Earning coins in Pokémon GO - This is how the coin system works in 2022


Earning coins in Pokémon GO - This is how the coin system works in 2022

If you want to buy one or the other item in the in-game shop in Pokémon GO, you need the corresponding PokéCoins. We show you how you can get 50 of these coins for free every day and what other options there are to get the in-game currency.

What kind of coins are these? Pokémon GO has its own currency, so-called Poké coins. With these coins, you can buy items such as incubators, lucky eggs, remote raid passes, or lock modules in the in-game shop and expand your item or Pokémon bag.

So that you can collect the corresponding coins, there is a coin system in Pokémon GO, which brings you up to 50 free of them every day. You can also buy more coins for real money in the in-game shop.

This is how you can earn free coins

What do you have to do? So that you can secure the free coins, you must first occupy at least one arena with your monster. You do this by attacking an arena of a different color and taking it yourself after you have won the battle.

All you have to do is click on the symbol with the “+” on the right edge of the screen, which will open your Pokémon storage. Now choose one of your monsters and place it in the arena.

If the desired arena has already been adopted before your team color, then you have the opportunity to simply add yourself. After the fight, you can use the “+” to select your desired monster.

A maximum of 6 Pokémon of one team color can sit in an arena and defend it. So if the arena is already full, you have to look for another one.

How do you get the collected coins?

How long does a monster have to sit in the arena? You can collect coins for the time your monster spends in the arena. For a full 10 minutes, you get a Pokécoin. If you only occupy one arena, then your Pokémon has to sit there for 8 hours and 20 minutes until you have reached the maximum, your 50 daily coins.

In total, you can occupy up to 20 different arenas with one Pokémon each. This enables you to reach the daily coins faster and you do not have to defend the arenas for so long.

How to get the coins: You will only get the coins if your monster is kicked out of the arena. The maximum limit is 50 coins per day. So if you have occupied several arenas and more than one Pokémon comes back in a day, you will still only be credited a maximum of 50 coins, regardless of how much longer the monsters have occupied the arenas.

If, on the other hand, you have occupied an arena, but your monster does not return that day, you will not receive the coins you have collected. If it is then only kicked the next day, you will only get the maximum of 50 coins despite the long defense time.

If your Pokémon comes back earlier, you will receive the proportionate coins. After an hour that would be 6 pieces, for example.

Tips on the coin system in Pokémon GO

Effective defense: So that you are not pushed straight out of the occupied arena, you should rely on a good defense. Use monsters that are not so easy to defeat, like Heiteira, one of the best defenders in Pokémon GO .

You should also keep an eye on your arenas regularly so that you can feed your monsters in the event of an attack. As soon as your Pokémon's heart loses color, it is no longer properly motivated and opponents can then defeat it more easily. Feeding berries will replenish your heart. So it is also worth feeding in between meals.

If you use a golden raspberry, the motivation increases directly to the maximum again. This berry is particularly suitable during a fight. But be careful: You can only feed a maximum of 10 berries per Pokémon within 30 minutes.

Occupy several arenas: If you live in a city or region where the arenas are quickly and frequently changed, you should position yourself a little wider and occupy several arenas at the same time. This will shorten the time in the respective arenas in order to receive all of your daily coins.

While you only collected the full 50 coins in an arena after 8 hours and 20 minutes, you can reach these after 1 hour and 40 minutes with 5 occupied arenas.

This is how you get more coins

In addition to the 50 free coins that you can earn a maximum of each day, you have the option of buying corresponding coin packages for real money in the in-game shop. To do this, open the game's in-game shop and scroll down to the “PokéCoins” item.

As you can see in the picture, you have the choice between smaller packages of 100 PokéCoins up to large packages with 14,500 PokéCoins. Here, however, the larger ones are significantly cheaper in relation to the smaller ones. This is especially worthwhile for trainers who regularly purchase additional coins in the shop.

How do you like the current coin system in Pokémon GO? Do you regularly buy additional coins in the shop or are the free 50 coins enough? Feel free to write us your opinion and experience in the comments

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