How to unlock emotes in Clash Royale

 Reactions, also known as emotes or emoticons, are one of the ways we can communicate in Clash Royale. By default, players have a certain amount of reactions, although they can also be unlocked in different ways as the game progresses, or by buying them in the store.

However, there are different methods in which they can be obtained totally free, but it is not that easy. You have to know all the information to be able to acquire them, we are going to teach you all about this so that you have more ways to communicate in games.

Arena Rewards

Arena Reactions in Clash Royale
Arena Reactions in Clash Royale

In some Arenas, you will be able to get reactions as part of the rewards. It is not very frequent, but surely you will get some as you advance in the game by increasing your cups. For example, in Arena 7 when you reach 2200 you get the reaction of the excited knight and in Arena 12 with 4000 cups you get the reaction of the Royal Ghost.

Link Supercell ID

An easy way to get a new emoticon in Clash Royale is by linking your account with a Supercell ID. By doing this, immediately the developers give you the popular chicken reaction that you are sure to love.

Season Rewards

In the free section of the Pass Royale, there are a variety of rewards that can be obtained after collecting many crowns. Sometimes, some of the prizes are emotes, although this does not usually happen much, and it is luck when they are placed as rewards, so do not miss the opportunity when they are in this section.


Emotes in Clash Royale

Both in Tournaments and Challenges you can get many interesting things. In addition to gems, gold, and cards, there are also times when you can earn exclusive reactions. If you complete the requirements, which are usually getting a certain number of wins , you're going to get your emotes really fast. This is the most viable way to acquire them because more appear in this mode of the game.

It is not an easy task, but surely with effort you will be able to achieve them . It should be noted that as a last option, you can think of collecting free gems in Clash Royale so you can unlock the reactions you want, these are 250 gems each in the store.

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