gradually lose HP. The effect lasts 4 seconds.


Emz is another destroyer, which you need to accumulate 8000 cups on the "Path to Glory" to unlock it. The normal Spray attack allows Emsu to spray a can of poisonous hairspray at enemies. A poisonous cloud is released that deals damage over 0.5 seconds. If the enemy lingers in the cloud, he will receive three times the damage. Super "Burning Charisma" allows Emz to create a huge poisonous cloud around him. It not only deals damage but also slows down all opponents. An excellent option if you need to quickly finish off the wounded enemies fleeing from the battlefield.


Dynamike is a destroyer that previously belonged to the class of throwers. To unlock this brawler, collect 2,000 Pathway to Glory Cups. The main attack Burst Patience allows Dynamike to throw two sticks of dynamite, which explode after a few seconds. Inflict huge damage to all enemies in the affected area. The enemy can take damage from only one checker. Ulta's "Big bang" allows Dynamike to launch a large barrel of explosives. Unlike checkers, it can be thrown far away, and the explosion radius is much higher, so there is a high probability of causing damage to the entire enemy group. After the explosion, opponents are thrown back (if they manage to survive).


Bull is a brawler that belongs to the category of tanks previously called "Heavyweights". To earn it, earn 250 Pathway to Glory Cups. The Double-Barreled Shotgun basic attack allows Bull to fire a powerful shot from a double-barreled shotgun that deals high damage at close range. This is very important: the attack range is much shorter than that of the same Darryl and Shelley. The Bulldozer super ability allows Bull to make a powerful dash in a straight line in the direction you choose. Bull will tear down all barricades, knock enemies back and inflict minor damage on them.


Brock is a destroyer that will become available after receiving 1000 cups on the Path to Glory. The main ability is the "Doom missile", which can travel great distances and cause damage of medium magnitude with a relatively small explosion radius. Recharges for a long time, flies slowly. Rocket Rain Ulta allows Brock to launch 9 in a row of missiles that cover an average distance, destroying obstacles and hitting opponents. A great option if the enemies are a handful.


Bo is a destroyer formerly of the Warrior class. To get it, accumulate 3000 Cups on the Path to Glory. Eagle Eye's main attack allows Bo to fire three powerful shots that create a small explosion upon hitting the target. Damage is taken by all opponents caught in the area of ​​the explosion. Ulta "Fox Hunt" allows the brawler to scatter 3 mines at locations. They explode just over 1 second after an enemy passes by. Only the player controlling Bo can see the mines. Opponents do not suspect anything until they are near the mine: then it will begin to squeak and blink.


Tick is a destroyer that used to be a thrower. To unlock it, collect 4,000 Pathway to Glory Cups. Normal attack - minimizes. Tick ​​throws a cluster bomb, which disintegrates into 3 separate mines in the air. Mines explode after 2 seconds, or sooner if enemies appear near them. Ulta "Daredevil" allows Tik to throw his own head, which with a sufficiently high speed will pursue the nearest enemy. Upon reaching it, the head will explode, inflicting damage on the opponent.


Rare Brawl Stars Heroes

El Primo is another tank that can withstand multiple damages. Previously classified as a heavyweight. To get it, you will have to open any boxes. Normal attack - Fists of Rage. As you can imagine, this is a melee technique, so El Primo must stand close to the enemy. One punch does not do much damage, but if all four hit the target, the opponent's health will be significantly affected. It can hit several enemies at once. Ulta's "Mighty Elbow" allows the brawler to jump to a specified location, creating a shock wave that throws opponents to the sides. At the same time, it inflicts damage on enemies, destroys obstacles. You can attack multiple opponents.

El Primo

Poco is a support brawler. Can be knocked out of any box. The normal Small Chord attack allows the brawler to launch a musical wave at the medium range that has a wide area of ​​impact. Inflicts minor damage to all enemies in the area of ​​effect, but is unable to pass through walls. Ulta "For an encore!" endows that very musical wave with healing powers. It restores health to Poco and his comrades trapped in the wave. The most important thing is that such a wave can travel through walls and shelters and is characterized by a wider radius of action.


Rose is a powerful tank that can be knocked out by opening any box. The main attack of Stone Hands allows Rose to attack the nearest target with three short lunges. Unfortunately, you will have to get close to your opponent. Unlike El Primo's punches, Rose's punching area is tapered. Ulta's "Force of Nature" endows Rose with a powerful energy shield, which reduces damage received by 70% for the next 3 seconds. Endows the Rose with incredible vitality.


Barley is a Destroyer-class fighter who was formerly a Thrower. You can knock it out when you open any boxes or get it as a reward for connecting to Supercell ID. The Undiluted Mix normal attack allows Barley to throw a vial of poisonous liquid that falls to the ground, shatters, and damages all enemies in the area. If the enemy is delayed, he will receive double defeats. Ulta's "Last Order" is much more powerful. Barley throws 5 flasks of poisonous liquid at once, thereby covering a much larger area and causing great damage over time. If the enemy lingers, he will take several "portions" of damage over 4 seconds. After this time, the puddle will disappear.


Super Rare Brawl Stars Brawlers

Darryl is a hybrid brawler. You can knock it out of any box. A normal attack "Two Two" allows you to fire powerful shots with two shotguns at a short distance. However, if you hit the target, you will inflict huge damage. Slightly longer attack range than Bull, but lower than Shelley. An effective technique in opposition. Ulta Rolling Barrel allows Darryl to transform into a barrel and then roll in the specified direction. A great option to attack opponents or run away from them. The shield that appears absorbs 90% of all damage (while Darryl looks like a barrel). Has an automatic recharge - 30 seconds.


Rico, who is also called Ricochet, is a Destroyer-class brawler, although he was previously a marksman. It can be knocked out of any box. The normal Springing Bullets attack allows Rico to launch multiple projectiles that will ricochet off walls and obstacles (hence his nickname). An excellent option if you need to hit the enemies who have taken cover. Each bounce grants an additional 1.6 cells of range. Ulta's "Crown Strike" launches a long burst, reminiscent of Colt's super-ability. However, the shells fired by Rico do not destroy walls and obstacles. On the other hand, bullets pierce through opponents.


Jackie is a brawler belonging to the class of tanks formerly called heavyweights. Can be knocked out when opening any boxes. A normal Yamobur attack allows Jackie to drill into the ground, causing a short earthquake. Enemies in the affected area take damage. Thus, you can damage several targets at once. Ulta "Dig-Pound!" first pulls all nearby opponents to Jackie, in order to subsequently deal damage to each of them (with a normal attack).


Penny is a destroyer, previously referred to as shooters. Can be knocked out of any box. A regular attack "Blunderbuss" - a single shot with a bag of gold, at a medium distance. On a hit, it bursts into three bunches of gold coins. Both the bag and the clots formed from it inflict equal damage. A good attack against nearby opponents. Ulta "Old Rascal" allows Penny to place a powerful cannon that deals medium damage and shoots at great distances. You can choose the installation location. The cannon shoots upward around walls and other covers. The disadvantage is slow to recharge.


Carl is a fighter who belongs to the destroyers. You can knock it out by opening various boxes. Pickaxe attack - throw a pickaxe, which will inflict damage on all his enemies, and then return to the owner. Something like a boomerang. The pick can hit the same enemy twice, dealing double damage. The first time she deals damage when flying from Karl, the second - when returning to him. Ulta's "Spinning Top" allows Karl to rotate in a circle, swinging a pickaxe and inflicting damage on all enemies in the vicinity of the brawler. Gains a speed boost, but is unable to attack or use a flying grappling hook. Rotates within 3 seconds.


Epic Brawl Stars

Bibi is a powerful destroyer, formerly a slugger. Can be knocked out of any box. A regular attack "Three Strikes" is a sweeping attack with a baseball bat that allows you to inflict damage on several targets at once, which are in close proximity to Bibi. If there is a full charge of three attacks, the home run meter fills up and Bibi can deliver a powerful blow that knocks opponents back. Ulta "Gum" allows Bibi to launch a powerful ball in the form of gum, which bounces off walls and obstacles and touches all enemies that cross the trajectory of his flight. Passes through targets and disappears after 5 seconds. Deals damage, without any additional effects.


Piper is an epic destroyer formerly of the marksman class. Can be knocked out of any box. The standard Umbrella attack allows Piper to make a single shot at a great distance. The bullet travels in a straight line at high speed. The greater the distance the projectile travels, the higher the damage to the target hit by it. On the other hand, in close combat, Piper is practically defenseless. Slow reloading of weapons. Ulta "Promenade" allows the brawler to make a powerful jump, dropping 4 grenades down. The latter inflict incredibly huge damage to everyone within range. While Piper is in the air, she is immune to any damage.


Edgar is an epic assassin that you can knock out of any box or get from a gift from Brawlidays 2020. The normal attack "Fight Club" - two instant hits with a scarf, which, when hitting the enemy, restore part of Edgar's health, namely 35% of the damage dealt. Upon gaining second Star Power, healing is increased to 44%. The attacks are fast, recharge instantly, heal ... Edgar is a great offensive brawler. Ulta's "Jump" allows Edgar to jump into the marked area, causing damage to all enemies in the affected area. You can overcome obstacles, gets a short acceleration. Charging takes place automatically.


Thunder is an epic destroyer that can be unlocked through challenges or by opening any crates. The basic attack "Explosive Radio" allows Grom to throw the radio, which flies over obstacles and cover, and then splits into four pieces, going in different directions. Ulta's "Thunder Bomb" does approximately the same as a normal attack, but deals more damage, knocks back opponents, and destroys obstacles. When any projectile hits the wall, it falls and no longer moves.


Frank is an epic tank that was previously called a heavyweight. Can be knocked out of any box that opens. In standard mode, strikes with a hammer, creating a cone-type shockwave that spreads a short distance and strikes everyone in its area of ​​\ u200b \ u200baction. It takes time to swing, so opponents can easily walk to the side. Ultimate Stunning Strike allows Frank to hit the ground with a more powerful hammer, creating a huge shockwave. Not only does damage, but also temporarily stuns opponents. The amount of damage is the same, the difference is in the stun and the range of damage.


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