Halo Infinite : finish the game in legendary without firing a single shot, it's possible, here's how

 Halo Infinite was released just over a month ago, but its speedrun scene is already very active. In addition to finishing the game quickly, some very skilled players embark on alternative challenges, such as finishing the game without shooting a single shot, and on the maximum difficulty of the course.

Are you into "superplay" in Halo Infinite? After a good month of operation, the latest title from 343 Industries is the subject of a race for exploits on the part of its most relentless players, as each of the previous installments of the famous franchise from Microsoft. However, as finishing it on maximum difficulty is a walk in the park for them, some players have decided to set themselves much crazier challenges, such as trying to finish Halo Infinite on "Legendary" mode... but without shooting everything once. the game. And if we tell you about it, obviously, it's because one of them succeeded!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay ...
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay [PC]


Halo Infinite being by definition an FPS, it is in its DNA to offer "gunfights" where the player will have to shoot down his enemies from a distance by shooting with rifles and pistols of all kinds. Still, Tom of Simply & Slick 's goal was not to use it once throughout his adventure. First, he was planning to use only the most basic handgun there is and no other, but it quickly seemed impossible to him given the difficulty of some bosses. He decided to use close combat weapons such as the antigravity hammer and the energy sword, whose power would be enough to overcome the toughest opponents for a player as skilled as

Why shoot when you can swing an energy sword?
Why shoot when you can swing an energy sword?


In addition, Tom allowed himself the use of a whole bunch of bugs and glitches of all kinds (but no mods), the objective being to use routes exploited in speedrun to reduce the duration of the campaign and avoid at most a whole bunch of combat phases where the absence of ranged weapons would be penalizing. Among other things, he allowed himself to use "movable" explosive barrels using the grappling hook to perform very unconventional propulsions, but perfectly permitted by the physics of the game... and which helped him to cover impressive distances on the map.

The Simply & Slick video, if it does not show the entire performance (which lasted a good four hours), goes into detail on its key moments, in particular around 2:15 p.m. aboard the Pelican, and where a major "skip" occurs. product :

Tom has also said he doesn't want to stop there, and is considering another similar challenge where he would activate all the secret skulls of Halo Infinite, which change a lot of gameplay components and will make the challenge even more complex.

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