Rainbow Six Extraction: Everything you need to know about crossplay, cross-progression and co-op

Rainbow Six Extraction: Everything you need to know about crossplay, cross-progression and co-op

 Rainbow Six Extraction, the new co-op PvE shooter from Ubisoft, will be released on January 20th, 2020. We tell you everything you need to know about crossplay, cross-progression, and co-op.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a PvE shooter that you can play solo or in teams of 3.

This spin-off of the hit shooter Rainbow Six Siege takes the popular Outbreak event from the game as its basis. While it uses the characters, weapons, and gadgets from the tactical shooter, it belongs to a different genre. The gameplay of Extraction is comparable to games like Left 4 Dead, Bound 4 Blood, or Deep Rock Galactic.

When is the game out? The co-op shooter will be released on January 20, 2022.

On which platforms is the game released? The game will be released for PC (via Ubisoft Connect, Game Pass, or Epic Games), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

At release, the game will also be available via Game Pass on PC and Xbox consoles.

Crossplay and cross-progression exist between all these platforms. We'll tell you how it works here.

Crossplay and cross-progression are explained in Rainbow Six Extraction

Does the game have crossplay? Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction has crossplay. This works across all platforms. So you can play with all your friends who have access to the game - no matter what platform they play on.

Crossplay also works without restrictions if you play the game via the trial version or the Buddy Pass .

Does the game cross-play with the console generation? Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction also supports the so-called cross gene. So you can play with friends who use different generations of consoles from the same manufacturer.

So if you have a Playstation 5, for example, but your co-op partner has a Playstation 4, you can still play together without any special features in the process.

Can you disable crossplay? Yes, you can choose to disable crossplay in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

Before release, it is not yet known exactly how you disable crossplay. You can probably find this option in the Options menu. We'll post an explanation in this article once we know more.

Does the game have cross-progression? Yes, cross-progression exists in Rainbow Six Extraction. Your progress will be saved regardless of which platform you play on.

For example, if you play primarily on PC but then play the game on Xbox Series, you'll have unrestricted and seamless access to everything you've unlocked on PC. The progress that you then make on the Xbox, you have later on the PC.

This principle works regardless of the platforms you use and the number of platforms you play on.

Co-op explained in Rainbow Six Extraction

How does co-op work in Rainbow Six Extraction? Rainbow Six Extraction's co-op action takes place in teams of 3 players. You can also play the game solo if you prefer.

In order to play together, you must invite each other in-game via a friends list menu. We will provide detailed instructions as soon as we have access to the game.

How does the gameplay in co-op? The game relies heavily on replaying missions over and over again. With variables that change with each game, enough variety should be guaranteed. These variables are intended to force you and your team into new strategies and new situations.

There are 13 mission types in the game for release. In one mission type you have to recover information from alien nests, in another, you have to hunt elite aliens.

The maps are distributed in 4 cities with 3 locations each. So there are 12 maps in the game for release.

What content is there for the release? At release, Rainbow Six Extraction includes the following content:

  • 18 Operators with their own abilities, progression paths, playstyles, and customization options
  • 4 regions (San Francisco, New Mexico, Alaska, New York)
  • 12 environments (3 per region), all at least three times larger than most Rainbow Six Siege maps.
  • 13 mission types
  • 25 devices
  • 65 customizable weapons
  • 13 enemy archetypes with their own abilities and random mutations 

How does the progression work? After each mission, you have the choice to exit the level and gain experience or to continue. This gives you the chance for more experience and more loot, but you also risk going completely empty-handed in the end.

With the experience you get, you can improve your skills. This can be used to strengthen Operator Sledgehammer's sledgehammer or give Vigil the ability to make the entire team invisible.

At a certain level, the so-called “Proteans” come into play. These extra-heavy aliens mimic your Operators and are your most dangerous opponents.

Trial and Buddy Pass explained in Rainbow Six Extraction

Is there a trial version for the game? Yes, for a limited time you can play Rainbow Six Extraction completely free - even without a subscription to Ubisoft+ or Game Pass for Xbox or PC. 

Rainbow Six Extraction has a trial version available on every platform. The trial version allows all players to play Rainbow Six Extraction for up to 2 hours. 

The trial version gives you access to most of the content in the game.

The following content is not available to you with the trial version:

  • Content that appears after the game is released.
  • The Malstrom Protocol. This is a mode that changes weekly and offers special challenges.
  • The in-game store.

In addition, every purchaser of Rainbow Six Extraction will receive a so-called 'Buddy Pass'. The system is similar to the co-op platformer It Takes Two.

With the Buddy Pass, up to 2 additional players can use the trial version for an unlimited period of 14 days. 

This is how the Buddy Pass works: With the so-called Buddy Pass, you can play the game in a team of 3, even if only one person owns the game.

Every Rainbow Six Extraction buyer will receive a Buddy Pass, which allows you to invite up to 2 other players.

With the Buddy Pass, you can extend the trial version of your fellow players so that they can play the game for 14 days. The trial version limitation of 2 hours is therefore no longer applicable.

These additional players download the trial version of the game and can be invited by the person with the Buddy Pass. The invitation is made from the friends list menu.

So you can play in the same squad for up to 14 days. Trial players have unlimited access to all in-game content during this period. Complete crossplay is also supported in this way.

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