PUBG Battleground is a realistic shooter where everyone can count a split second. For this reason, we will tell you the 8 most important settings with which you can improve your gameplay thanks to more FPS and better visibility.

Best PUBG Settings - Easily Fix Lag...
Best PUBG Settings - Easily Fix Lag & Boost FPS

As beautiful as games can be with high graphics settings, players who want to win big maximize their frames per second (frames per second, or 'FPS' for short). This applies to Fortnite as well as to PUBG.

For this reason, we recommend you the 8 most important settings that you can use in PUBG in 2022. These settings, directly and indirectly, improve your gameplay thanks to higher FPS and better visibility. This is how you have huge advantages:

  • You can react better and faster to opponents
  • Aiming at enemies becomes easier because the movements are rendered more smoothly
  • Enemies at a distance are clearer and more recognizable earlier

The best graphics settings in PUBG

Our recommendations:

  • FPP Camera FOV: 103
  • Antialiasing: Very low
  • Post-processing: Very low
  • Shadow: Low
  • Textures: Medium (lower if you need more FPS)
  • Effects: Very low
  • Foliage: Very low
  • Visibility: Medium

These are the 8 most important settings. You can adjust the other settings as you wish. In the image above you can see how we prefer the rest of the settings.

Why these recommendations?

  • FPP Camera FOV:
This FOV value is not particularly high compared to the maximum in other games, so it doesn't distort your field of view or make enemies look too small. At the same time, you have a better overview of your surroundings thanks to a higher field of vision and are less likely to be surprised by opponents.

  • Antialiasing, post-processing, effects:
We have these settings on Very Low because they have the greatest impact on your FPS, and mostly only improve rare effects or details. Image quality would be noticeably better if these numbers were higher, but FPS would also suffer. We don't want to make that trade.

  • Shadows, textures :
With these values, ​​we have the most leeway in terms of personal preferences. The lower we set these settings, the higher the FPS - but the game also becomes noticeably uglier. We have decided on compromise values ​​here, but you can reduce or increase them according to your own preferences. If you want the game to be prettier, set the stats higher; lower if you care about every frame.

  • Foliage, Visibility:
The Foliage and View Distance settings are the most controversial among PUGB connoisseurs. The lower the values, the less foliage, brush, trees, and buildings can be seen at a distance. This helps to see enemies better, but in return, it can also make important map elements 'invisible'.

For Foliage, we chose Very Low because the lack of bushes is less strategic from a strategic point of view, but can offer great advantages in rare cases. The photos below show the difference between Very Low and Ultra.

Foliage very low
Foliage very low

Foliage ultra
Foliage ultra

For visibility, we opted for the middle setting. Very low does have the most benefits if you're just looking to spot distant players. However, it is particularly noticeable when landing that buildings only become visible long after you have jumped off. The mean here is a compromise between the visibility of map elements and opposing players.

visibility very low
visibility very low

visibility ultra
visibility ultra

Low graphics settings are a big gameplay advantage in shooters

In multiplayer shooters, you should almost always lower the graphics settings to maximize FPS. Because the higher the FPS, the more information is displayed per second. This has 3 major advantages in particular:

  • The more FPS, the smoother the displayed movements look. It's visually more pleasing, less taxing on the eyes, and attention span in the long run.
  • The smoother the movements, the easier it is to follow those movements with the crosshairs. In other words: At high FPS, aiming becomes easier.
  • The more information displayed, the faster and easier you can react to suddenly appearing enemies or quick changes in direction when strafing.

However, the inferior graphics are totally offset by the advantages in gameplay and visual clarity. This is a trade that competitive players make without much thought. The higher the refresh rate (hertz value) of your monitor, the more pronounced these benefits become.

Low graphics settings have another big advantage, which is more evident in PUBG than in most shooters: the fewer graphical details are displayed, the fewer elements in the game world that opponents can obscure. 

For example, if you adjust the settings so that less bushes are displayed, opponents can no longer hide in these bushes. This may make the forest landscape look bare than it does in marketing screenshots, but you have a huge gameplay advantage in these situations.

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