God of War guide - how to get to Niflheim and Muspelheim

 A detailed guide to Niflheim and Muspelheim: how to get there, what to do, how to get through, rewards

Niflheim and Muspelheim are two additional, non-storyline God of War worlds that you can enter with Kratos and Artey. Let's figure out what is so interesting about them and how to get there.

How to get to Niflheim?

How to get to Niflheim?

To get to Niflheim, you must complete an encryption disk, which is divided into four separate parts - all of which are hidden in the same purple chests scattered around different parts of the game world. Where to find disk fragments:

  • The first fragment of the disc of Niflheim can be found in a chest near the entrance to the top of the "Mountain" location. You can get close to him during the mission "Return to the Top".
  • The second fragment is located in Tyr's secret room, behind a corridor full of deadly traps. The chest can be obtained during the quest "The Road to Jotunheim".
  • The third fragment is located in another secret room of Tyr. Go through the corridor full of rotating traps and get to the purple chest. this can be done all in the same task "The Road to Jotunheim".
  • The last fragment is in Jormungadr's stomach, near the chest with the Eye of Mimir. This part can be obtained during the "Jotunheim Uncovered" mission near the end of the game.

What to do in Niflheim?

Niflheim is a minor realm that can be visited in God of War towards the end of the game. Upon arrival, a new scale appears at the top of the screen - this is the time that determines how long you can stay in the fog. After this time, Kratos will die and lose all collected Echoes of the Mists.

What to do in Niflheim

Echoes of the Mists are a special currency and one of the key ingredients for crafting powerful Sindri gear. With it, the gnome will be able to create very strong armor, which, in addition to a significant increase in parameters, allows Kratos to stay much longer in the deadly fog of Niflheim.

The dwarf can grant you three requests: Ivaldi's Workshop, Ivaldi's Protection, and Ivaldi's Curse. The first task is to collect 500 Echoes of the Mists and create a stone entrance. The second task requires you to acquire the necessary materials to create Niflheim armor. The last, longest task is to close three rifts by spending a certain amount of Echoes of the Mists (10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 respectively).

how to get to Niflheim and Muspelheim

To get Echoes of the Mists and other valuable materials, you will need to go through a labyrinth with traps and monsters. The location of the rooms and opponents will be different each time. Your task is to open small, red, norn and legendary chests, inside which you will find the aforementioned Echoes of the Mists and other useful items. In addition, by opening any chest, you slightly extend the time spent in the Mist. You must bring the Echo of the Mists to the beginning of the location or the rift you are trying to close. This is the only way to keep them with Kratos and put them to good use. You can then spend Echoes of the Mists however you like.

How to complete Niflheim 100%?

The first visits to Niflheim will be extremely short, as you cannot stay long in the fog. Thus, your task is to spend Echoes of the Mists on new armor pieces to strengthen Kratos and increase the resistance to the fog (as well as the time spent in it). The first chests contain very few materials. Large deposits of Echoes of the Mists can be found in Norn chests and deeper parts of the labyrinth. However, there you are at greater risk - if you die, you will lose all supplies, no matter how much you managed to collect.

How to complete Niflheim 100%

At the end of the maze, you will also encounter a Valkyrie. To consider fighting her, we recommend stocking up on the best Niflheim gear. If you die, you will be moved to the very beginning and, as usual, all Echoes of the Mists will be taken away. Ideally, when going to the Valkyrie, do not waste time looking for resources. Go purposefully to it, and then you simply will have nothing to lose. In a separate guide, we talk about all the Valkyries in God of War.

Your main task in Niflheim is to close the rifts, which requires a lot of time and effort. You can speed up the process a bit - sell some of the loot you've got to Sindri and exchange it for Echoes of the Mists. Also, you should find a way to make the longest and most efficient runs into the labyrinth to get 6000-7000 Mist Echoes at a time.

How to complete Niflheim 100%

How to get to Muspelheim?

To get to Muspelheim, you need to fill the disk with the cipher of this kingdom. It is divided into four separate parts, which can be found in purple chests scattered throughout the game world.

  • The first fragment should be found on the island of Forgotten Caverns. Climb up the chain and find the chest.
  • Look for the second fragment on the island of Raven Rocks. Climb up the chain. It is located next to the corpse of the Troll.
  • Look for the third part in the area between the Coast of Nine and the Foothills. The chest can be found near the wooden stairs and Sindri's shop.
  • The last fragment is located in the Witch's Cave, on the River Pass.

What to do in Muspelheim?

When you collect the key, you can go to the temple of Tyr and move to Muspelheim. Muspelheim is the fiery land of God of War, where you will find many challenges in which you must defeat opponents in certain ways. For example, kill enemies without taking damage, complete the battle within a certain time. The location is divided into five swords - each of them offers challenges on normal or hard difficulty. After completing both tasks, you can move on to the next piece of land and face new enemies.

At the very end, you will have a battle with the Valkyrie, one of the most difficult in the game (in my opinion, the most difficult). After winning this battle, challenges will appear on the remaining swords with the difficulty level "Impossible". As the name suggests, they are very, very complex.

When you complete five challenges on this unbearable difficulty level, you will be able to climb to the top of the land and complete a special challenge that will require you to destroy a certain number of enemies in the allotted time. The prize will depend on the rating gained. You can pass the test several times, although it is mandatory to get three key fragments.

Below we provide a description of all Muspelheim challenges in God of War, most of which were completed on the lowest difficulty level of the game. The main reason for this is the time frame and the desire to complete the challenges as soon as possible in order to describe them in this guide. Some of them are very complex. Remember that you can return to the challenges at any time in the game when you get better equipment. Going through everything at once is unrealistic.

Trial 1 - Normal Difficulty

Objective : Kill the enemies before the time runs out.

The first test is very simple and should be considered as a warm-up. Just defeat 15 opponents in 3 minutes.

Trial 1 - High Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies in short bursts.

This test is more difficult - if there are living opponents on the battlefield, then the dead periodically resurrect. Weaken the monsters and kill one by one.

Trial 2 - Normal Difficulty

Challenge : Hold for 5 minutes.

The task becomes more difficult. You must survive for 5 minutes. There will be a lot of enemies at the end of the fight, so it's best to stay close to the edge to throw most of the opponents into the abyss.

Trial 2 - High Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies that recover faster from any injuries.

The best way to win is to fight near the edge and throw enemies into the abyss. For example, kicks. Atreus' light arrows will also be useful, allowing you to stun enemies.

Trial 3 - Normal Difficulty

Task : Kill normal enemies to break the defense of elite opponents.

The Elite Dark Elf is invulnerable as long as his allies remain on the battlefield. This is quite a challenging challenge - you need to stay on the move and watch out for the attacks of the elite enemy while you deal with the normal monsters.

Trial 3 - High Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies while they are wearing gold rings.

Look for gold rings on the ground and kill enemies when they are inside them. Kills made outside the rings will not be counted. Kill a certain number of enemies in the rings before the time runs out. Pretty tricky - pulling opponents with the Blades of Chaos works great here.

Trial 4 - Normal Difficulty

Objective : Kill 100 enemies.

A battle for survival in which you need to use your powers wisely. You must defeat 100 enemies. Over time, they will become more and more powerful. Be careful and avoid enemy attacks.

Trial 4 - High Difficulty

Objective : Don't let the enemies capture Atreus.

The enemies are trying to capture Atreus, and if they succeed, you will have a limited amount of time to save your son. Stay close to the boy and quickly kill all opponents.

Trial 5 - Normal Difficulty

Objective : Kill the enemies before the time runs out.

The test will start by starting the timer. Each kill extends this time. You must defeat all the enemies before the time runs out - this will not be easy as you will face the Soul Eater, among other things.

Trial 5 - High Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies without taking damage.

You cannot miss a single hit. Defeat all enemies without taking any damage. Use the Blades of Chaos and fight at a safe distance. And there is armor that allows you to miss one hit without damage. This is a set of Traveler armor. Be sure to take it with you!

Trial 1 - Impossible Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies without taking damage.

An extremely difficult test. You will be attacked by many enemies and, in the end, one Ancient will appear. Be careful. Find the equipment that increases strength. Throw your ax and keep your distance. Again, the Traveler's armor will come in handy.

Trial 2 - Impossible Difficulty

Objective : Kill the enemies before the time runs out.

You will face very powerful opponents - make sure you use the best equipment.

Trial 3 - Impossible Difficulty

Objective : Kill the enemies inside the golden rings.

A very difficult task. Toward the end, ogres will appear, which, as a rule, nullify all your efforts.

Trial 4 - Impossible Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies with accelerated regeneration.

Throw enemies off a precipice or into lava. As for the elves, try to stun them and use finishing moves.

Trial 5 - Impossible Difficulty

Objective : Kill enemies before time runs out.

You will face the most powerful enemies. They are incredibly durable and strong in their attacks. It will be very difficult. The best equipment is required.

Trial 6 - Impossible Difficulty

Objective : Kill as many enemies as possible in 8 minutes.

You have 8 minutes to kill as many opponents as possible. The more enemies you kill, the better the reward will be.

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