Pokémon GO: How long do Pokémon stay in the arena?


Pokémon GO: How long do Pokémon stay in the arena?

Trainers in Pokémon GO can color arenas and occupy them with the help of their monsters. But how long do the Pokémon stay there? And how do you get back? We explain it to you.

Pokemon Go Trailer
Pokemon Go Trailer

What are arenas? The gameplay of Pokémon GO is designed so that trainers go outside, move around and explore the area. For this reason, there are numerous PokéStops and arenas in the game that indicate special locations.

If you visit the respective location, you can turn the photo window of the respective PokéStop or the arena in the game and receive various items. In contrast to the stops, the arenas offer you other interesting functions.

So you can compete there in raids against raid bosses in different difficulty levels and thus secure one or the other legendary monster. On the other hand, the arenas are used to collect coins . To do this, you have to occupy the respective arena with a monster.

That's how long the monsters stay in the arenas

How can you occupy an arena? Before a monster can stay in the arena, it must be occupied by the respective player color. So if you have already found an arena that corresponds to your color (red, blue or yellow) and there is still space available, you can simply stand in the arena. This is done using the corresponding button on the right-hand side.

However, if the arena does not match your color, then you have to fight it first. If you have defeated all Pokémon, the arena turns white and you can now occupy it with one of your Pokémon. This is also done via the symbol on the right edge of the screen, which you can use to access your Pokémon selection.

How long does the Pokémon stay in the arena? There is no fixed length of time for how long the monsters stay in the arena. Even if your Pokémon become less motivated over time, they will not leave the arena on their own. You cannot get them out of the arena yourself.

So in order for them to come back, they have to be defeated by another player. Some have to vacate their place after just a few minutes, while others spend days or even months in an arena. So it depends on how quickly another trainer wants to take over this place.

If the motivation of the respective Pokémon has already decreased significantly, then it will be easier for your fellow players to kick you.

Can you increase the defense time in the arena?

To stay in an arena for as long as possible, you should rely on one of the best arena defenders in Pokémon GO. These are relatively steadfast and therefore a little harder to fight.

You also have the option to feed your Pokémon during an attack. If you give him a golden raspberry, then it is immediately full again and the heart fills completely. So the other trainer has to attack you again.

To kick you out of the arena, your monster usually has to be attacked and defeated in three rounds. So you have enough time to feed.

But be careful: your monsters cannot get unlimited berries from you. You can only give them up to 10 pieces each for 30 minutes.

Can the arena be attacked at any time? No, when raids are running, you cannot attack the arena. During this time, a coach is sure to be in this arena.

Why does it make sense to occupy arenas?

On the one hand, occupying the arenas serves to collect coins. So if you want to receive your daily free coins then you should secure a place.

In addition, it is worthwhile to bring the arena medals to gold. If this applies to the corresponding arena, you will receive additional items when you turn the photo disc.

But occupying the arenas can also be helpful for your platinum medals. For the “Arena Leader” medal, you must have defended arenas for up to 15,000 hours. This can be an easily earned platinum medal that you need on the way to level 50.

How many arenas can you hold? You can defend up to 20 different arenas at the same time. However, the coins are limited to 50 pieces per day. If these are reached and a monster returns from an arena, no further coins will be credited to you for that day.

Do you regularly occupy the arenas in your area? How long can you defend it? Or do you always stand there forever and have to hope that another player will kick you?

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