Expeditions: Rome Guide - All Side Quests

Expeditions: Rome Guide - All Side Quests


We tell you how to complete all additional missions in Expeditions: Rome

While traveling through Asia Minor, Africa, and Gaul, your legate will be able to complete several simple tasks - side tasks. Usually, they take 5-10 minutes, and as a reward, you can get some kind of unique equipment.

Caesar's diary

There is Guy inside the tent with Lucullus. Chat with him and find out what happened. Ask how you can help. You can switch between tracked jobs in the log. It is opened with the J key. Look for Agrippa in the lower right corner of the camp, where the blacksmith Sextus is also located (an optional objective of the Trial by Fire story mission). Talk to him. If you chose the path of the Logos, you can convince Agrippa to hand over the diary. If you choose any other path, you will either have to give up trying to help Guy or pay 300 denarii for the diary. Once you have the diary, you can examine it in your inventory. But it's much better to go back to Guy, tell him how you got the diary, not demand a debt from him and declare that you did not read its contents.


At the location of the Temple of Apollo, you will meet a certain Pigres. Chat with him and find out that once upon a time Sineros stole the prize, because of which Pigres' grandfather was disgraced. Now Pigres demands the return of the reward, but Cineros does not have it. As a result, Bestia decides to intercede for Sineros, and you can let him take part in the duel or order Sineros to fight himself. In the second case, Cineros will receive a medium wound. Or you can say that you have no time for childishness and finish off Pigres. In this case, Cineros will be dissatisfied. Regardless of the decisions made, you will know that the quest will continue. The story isn't over yet. As for Bestia, he will receive a slight wound. When you return to the Mytilene camp, you will meet Diodorus. If Pigres were not killed, he will apologize for his behavior.

Syneros will offer to arrange a battle of minds. Answering the first question, say that it is not a bird or time (the correct answer is wind, but you do not choose a phrase with it). For the second question, say that it didn't rain. Third answer: he did not loosen the knot.

Fire in the temple

Another task that can be taken is the Temple of Apollo. Find the priest of Apollo who is standing in front of the fire. If you have chosen the path of the Logos, you can ask him for an additional reward. There is a jug of water next to you. Take water with each of the characters and run towards the fire. Then throw like any item from the cells in the lower right corner. You need to put out all the burning cells. Each new move, the supply of water in the jug is updated. You will receive a drawing and a jug of water from him.

Pacify: Coastal Territory

After completing the Divide and Conquer quest, attack Mysia with your legion. To do this, click on Misia and click on the "Attack outpost" button. Destroy the enemy army, as they did with Mytilene, after which this task will begin. To pacify this region, you need to complete the current task. To do this, enter Mizia and find a primipil. Chat with Orestes and agree to save the legionnaires. But first, use the tent in the center and hire at least three Praetorians. However, you can hire all eight. Then leave the location and go to the indicated point, marked with an exclamation point. Choose one of your associates. You need to take the most devoted. You can fill the rest of the cells with recently hired legionnaires. During this battle, you must free the legionnaires and kill all enemies. To release a legionnaire, it is enough to stand next to him. He will fight for you as an ally. After that, the sector will be officially conquered.

strong ship

After capturing the Mysia region, send a legion to take over the tannery and sawmill. This is enough for the current task, but it is much better if you capture all possible objects in the region. Thanks to this, you will be able to earn more profit. Just return to the camp and talk to Egnatius Naso at the tent on the left. Buy the first upgrade for the camp.

Blood of Jupiter

On the territory of the fishing village of Troas, you can meet a woman named Kallis. Buy a rare wine from her for 2000 denarii and take it to Luculla. This will open a new conversation and the opportunity to take the additional task "Hostage Exchange".

hostage exchange

Be sure to take a flask of poison (hemlock) from Luculla. Travel back to the fishing village of Troas and go up to the indicated villa, on the hill on the left. Go inside and talk to Laomedont. If you spared Archelaus, you can offer him as an exchange. Ask Laomedont for wine. If you follow the path of Paphos, you can ask him to put hemlock poison in the wine. If you try to pour yourself, Laomedon will notice this and bring another bottle of wine. if you can't, go back to the negotiating table. Ask to release more prisoners, and instead of 200, you will receive 350 warriors for the legion. Do not ask for Kotta, because in this case, you will receive only 200 warriors.

Training Tabata Bestia

Select Bestia and go to the Senate, where you will talk to Cineros. Answer his question about the meaning of life. Choose any options. This will be a long conversation, but immediately after its completion, the task will also end.

In Vino Veritas (Truth in wine)

Select this task as active, go to the map of Rome and go to the "Streets" area, where the tavern is located. Be sure to buy antidotes from the merchant Surgeon in the shop on the left, spending 500 denarii. They will come in handy later! Enter inside the marked tavern and talk to Cezo. A girl named Lucia will come up, who will report that she is pregnant from Ceso. You can support him, and in the end, say that you are ready to help. The task will end. Also on the streets, there is a shop of the blacksmith Sextus, from whom you can buy a unique shield "Aquil II" for 200 denarii. He's worth it!

A beautiful bouquet of red flags

Travel to the Campus Martius with Dejanira and Julia Kalida. Talk to Bestia, and then Aulus, Yulia's younger brother, appeared. Communicate with him politely, remind him that you always protected him from his father, and tell him that he is in your debt. He will leave and the task will be completed.


This task can be taken from Sineros in your own villa. Probably not immediately, but after you leave the villa for the first time (or even complete the tasks listed above). Sineros can be found in the kitchen on the left, where there is also a kitchen knife (it's pointless to take it). Chat, name the wine, leave the villa and move to the streets. Chat with the marked character, and then listen to three sentences. Make up your mind. We chose Quint. The task will end immediately.

Afterlife guide

At the location of the Sky Court, go along the path to the right and look for a man named Axil not far from the merchant of basic resources. Chat with him. He will ask you to tell about the afterlife for the Romans. The correct sequence is:

  • The soul separates from the body and descends into Dit.
  • Then you need to pay Charon.
  • It is customary to bury the dead by putting a coin in the mouth.
  • After that, you should go past Cerberus.
  • Then the souls of the righteous go to the Champs Elysees, and the rest go to Tartarus.
Then he will offer to try the herb "cat's eyes". Agree to go to the other world. Walk forward and talk to the giant cat. After the conversation, exit through the red door, as the green one leads to Elysium, which will end the game. Tell Axil about the cat. You will receive the Memento Mori achievement and a special amulet.

Family reunification

Arriving at the location of the Sky Court according to the plot of the game, find a character named Guluss on the left bank. Chat with him. If Bestia had been interrogated earlier, he should have reported the birthmark on his sister's cheek. Chat with Guluss and ask for a slave with a birthmark. Bestia recognizes her own sister in her. Here you will have to pay 8000 denarii, 2000 if you go the right way, or kill Gulussa and his bodyguards. Don't worry, even if you don't pay, Bestia won't be offended. A fairly simple battle awaits you. When you get to your legion in Apollonia, talk to Bestia. His sister is missing. He wants to find and kill her to end her suffering. Stop him so that Bestia learns the Compliant skill. This will complete the task. In addition, you will receive a new achievement.

Carpet worthy of a queen

This mission can be taken at the Sky Court location. In the tent of the leaders of the tribe will be Queen Cleopatra. Talk to her and agree to get a carpet. You can go downstairs, find a supply merchant at the location and ask the woman for her best carpet. She will offer one option for 100 denarii. If you buy, it will be possible to take the carpet to Cleopatra. She will not be delighted but will accept your gift. You will receive 40 experience points. But you can be patient and wait until your squad gets to Memphis. Memphis itself is at the right end of the map. This is a huge city that you will visit anyway. Buy a carpet for 300 denarii or steal it if possible. You can buy special resources from the alchemist. Having bought the carpet, return to the Heavenly Court to Cleopatra. She will like the Egyptian carpet more.

golden she-wolf

Once you've accepted the Going Offensive quest from Lanji, talk to the woman again to receive this side quest. Head to the sand-covered ruins marked on the map. You can't be too hasty. Go forward and see allies. You need to kill all opponents. Overall, this will be a pretty easy fight. After the fight, talk to Lanja, who will arrive at the location.

Dagger of Tutankhamun

When on the assignment "The Number of Death" you get into the pyramid, do not rush to leave it. Go to the end of the corridor and find an interactive wall. Destroy it, go down to the tomb of the pharaoh and take the blade from the meteorite. Returning to the camp of the main legion, talk to the blacksmith Sextus about the find. Then, when you get to Memphis, find a blacksmith there. Chat with his wife Amenia. Make a promise (don't lie) or pay 500 denarii. She will point to the burial place, where you should look for a blueprint for reforging. This will be a text quest and the character you choose will take some serious damage. So bring the first legion closer at once and visit its camp. However, you can choose Sineros, and he will avoid injury because he understands history. Examine the blueprint (hold RMB in inventory) and use the smelter. Leave the camp to rewind time. Go back and collect the crafted item from the chest near Sextus. The task will be completed. Additionally, you will be given an achievement.

Tax collector

Once in Memphis, look for Igider, from whom you can take a new task. You can pay 1000 denarii for the captives or fight. Agree to share or take the money for yourself. Leave the location, go left to the marker that points to Igider's cache. There will be 173 denarii. Then go to the main legion camp and talk to Naso. Decide what will be the punishment of Igider. If you decide to flog in public, get morale for the legions.

Contempt of court

At the location of the Heavenly Court, if Albinus was spared, a local girl will run up to you and say that he again takes people into slavery. This is how the task will begin. Follow the marker at the same location and talk to Albin. Decide how to be. For example, order the return of the slaves and go to the legion camp. Then you can talk to the woman. Return the slaves or keep them for yourself. The task will end.

Unsettled scores

When you go to Memphis on the assignment "New and Old Gods", Dejanira will immediately notice a merchant at the entrance. She will ask him to lure. Agree. You can give a deposit of 500 denarii or say that you have caught a woman who can become an excellent gladiator. Chat with Habron in the yards. Chat with Dejanira. Quest completed.

third person

Navigate the map of Rome to the collegium of Bajos. Dejanira wants to kill Sylvius. Come closer to the man standing in the aisle. Go ahead and meet Sylvius. One way or another, you will have to kill Sylvius. Finish off all the men in this establishment. Luckily no one has a gun. Get a level 3 unique ax from the chest. Let the girls know that they can leave this place.

lady in trouble

On the map of Rome, go to Villa Vipsania as Ceso. Talk to the owner. Agree to call the main character, otherwise the task will fail. You can refuse the deal and kill Vipsania. Or you can agree, but in this case, you will lose half of the vineyards. There is a third option but along the path of the Logos. However, even if you agree to the deal, nothing will come of it. That is, you can successfully complete the quest either along the path of the Logos, or by finishing off Vipsanias. To do the latter is quite simple: as soon as the battle begins, attack only the owner of the house. Killing him will scare away everyone else. For completing the task, you will receive an achievement.


After the night with Cleopatra (if you've met her), talk to Sineros at your villa. This is how the quest will begin. Head out into the streets and search the Praetor Market. Talk to him. You can challenge the decision or immediately pay 300 denarii. If successful, the amount will be reduced. Return to the villa and talk to Cineros.


Senator Mark will arrive at the villa. Listen to him and agree to help Kalida. Go to the streets, follow the marker and talk to Kalida. There will be an unusual opportunity here: if you are in a romance with Kalida, you can propose marriage to her. Then a judgment can be avoided. Or use other methods.

butcher's son

In the village of Lugdun, after the quest "Serious Binding", a butcher will appear. Talk to him and then to the legionnaire. Decide the fate of the butcher's son. After that, the butcher will become an ordinary merchant.

The Last Frontier

Another quest that you will receive after meeting with Lurko in the village of Lugdun. The task will appear after the destruction of the enemies and the second conversation with Vitelius. Follow the marker, kill the Gauls or ask them to release the hostages. Then you can kill the Gauls or, as promised, let them go. The task will end immediately.

Respice Finem

During the quest "The End of the Aedui", Gauls will come to your camp and report on the Roman marauders. It's time to deal with Albin. Get to the indicated place and kill Albin and all his associates. This will end the whole story associated with Albin.

Menhir for Divitiak

The quest will be activated after the End of the Aedui mission. Go to the upper left corner of the global map. Talk to the merchant. Pay 1500 denarii or agree to take the boar. Please note that the character who does this will be injured. Take the menhir to Divitiak's son and the quest will be completed.

Enemy of my enemy

You will receive the next side task on the global map, along with a message from Vercingetorix. Move to the secret meeting place that Vercingetorix wrote about. You will learn useful information, and the task will be completed.

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