Christopher Ward C63 Sealander Elite
Christopher Ward C63 Sealander Elite

The new co-op shooter Rainbow Six: Extraction will be released on January 20, 2022. The playable characters ("Operator") should already be familiar to fans of the series from Siege. We introduce you to the 18 operators from Extraction.

What are Operators? The playable characters in Rainbow Six: Extraction is called Operators. They roughly represent something like "classes", because each of them has special abilities that can be more or less useful in a team.

All operators are from the PvP shooter Rainbow Six Siege, in which their abilities are also used. Extraction is a kind of decoupled PvE mode from Siege with the same heroes.

Up to three Operators can be represented in a team, resulting in different combinations of skills. Since Extraction is fully co-op, the combination of skills plays a big role and can help or disrupt your playstyle.

You can also level up the operators and unlock new weapons, for example. The highlight: If an operator falls during a mission and is put into "Stasis", you can no longer play him until you free him again. The character is then trapped.

All 18 Operators from Rainbow Six: Extraction
All operators that you can play are presented on the official Ubisoft website (via ). We have listed the characters and their abilities here for you.


Finka is a microbiologist and an expert in the fight against diseases. She appeared in Rainbow Six Siege for Operation Chimera, which also hosted the "Outbreak" event as part of that same mission. Outbreak's game mode is the basis of Extraction.

What can Finca do? Finka's ability increases the combat power of her teammates with an adrenaline boost. Players gain additional temporary health in Siege, and the ability should work similarly in Extraction. Downed teammates are also revived by the boost.

What is her role in the team? The biologist supports the team as a kind of healer. She is also supported in tough situations when all players are struggling. Should you be attacked from all sides, Finka can help you survive.


What can Pulse do? The FBI agent is an expert in reconnaissance and acquisition of biological data. To do this, he uses a heart sensor, which normally shows the heartbeat of opponents even through walls, but in Extraction, it is sent directly to the opponents, the archaea.

What is his role in the team? With Pulse's ability to detect and track enemies even through walls, it serves as a spotter in situations where drones alone can't get the job done. With Pulse, you can plan a silent attack, an ambush, or even just take out enemies undetected through a wall, if that's possible.


What can Doc do? The French medic is equipped with a pistol that fires a special stimulant. These "syringes" heal allies who get hit with them and can even revive them when they're downed.

What is his role in the team? Doc serves the team more as a healer than Finca due to his ability to restore health. Otherwise, he also fulfills the role of a supporter. The disadvantage is that he can only heal one person with it and he has to hit a target.


What can Sledge do? Sledge is armed with an eponymous sledgehammer, which he can use to tear down wooden walls and stun enemies. The tool is guided with two hands.

What is his role in the team? With his hammer, Sledge can open up alternative paths for his team, either bypassing dangerous enemies or allowing for a flanking attack. The stun also makes him useful in combat to give allies a breather.


What can Alibi do? Alibi's PRISMA device creates an image of the agent that looks confusingly like her. Alibi can throw the device, creating a copy of itself at the desired location. Enemies attacking the image are also scanned.

What is her role in the team? Alibi's ability is used to distract opponents, either to separate them, lure them to another location, or set them up for an ambush.


What can Vigil do? Vigil uses an "ERC", a cloaking device that hides him from opponents' perception. He is undetectable for a period of time but must recharge this ability over time.

What is his role in the team? How exactly Vigil fits into a team is still difficult to say. In Siege, he can spot, approach, and finish off enemies undetected by devices. In Extraction, his job could be similar, such as eliminating dangerous opponents that would otherwise set off an alarm.


What can Hibana do? Hibana's X-KAIROS are special grenades that can destroy walls. The explosives stick, can be detonated remotely, and the explosions even penetrate armor.

What is her role in the team? Hibana serves as a kind of "heavy hammer" for opponents. Since it can penetrate armor, it is probably primarily intended for fighting heavy elite opponents. We don't know yet whether it can also destroy reinforced walls like in Siege.


What can Ela do? Ela uses rather unconventional weapons with her GRZMOT mines, which can put opponents out of action. The mines stick to surfaces and trigger on proximity to stun nearby enemies.

What is her role in the team? With the mines, Ela can prepare ambushes to lure in one or more opponents. Enemies stunned by the detonation are easier to take down.


Just like Finka, Lion was also part of the original Outbreak event. The French specialist in the fight against nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare agents also finds a place in Extraction.

What can Lion do? Lion fights with a special drone that hovers over the operational area and can scan opponents. Using the ability will lock all moving enemies in an area.

What is his role in the team? With his drone, Lion fulfills the role of scout. Unlike Pulse, it can't locate enemies that are stationary, but it can cover a larger area. He can thus warn of patrols or suggest alternative routes if an area is too heavily guarded.


What can Tachanka do? Tachanka's special ability is his LMG DP-28. This machine gun is a weapon that the operator sets up and can be used by the whole team.

What is his role in the team? Tachanka serves as a defender and, most importantly, to hold posts. Its LMG can prove extremely useful when you need to hold a position against many or particularly strong opponents.


What can Fuze do? The Fuze APM-6 Cluster Explosive can be attached to walls. He then fires several explosive grenades via remote detonation, which flood the corresponding room.

What is his role in the team? Fuze is an attacker who can clear rooms from a safe distance before his team even enters. With the remote detonation, however, he can also support the fight or prepare traps, for example for elite opponents.


What can Capitao do? Capitão has a special weapon: a crossbow, which he loads with "TAC Mk0" bolts. These bolts either cause smoke clouds or poison opponents on impact.

What is his role in the team? The operator is primarily used for stealth. A careful approach can be a useful tactic in Extraction, and Capitao's Smoke Bolts especially help with that. They are easier to place than smoke grenades, for example.


What can Rook do? Rook's breastplates protect his team. Comrades who go down with armor don't fall unconscious. A big advantage, especially when you are in the middle of a mission.

What is his role in the team? The chest plates protect the team throughout the round, making Rook a real all-rounder. Depending on the composition of the team and your preferred style of play, you can use it to pursue any tactic.


The specialist is Monika "IQ" Weiß is one of two German operators in Extraction. Like Jäger, she is a former member of GSG 9's. Her specialty is reconnaissance.

What can IQ do? With their RED SPECTER, IQ can detect electronics. In Extraction, she uses it to detect REACT gear (like ammo boxes) and obstacles even through walls.

What is her role in the team? The possible uses of IQ seem limited at first since you primarily fight against archaea, which normally do not use REACT technologies. However, IQ can come in handy in missions that require you to search for specific items. This way you can plan your route better right from the start and avoid detours.

IQ could be especially important if you're playing Extraction's endgame mode, which is meant to be really challenging. In the Maelstrom protocol, you should do three times the number of tasks and compete against tougher opponents. Good planning is a huge advantage.


As the second German specialist, Jäger will be playable in the new Rainbow Six. In Siege, he is a fearsome defender who can neutralize grenades and projectiles.

What can hunters do? Jäger's ELSTER defense system also intercepts projectiles in Extraction. To do this, he must place the device to monitor a certain area. This works best on doors or narrow "bottlenecks".

What is his role in the team? Hunter is a defender that is most efficient when you need to dig in. Thanks to its automatic defense system, you are largely safe from long-range fighters and can take care of dangers in the immediate vicinity.


What can Gridlock do? Gridlock's Trax Spike Traps can render an entire area inaccessible to enemies. The traps slow enemies and take damage if they move through them.

What is her role in the team? Gridlock can be used either to reinforce a position and force bottlenecks, or to secure a retreat. Slowing down enemies, it gives you more time to plan, escape, or re-evaluate situations.


What can Nomad do? Nomad fires proximity mines that activate after a short time. If an enemy moves into the protected area, they will be knocked back and threats in the corresponding area will be eliminated

What is her role in the team? Since Nomad fires her shock grenades at a distance, she's extremely good at securing trails. If you move through a complex, Nomad, like Ela, can block entrances and protect you from ambushes.


What can Smoke do? The British specialist fights with a special gas mixture, which he throws in the form of remotely detonated grenades. The gas deals damage to all enemies within it.

What is his role in the team? Similar to Gridlock, you can secure a retreat with Smoke or plan an attack like Fuze. Use its gas to disrupt pursuing enemies, finish off grouped enemies, or shift focus in larger fights.

Rainbow Six: Extraction will be released on January 20th, 2022 as the first co-op shooter of the year. The hype surrounding the game is quite low in advance, but fans of Outbreak mode in particular are looking forward to it. They are curious to see how well the implementation as a stand-alone game will be. 

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