How to win in Clash Royale Sudden Death Challenge

 When the scheduled time of a game in Clash Royale passes, you enter the Sudden Death stage where the elixir regenerates at twice the speed and we must do everything possible to beat the enemy before the minute is up. During this phase the battle becomes frantic and we have to act extremely quickly to achieve victory.

A small mistake is enough to ruin the game in this mode, since, unlike the normal mode, the Sudden Death Challenge starts directly at that stage and it is more difficult to react to the opponent's attacks. In our complete Clash Royale guide we are going to give you the best tips to win.

How Clash Royale Sudden Death works

Because this mode is pretty much like the end of normal matches when there is a tie after the main time, the only goal is to take down a tower, whatever it is. The first player to do this wins the game immediately. It should be noted that from the beginning there is elixir x2 , so you can defend and attack quickly.

Perform fast and powerful attacks

Perform fast and powerful attacks

By having a lot of elixirs you can create many troops, although when summoning it you have to do it carefully because your enemy will have the same advantage as you. Therefore, be more skillful when deploying your warriors on the battlefield and cause constant pressure to prevent the opponent from advancing to your zone. However, be very careful because the counterattack can be deadly, only defend when necessary, and wait until you can make a powerful combo to take down the tower you have targeted.

What kind of cards to use in Clash Royale Sudden Death

What kind of cards to use in Clash Royale Sudden Death

Obviously, the type of cards you select to make up your entire deck will influence the game. For this reason, it is important that you know which are the most suitable to cover each of the factors to have a good defense and offense. Here are some suggestions that can be effective.

Reinforcement + Tank Combos

There are some cards that definitely make a good team to fulfill the mission of advancing to the enemy tower. For example, troops like Goblin Gang, Hog Rider, Bombastic Balloon, and Miner are great for supporting tanks like PEKKA, Bandit, Megaknight, and the like. Pairing them up is going to make the deal a lot of direct damage to the tower, but you also have to think about other units to go with them to defend the tanks.


Any spell is good in this type of modality, you just have to think about the cycle of use that they are going to offer. If you're looking for something you can act fast with, use spells like Arrows, Fireball, and others, or else select attacks like Rocket, Log, and more.


In the Sudden Death Challenge, you have to be very careful with the Montapuercos and Bombastico Balloon combo, since it is one of the most used and effective. To defend against this and other high-caliber troops, you need to counter with cards like:

  • Tesla tower.
  • Hell Tower.
  • Twister.
  • Wheeled Cannon.
  • Electric Wizard.

cheap cards

Despite having a lot of elixirs, you can devise good tactics with cheap cards to cause a lot of pressure in the enemy zone, especially since they have a fast cycle of use and allow you to act with great speed:

  • Ice Golem.
  • bats
  • goblins
  • Ice Spirit.
  • Mega Knight.


If it is not enough for you to equip cheap cards, then go for armies directly, which allow you to have many attacking units on the battlefield. However, keep in mind that these can be easily countered by spells, and therefore it is recommended to select a few:

  • Horde of Minions.
  • bats
  • Skeleton Army.
  • Goblin gang.

Use the surprise factor

The element of surprise works in most Clash Royale modes because you can use cards that your enemy does not expect, or make use of combos in a very drastic way. Keep your ace up your sleeve for crucial moments. For example, a great way to do this is to summon a Graveyard card or some other damage dealing spell when your opponent has a tower that is about to take their life down completely.

Change your deck constantly

Change your deck constantly

Last but not least, don't forget to change your deck every time you think it's necessary. Remember that in this type of challenge you only have 3 lives, if you lose all of them before reaching game 12 you will not get the maximum reward. Many players get stuck for the simple fact of not changing their deck, things work differently here and little by little you will be facing more powerful enemies.

With all these tips, the Sudden Death Challenge is not going to be a challenge for you anymore.

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