How to get experience in Clash Royale

How to get experience in Clash Royale

 Clash Royale features an experience system that makes players earn more life for towers and rewards by leveling up. In this case, the game limit is 13 levels, and managing to overcome each one of them is one of the most complicated tasks there is.

Earning experience takes a lot of effort and time, as there are not many ways you can get these points to get there faster. However, there are some methods that most inexperienced players overlook, and it is extremely important to learn them in order to progress considerably in the game. 

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upgrade cards

The main way to gain experience is by upgrading cards. In fact, this is what gives you the most points for you to level up, although, for this, you need to earn a lot of Gold in Clash Royale since each improvement you make requires you to invest a certain amount of this resource. What's more,

Another thing you need is to collect cards to be able to unlock the improvements of each one of them. You can get these in chests, general rewards, in the daily offers of the Shop, or also in the Chat of your Clan, which allows you to ask for cards to be donated to you every 7 hours. It is recommended that you dedicate yourself to improving the special cards mostly since they are of great help and give a good amount of points.

Donate cards

When joining a Clan in Clash Royale, you can also donate the cards you don't need to your teammates so that you can progress together. This in addition to giving you Gold coins, also gives you experience points in the following way:

  • Commons: 1 XP.
  • Specials: 10 XP.
  • Epics: 10 XP.


Achievements are one of those that advanced users of Clash Royale strive to achieve since they also grant experience each time one of them is fulfilled. Currently, there is a total of 30, experience points depending on the type of achievement that is overcome, they usually give 5, 10, or 20, and in total all the achievements give 120 experience points. Here's what they are and how you can earn them:

  • Friends in Distress: Donate 25 cards.
  • Team Player: Join a clan.
  • Friends in Trouble II: Donate 250 letters.
  • Friends in Trouble III: Donate 2500 letters.
  • Path to Glory II: Reach Arena 4.
  • The Path to Glory: Reach Arena 2.
  • The path to glory III: reach arena 6.
  • Collector: Get 20 cards.
  • Collector III: Get 40 cards.
  • Collector II: Get 30 cards.
  • TV Royale – Watch a replay on TV Royale.
  • Tournament II Rewards: Win 20,000 cards in tournaments.
  • Tournament Rewards: Win 1,000 cards in tournaments.
  • Tournament III Rewards: Win 500,000 cards in tournaments.
  • Tournament Host – Create and finish a tournament.
  • Tournament Host III: Create and finish 50 tournaments.
  • Tournament Host II: Create and finish 10 tournaments.
  • Tournament Player – Join a tournament.
  • Challenge Streak: Get 4 wins in a single challenge.
  • Challenge Streak III: Get 12 wins in a single challenge.
  • Challenge Streak II: Get 8 wins in a single challenge.
  • Friendly Practice: Win 1 friendly battle.
  • Friendly Practice II: Win 5 friendly battles.
  • Special Challenge: Participate in 1 exclusive challenge event.
  • Friendly Practice III: Win 10 friendly battles.
  • Special Challenge II: Participate in 3 exclusive challenge events.
  • Special Challenge III: Participate in 5 exclusive challenge events.
  • Friends in Distress IV: Donate 5,000 cards.
  • Friends in trouble V: gives 10000 letters.
  • Friends in Distress VI: Donate 25,000 cards.

It is not an easy task, but it sure is worth doing to become one of the best Clash Royale players. It is essential that you learn to build a good deck so that you can obtain many victories in the game, and thus be able to get the resources you need, such as gems , Magic Items and Gold coins , in order to constantly evolve in Clash royale.

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