In Genshin Impact, you will be able to collect key items, Sigil Keys from Enkanomiya. You are told where to find them within the game.

In Genshin Impact, players can harvest many resources in nature, but also obtain precious items such as Seals of the Seven, Electroculus, Anemoculus, Geoculus, or even Purple Agates.

As of Wednesday, January 5, and the release of patch 2.4 on the game, players can now obtain Sigil Keys which are all findable in the new Enkanomiya area. We, therefore, show you their locations on the map.

Where are the Sigil Keys in Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact?

If you want to find all of the 59 key-sigils which are located in the Enkanomiya region, you can consult our map below taken from the Genshin Impact site.

Where are the Sigil Keys in Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact

To get a better idea of ​​their locations and where you can get more, you can do the following:

  • Go to  the interactive map on the Genshin Impact website 
  • Then click on the map icon with a visible landmark to the right to select the Enkanomiya region
  • Now click on the + Collectibles to pull down the menu, then choose the Sigil Keys which are the 3rd choice available
  • You will then see all the key-sigils on the map and you just have to zoom in to get an idea of ​​their locations.
In case you have some difficulty finding them, there are videos on YouTube and in particular that of KyoStinV which is in English and which can be viewed below.

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