With the Path of Fire expansion, Guild Wars 2 got the mounts. These are different creatures with unique abilities. We introduce them to you and tell you how you can get the mounts.

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How To Equip, Level Up & Change Mounts in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

What is special about mounts in Guild Wars 2?

The mounts in Guild Wars 2 all have different skills. While the raptor can jump particularly far, the jumper jumps particularly high. The griffin glides in the air, the ray hovers over the water. So every single mount has a specialty that makes it more useful in certain areas than others.

What mounts are there?

Guild Wars 2 will feature eight different mounts in 2022:

  • - Raptor
  • - Leaper - Skimmer - Jackal - Griffin - Roller Beetle - Warclaw
  • - Skyscale The two-player Siege Turtle will be added in February with End of Dragons.

How do I get mounts?

That is very different. Some are obtained automatically via the story, others via tasks in the hearts. On the other hand, Griffin, Roller Beetle, Warclaw, and Skyscale have different collections to complete.

How expensive are the mounts?

That is different. While the Raptor is completely free to unlock, the Griffin costs 250 gold. None of the mounts cost real money, but there are special skins that are only available in the shop.

Which mount is the hardest to get?

While the griffin mainly costs a lot of gold, you have to do many different tasks for the skyscale, which also have time hurdles. Both mounts are correspondingly complex.

What are mount skins?

Each of the eight mounts has different skins. You can buy these for real money or in-game currency in the shop. There is only one skin for the warclaw that can be earned .


What can the raptor do? The Raptor is the second fastest mount on the ground and can jump extremely far thanks to its special ability. Depending on the nature of the ground, the raptor can even be faster than the jackal and is therefore used most often by the players.

Through masteries, you'll improve his Rapturous Strike attack, pull enemies in with it, and learn to jump even further.


How do I get the Raptor? The Raptor is obtained automatically by completing the first Path of Fire story mission entitled "Ignite the Flame".


What can the knight do? A cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo, the Leaper is particularly useful in areas with high mountains. He can jump extremely high. The longer you charge the skill, the higher it will bounce.

Through masteries, you'll improve his Cannonball skill, take less fall damage, and learn to jump even higher.


How do I get the knight? You get the knight in the desert highlands, the second area of ​​Path of Fire. There you have to complete the heart "Help out around the high jump farm" and buy the knight there from the merchant for 50 trade contracts and 3 gold.

However, you need the Raptor at mastery level 3 as a prerequisite, since a large gorge separates you from the heart task.


Update 2021: The skimmer can now even dive underwater. For this you need to complete a special quest called Finding Sibaha.

What can the skimmer do? The skimmer can easily hover over water, quicksand, and other deadly surfaces. It is therefore also well suited for the wasteland and the sulphurous areas.

Mastery improves your Barrel Roll skill, allows you to hover longer, and gain protection and swiftness when dismounting from one of your mounts.


How do I get the skimmer? The skimmer can be found in the Elon Riverlands, the third area of ​​Path of Fire. There you have to complete the heart “Use a skimmer to help with training on the farm”. After that, you can buy the mount for 50 trade contracts and 4 gold.

As a prerequisite, you need the Raptor at mastery level 3, so that you can jump over the quicksand to the heart.


What can the jackal do? The jackal is the fastest mount on the ground. His special skill lets him teleport a short distance. You can also use so-called sand portals with the Jackal, which can be found everywhere on the Path of Fire maps and are usually associated with shortcuts or special achievements.

Masteries teach you to dodge attacks while using the Pounce skill, gaining a barrier in the process. You can also use it to unlock the sand portals.


How do I get the Jackal? You get the Jackal on the fourth map of Path of Fire, the Wasteland. There you have to complete the Heartlet “Help Ghost Storm Drojkor take control of the Jackals”. After that, you can buy the mount from the merchant for 200 trade contracts and 20 gold.

As a prerequisite, however, you need the raptor at mastery level 3, as well as the ray also at mastery level 3.


What can the griffin do? The griffin is the fastest mount in Guild Wars 2 when you're constantly in the air. The griffin is not a classic flight mount, but glides slowly but steadily towards the ground.

However, his special ability gives him extremely high speed via the so-called dive, which can then be used to quickly glide from one point on the map to the next.

Masteries will teach you how to dive and the ability to swing on griffins in mid-air.


How do I get the griffin? The griffin is one of the most elaborate mounts in Guild Wars 2. You must first have completed the entire Path of Fire storyline before you can even start collecting.

After that, you must visit the remains of the last blocking marshal, located in the Vabbi domain, the fifth and final area of ​​Path of Fire.

You unlock a collection for which you have to complete certain events and find eggs in the areas. In total, the collection costs you 250 gold.

After completing the collection, return to the remains and receive a new quest: “Open Skies: Wisdom of the Sunspears”. For this you have to go to the Library of Kormir, which you can enter via the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in the Desert Highlands.

There you must defeat elite opponents to get keys that can then be used to find writings. You must then bring these writings back to the remains of the blocking marshal. There you have to finally defeat a crescent moon champion and then you get the griffin.

Roller Beetle

What can the roller beetle do? The roller beetle is a special mount that works with momentum. If the beetle rolls uphill, it becomes very slow; if it rolls downhill, it speeds up.

The Roller Beetle's special ability allows it to dash quickly across flat plains, but will slow down if it collides with something.

Through mastery, he learns to smash through special walls and perform tricks in the air to accumulate the stamina to dash again.

Roller Beetle

How do I get the roller beetle? For the roller beetle you need the third chapter of Living World Season 4 called “Long Live the Lich”. There you have to complete the first missions "Locked" and "Danger recognized, danger averted".

Then you go to Gorrik in the north of the camp. He tells you about his bug Pete and unlocks a collection called "Bug Juice".

For the bug juice you need to collect 9 flasks scattered around the area and then return to Gorrik (marker 10)

You will then receive the “Beetle Saddle” collection. For this you have to:

  • Defeat Awakened Inquest members. You can find these in the caves at Dabiji Depressions.
  • Find a datapad (also in the caves of Dabiji Depressions).
  • Complete a bounty in the Domain of Kourna.
  • Defeat steam creatures (e.g. in Lornars Pass).
  • Defeat golems in the domain of Kourna (mostly in the south)
  • Defeat the Legendary Ley Line Anomaly (always on the even hour at XX:20).
  • Defeat the Golem Mark II in Mount Maelstrom (world boss)
Step number 3 is the “Bug Feeding” collection. For this you have to:

  • Complete the event with the scarabs in the south of the Domain of Kourna.
  • Complete the Kourna Domain meta-event.
  • Defeat Junundu Worms (e.g. in the wasteland in the sulphurous areas).
  • Defeat the Alpha Bug in the Silverwastes.
  • Purchase an item for 50 Engraved Shards from merchant Millin, the Heart at the Apizmic Grounds in the Domain of Kourna.
  • Defeat Cave Worms (located in Ntouka Pond in the Kourna Domain).
  • Defeat the Toxic Spider Queen in Kessex Hills.
  • And then return to Gorrik.
After that you unlocked the roller beetle.

War Claw

What can the warclaw do? The Warclaw is a mount specific to World vs. World. With her you can move faster on the PvP maps and make small jumps, similar to the Raptor.

Mastery teaches you new skills, including attacking the gates of enemy towers and fortresses.

War Claw

How do I get the warclaw? The warclaw requires you to complete an 8-quest collection in WvW. What you have to do exactly , we have already explained to you in detail in this warclaw guide .


What can the skyscale do? Unlike the griffin, the skyscale can rise into the air on its own and even stay there. However, you cannot fly completely, as it also slowly but steadily slides down with the movement.

Masteries allow you to swing onto the skyscale in mid-air and cling to walls to replenish stamina.


How do I get the skyscale? For the skyscale you need all episodes of Living World Season 4. There you must first complete the mission “Descent” from the episode “Eternal War” and after that you can talk to Gorrik on the Dragonfall map. This activates the first of a total of 10 collections.

For the Newborn Skyscale collection, you must complete 4 sub-collections. Number 1 is “Skyscale Scales” which requires you to collect 21 skyscales on the Dragonfall map.

For the second sub-collection you have to acquire various items, which, however, are self-explanatory via the descriptions. Step 3 is all about finding all the diseased skyscales on the map.

Following this, you must find 21 eggs on the Dragonfall map in a fourth sub-collection called “Skyscale Eggs”. After that, the part “Newborn Skyscales” and thus a total of 5 of the 10 collections is complete.

After the many tasks in Drachenfallen you first have to wait an in-game day (2 hours). Then Collection 6 unlocks. In it you have to visit different places and people according to elements.

After that, it's all about raising your skyscale. For this you need to find food and various items in a seventh collection. This part is relatively self-explanatory, but takes a lot of time because you have to feed your skyscale 12 times. However, this is only possible once per in-game day (every 2 hours).

In Collection 8, you must visit the skyscales in a variety of locations, including jumping puzzles and world bosses. However, these points can be skipped with "Especially Smelly Skyscale Treats".

In the penultimate collection you have to craft a saddle. For this you need:

  • Elonian Sandpaper from Priory Historian Elisa for 5 gold and 500 trade contracts.
  • A Corsair Canvas from Alaleh in the Domain of Istan for 5 gold, 250 Volatile Magic and 250 Kralkatite Ore.
  • Olmakhan Leather from Ethall in the Sandswept Isles for 5 gold, 250 Volatile Magic and 250 Diflurite Crystals.
  • Extra Sticky Tar from Nalar in the Domain of Kourna for 5 gold, 250 Volatile Magic and 250 Engraved Shards.
  • Lubinella Cadentis Silk from Hyacinth in Jahai Bluffs for 5 gold, 250 Volatile Magic, and 250 Mistonium Chunks.
  • Deldrimor Rivets from Kynonen into Thunderhead Peak for 5 gold, 250 Volatile Magic, and 250 Branded Mass.
  • Mist-Infused Saddle Oil from Traveling Elonian vendors in Dragonfall for 5 gold, 250 Volatile Magic, and 250 Mist Motes.
To connect, for the Skyscale Flight collection, you must visit rifts in various areas and fly into them with the skyscale. Following this collection, you then unlocked the skyscale.

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