Walkthrough Expeditions: Rome - game guide

Walkthrough Expeditions: Rome - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of all the story missions of Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome is a historical strategy game with turn-based battles. At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to create a character by choosing gender, appearance, and life path. Each of the three life paths will have its own ideology, and at certain points, in the game, you will be able to use additional dialogue phrases. Among other things, they will allow, for example, to skip the battle with opponents, get additional resources, and so on. But regardless of the chosen life path, you can reach any ending. Everything will depend on the decisions made during the game.

Act 1. Rome, dear Rome

Pirates of the Mediterranean

After talking with the old man, go up to the deck. If you wish, you can chat with Quinctius Aquillinus and thank him for his help. Go ahead and ask Triarch Gemin if Lesbos is far away. During the conversation, you will be drawn into the first battle. The main thing to understand here is that archers should be placed on the backline, behind melee fighters. You will also learn about action points (which is standard for tactical turn-based games) and charges that are used to activate some skills. During the battle, the gladiator Bestia will join you. Learn the basics of combat. You go with the whole team at once, in random order, then you must complete the move and your opponent will do the same. Don't worry about the wounded soldiers. They will rise at the end of the battle. Also, if you wish, you can finish off wounded opponents, but this is not necessary: if not a single enemy remains on their feet, then the battle will be considered won. The task will end immediately.

Chat with Bestia, and then interrogate Gemin. Here you will be able to make your first decision - to execute Gemin or spare him. In general, this does not affect anything, since you will get to Lesvos anyway. Now select the desired character class from the four available. Each is described in detail. If you want straightness, then take the first one.

trial by fire

You will be taken to the camp of the Lucullus Legion. When you're ready, follow the marker and enter the tent. Chat with Luculla. Go to the opposite corner (lower right), to the blacksmith Sextus, marked with a gray exclamation mark. Talk to him, and then take the desired items from the table on the left. You can take all the equipment. To open your inventory, press the I key. A red down or green up arrow icon indicates that there is currently an item better or worse in the equipment slot, respectively. That is, if you see a green arrow, you probably need to replace the item from the inventory with the current one since it is better. By the way, to highlight all the objects available for interaction, hold down the V key.

You can complete the side quest "Caesar's Diary", and after or before that, leave the camp by going through any gate. The world map will open. On the way to the warehouse is the Kaloni camp. Look there. Each time you visit the camp, you automatically replenish your water supplies. Here you can meet Zinciy Kariya. This is a merchant. How trading works:

  • You can exchange various resources: slaves, denarii, rations, and medicines.
  • You cannot trade identical resources, otherwise, it would be pointless.
  • On the right side of the screen are the merchant's resources, on the left - yours.
  • Arrows may appear on merchant resources. The up arrow indicates that the merchant has a lot of such a resource, which means that he can exchange it cheaper. The down arrow indicates that the merchant has a shortage of this resource, which means that he will exchange it for you more expensively. Thus, it is desirable to buy resources with an up arrow and sell resources with a down arrow.
Get to the pirate warehouse and confirm the composition of the group. Nothing can be changed in this case. Here you will meet Kalida, a stealth assassin. Now you must decide whether to attack the warehouse immediately or destroy the patrol. If you attack immediately, the battle will be more difficult. So go to the gray exclamation point marker and fight the patrolmen. Archers are a pain in the ass, but they are easy to disable: don't waste your action points and run up close to them, even if you can't attack after that (yellow hexes). When the archers want to run away from you, they will get on the oncoming attack, and you will deal damage to them. Put two fighters next to each other, and for sure the archer will die.

After defeating the patrol, move directly to the warehouse. This is where the battle will begin. If the patrol was destroyed, you will be asked to eliminate 7 opponents. Once they are killed/stunned, the rest will flee in panic. So choose weaker targets. After the victory, be sure to search all the boxes by activating the backlight with the V key. There is also a box on the pier on the left. Follow him if you wish. Get inside the warehouse and steal the Greek fire.

Right now, the first skill points will appear, and Kalida will become a constant companion. Allocate one skill point to each ally and main character, then leave the location and go to the territory of the opponents, to Mytilene. Do not enter the camp itself: go straight to the port!

Move to the gate and climb the fence on the right. Kill the lone guard, talk to Kalida and go to the rest of the group. Decide what to do. If you attack three enemies on the right, several more will appear. As soon as you are noticed by opponents in the galleys, the entire port will know about the presence of the detachment. Once every three turns, two ordinary warriors will appear. You don't have to kill everyone! Choose two resistant characters and use them to take the Greek fire from the marked crate. Then split up and move towards the two ships. Once near the ships, select the Greek fire from each of the characters (the cell in the lower right corner of the screen) and throw it into the area marked in red. So you set fire to the ships. As soon as both light up, the task will be considered completed. A cut-scene will start.

Collect resources, leave the area and go to Kaloni, where the red marker points. Chat with Therm in the tent.

Go to Mytilene

After the task "Trial by Fire," you need to talk in Kaloni with mentor Gaviy. Go to the specified location and agree to take part in the training. Use the items Gavius ​​gave you. This is a bandage, a torch, and a special dart that splits the shield. Then return to Mark Terme. After the cut-scene, you will be ambushed. I recommend allocating two fighters who will go in the direction of Therma. One of them must have a skill or bandage to help Therm. Let one more fighter go to the ledge on the left, the other two - to the ledge in the middle. The task of both units is to eliminate the archers. Fight, help Therm, and then all together return in the opposite direction, to the marked area. As soon as all six stand in the allocated place, the task will end. Return to Camp Lucullus. Chat with Luculla and Thermus.

Conquest of Asia Minor

Examine the inventory, equip the best equipment and leave the camp. Return to Kaloni to familiarize yourself with your legion. Talk to Trust, click on his tent and hire 4 centurions. Exit to the world map, attack Mytilene. Learn all the features of the battle. The game has a fairly consistent and intuitive learning system. Go to the captured outpost and talk to Orestes. If you previously spared the Triarch on the ship, you can remember this. An optional target will appear. Go to the world map and move towards Mytilene. Confirm the composition of the squad. The easiest way is to reduce the size of the Archelaus detachment to 8 people, although reinforcements will periodically appear. You will receive the sword of Archelaus. After the victory, collect all the loot and talk to Cezo.

After talking with Luculla, leave the territory. You have conquered the first sector! Move across the sea. On the ship, talk to your comrades-in-arms. Go forward and talk to Julia Kalida. Finally, she will remove the armor, and you can leave her in the squad or refuse services. Be polite and she will appreciate it. You will also receive two new quests.

Divide and rule

After you leave the location, follow the marker to the right, to the Temple of Apollo. Follow the marker and talk to Theophilus standing by the temple. If you fail to convince Theophilus (which, most likely, it will), then return to the horses and leave the temple. Return to the temple and find Zenobia, which is marked with a marker. She wants to eliminate Theophilus. To the right of the temple is the top of the mountain. Behind the wall, there is a chest with a unique staff "Rod of Asclepius I".

Return to the Temple of Apollo and go to the right of Theophilus, going down the stairs once. Here you can find a crack in the floor. Rotate the camera so that you can look through the hole in the wall into the secret room with the bow. Click on an empty space in this room and your characters will dropdown. Pick up the unique bow of Eurytus I. Otherwise, where the fire was extinguished, there is a pickaxe near the stairs. You can use it to break the floor and go down.

In the place where the fire was extinguished, go behind the temple and find a chest in the corner. So you will find the secret correspondence of Theophilus. Return to the Mytilene camp and chat with Sineros. Ask him to make fake letters. Talk to Zenobia at the temple of Apollo, then leave the location and go to the top of the mountain on the right. Here you have to decide what to do: kill Theophilus or arrest him, kill Zenobia or arrest her. Decide for yourself. In any case, after that, you will need to meet with Theophilus or Zenobia at the temple of Apollo.

To infiltrate the enemy camp, you will have to kill the scouts and take their uniforms. Head east, right on the map, and attack the camp. Break the barriers immediately and act aggressively. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to win this battle! After the victory, if you follow the path of Estos, you can intimidate the hymnite. Otherwise, you will have to kill him or give him a bribe of 1000 denarii.

Before moving on to the military camp of Mithridates, which is currently besieging Cyzicus, go to the camp of Milithene and heal all your associates in the dispensary. Place them there, exit the map and rewind time until everyone is healed. Then go to the camp. The task will need to be completed together with the main character and Kalida. Here you can make the first compliment to Julia. Talk to the sentinel hoplite and say that Rome is still very far away. This is the password. Go ahead, talk to King Mithridates. Search his tent. There is a drawing on the shelf and a contract on the table. After taking it, complete the search of the camp and return to the Temple of Apollo. Give the treaty to Theophilus or Zenobia. The task will be completed.

Exposing the traitor

Head up the map to the fishing village of Troas. Walk forward and to the left to meet Evtimiy. Chat with him. He will say that if he were a traitor, he would hide in the house. Feodor is standing a little further. Buy bay leaves from him for 400 denarii and go right. There is a house along the piers, inside of which there is a basket with fish. Interact with her and plant the poison as Julia suggests.

There are three houses with guards. The building on the left, on top of the hill, is guarded by several guards. If you talk to the hoplite and say that you are a friend of Cassius, he will say that this is not his house. There is a fishmonger in the center of the village. Chat with him. He will offer to share information for 1000 denarii. Refuse and speak again. Say that we are talking about a criminal, and then he will point to a house by the pier. The building in the center, next to Evtimiy, is a gambling house. However, you can kill the guard, go inside and defeat all opponents. A unique dagger "Occam's Razor I" is hidden in the far drawer. So, go to the pier on the right. There is a building with a basket in which you can put bay leaves. Leaves can be bought from Theodore at the same location, for 400 denarii. So you poison the bandits, and they will receive additional damage during the battle. Kill everyone, although your main task is to deal with Cassius. Once he is stunned, the quest will end. Choose who will accompany him to the camp, and go to the place where your legion is stationed. Interrogate Cassius using any means.

Return to the very first camp to Luculla and report on what you have learned. Choose what to do with Cassius. It is best to spare it, as it may come in handy in the future.

Conquest of Asia Minor

In this task, you need to conquer Asia Minor, and for this, you need to conquer 6 regions. The first three regions are in Lesvos, and you have already captured them. I recommend completing the tasks listed above and then capturing three regions - Mysia, Troad, and Cyzicus. In all three cases, you will have to complete tasks from the Pacification series. And in almost every case, you need to win in one battle. In addition, you will use one follower and five hired legionnaires. That is, you do not have to travel with the whole group. Read the terms and conditions carefully and follow them. Often it is not necessary to kill everyone! You will only waste extra time pursuing this goal.

  • Mysia. After completing the Divide and Conquer quest, attack Mysia with your legion. To do this, click on Misia and click on the "Attack outpost" button. Destroy the enemy army, as they did with Mytilene, after which this task will begin. To pacify this region, you need to complete the current task. To do this, enter Mizia and find a primipil. Chat with Orestes and agree to save the legionnaires. But first, use the tent in the center and hire at least three Praetorians. However, you can hire all eight. Then leave the location and go to the indicated point, marked with an exclamation point. Choose one of your companions. You need to take the most devoted. You can fill the rest of the cells with recently hired legionnaires. During this battle, you must free the legionnaires and kill all enemies. To release a legionnaire, it is enough to stand next to him. He will fight for you as an ally. After that, the sector will be officially conquered.
  • Troad. It will be necessary to protect the appointed leader. Kill 18 enemies. Allies will help. Do not forget to send all the wounded Praetorians to the dispenser after the battle.
  • Cyzicus. It will be necessary to clear the village to prevent the spread of the plague. You only need to kill the enemies. Ordinary residents infected with the plague, you can not touch.

Then continue to conquer Asia Minor by conquering three more regions (and completing the story quest described below). In the Dorilei region, after capturing an outpost, you will need to use the legion to pacify the locals. That is, you do not need to go to the camp. Choose one of three locations and complete the task with your legion. After that, the region will be captured. Having captured everything, establish a legion in Dorilei and go there with your detachment. Talk to the interrogator in the prison cell and decide the fate of Evtimiy.

Then go to Luculla and report everything. Now go to Troad, where you need to find a fisherman helping the enemy. Move to the opposite part of the location, to the ship, and talk to Lucius Erucius Corvinus. Use any kind of persuasion, up to a battle or bribery with denarii. Then decide what to do - take supplies or find evidence against Scaevola. The second option is preferable. Board the smugglers' galley and hit the road. Kill all the smugglers, then search the ship. At the end of it there will be bags with the necessary evidence. The task will end.

To finally capture Asia Minor, you need to pacify all 11 regions. In Nicodemia, it will be necessary to fight again with Praetorians (for pacification). By the way, despite the fact that the enemy army will be more powerful, allow yourself to lose once, and then replenish the ranks in the camp and attack Nicodemia again. For the second or third time, you will definitely win. You will need to destroy Bios and Cleon, the two leaders, and then the region will be considered pacified.

Then go to your legion's tent in Nicodemia and discuss the plan for the siege of Chalcedon. Chat with Turius Orestes and leave the camp. Go to the besieged Chalcedon to meet Lucullus. Here you need to use your entire squad. Be sure to heal allies. Then divide the units into two tasks. You can put the main character and another Praetorian on the role of scouts. Throw the main forces to the assault.


At the first stage, you need to escort four allies to the bridge. You don't have to kill everyone! Get as close as possible to the front first. On your first turn, do it in such a way as to get closer to the enemy, but at the same time stay in cover. In addition, archers can attack the first targets. As soon as four allies stand on the bridge, they will open fire on you from catapults. Your task is to return as many soldiers as possible to the garrison. That is, run away. Therefore, before standing at the bridge, I recommend killing all enemies! This will make it easier to escape. Place allies in the red marked areas in the passages near the wooden fence.

And only at this moment, you will be allowed to switch to the second squad! Don't worry about the catapults. Destroy as many as you can. Even if it will be alone. Then there will be an assault squad again. It is important to have staff fighters in it, since Archelaus will have a large supply of armor, and only staff can reduce gold cells. Focus on the leader, and you can not even touch the rest. Archelaus, by the way, he will come to you.

When you are switched back to exploration, be prepared for the fact that you will be given 6 moves to save Kotta. First, free the allies that are highlighted in red hexes. They will help in combat. Then you need to destroy as many enemies as possible, break the door and have time to get closer to Kotta's detention cell. For 6 moves. As soon as you do this, you will no longer be limited in the number of moves, and you just have to finish off all the opponents. The easiest option:

  1. On the first turn, place allies next to the three captives. First, if you need and have bandages, heal yourself. The prisoner is in the far right corner, near the commander's room. Another one on the left immediately has the entrance. The third is on the left on a hill. To the third, run along the nearest wall.
  2. Pay attention to how the hexes are highlighted when moving. If there is a red warning sign with an exclamation point, it means an alarm will be raised.
  3. You don't need it on the first turn.
  4. On the second turn, free the prisoners. I recommend putting the archer on the wall on the right. With the warrior on the left, keep moving up the wall to kill two more archers.
  5. The countdown will end as soon as you find yourself in the corridor with the detention cells. Not by Cotta's cell itself!

The last battle is the easiest. You will have many allies, a box of medicines (3 bandages each) will appear near both units, so you can restore your strength. Do not hurry. The fact that you are asked to kill 10 enemies is half the battle. Immediately after their death, Mithridates will flee, and you will be asked to finish off the remaining opponents. Don't look for trouble, let your allies stand at the forefront. After the victory, you will complete the assault and conquest of Asia Minor, and then go through the Rubicon to Rome.

Morituri Te Salutant (Those who are about to die to greet you)

You will receive this task after you capture Asia Minor (three regions). The goal will be updated, you will be asked to gain a foothold in Asia Minor, but a messenger will also appear with important news. Return to Luculla's camp on Lesbos and talk to him in his tent. Then you will need to go to Damian's gladiator school in Thrace. If you meet a chimera, do not stick your hand into the crack, otherwise, you will get seriously injured, and you will have to treat the main character. When visiting a gladiator school, the presence of the Beast in the squad is mandatory.

Chat with Scaevola, and then go to the guards. Talk to Damian in his house, after which he will offer to dine. Then you will control one Bestia. Climb down from the house and watch the gladiators escape. Kill the gladiator guard, go inside and meet Dejanira. Help her defeat the guards. It's pretty simple. The battle will start soon. Dejanira is your new ally. Defeat Damian and the remaining opponents. Then decide his fate. Be sure to search the entire school to open chests and collect additional loot. Among other things, there is a drawing of a smoke bomb. The task will end. Then you can capture this region with the help of the legion and complete the task of pacification. It is not necessary to kill enemies at all. Pick up torches and throw them at weapon boxes. The battle will end as soon as you blow up all five boxes.

Romane Ite Domum (The Romans are going home)

This side quest can be picked up in Troas after conquering the region. At the beginning of the location are civilians. Chat with them and agree to help. Chat with Legionnaire Albin. The best way is to inform that the legionnaire must return to Naso to learn about his punishment. It can also return civilians their equipment or take it away, receiving 1300 denarii. Either way, the task will end.

After the capture of Asia Minor, you can return to the territory of Rome. Chat with your companions, and then go to Favucius Vet, standing on the other side of the bridge. Then you will be in Rome. Chat with the highlighted characters and then talk to Sineros. Head outside to meet the senator. A map will open on which you must select the Senate. In court, say that Scaevol helped the pirates of the Mediterranean. Point out the seals on the boxes, if, of course, you chose to search for evidence in one of the previous tasks. It turns out that Scaevola's brother killed and hanged him, so the case is closed. Exit the Senate and go to your villa. To complete Act 1, you must talk to the mother again, but before that, let's complete a few additional tasks. When you complete these side missions,

Act 2. Africa

Five years have gone by...

Message from Lucullus

Go to the streets of the city and talk to Vibiy Vitelius Lurko. Listen to his offer and then return to your villa. On the way to the exit, a bandit will stop you. You just need to defeat three opponents. Choose enemies with minimum health, and avoid the enemy with a shield. Ask Cineros to find Bestia and Kalida and return to the villa. Go to the indicated place and talk to mother Klavdiana. Cezo will tell that the slave gave birth, so you can help him by pointing this out to Sineros.

pressing question

Talk to Kalida and choose who to support. The selected character will approve. Move on and talk to the guard of the villa. Keep walking and talking to the guard. Choose two companions to accompany you. It will indeed be an ambush. Defeat all opponents. First, attack the simplest, with a minimum supply of HP. If necessary, you can break down the door. Search the bodies to get the key. Rejoin the team, collect the loot and follow the marker to the office, where you will find the dead Lucullus. Interrogate the servant and decide his fate. Run along the marker and talk to Lange's messenger.

Queen of Egypt

Leave the territory of the villa to go to meet Cleopatra. To do this, follow the marker on the global map. As always, collect resources from wagons and chests. Attack the robbers holding Cleopatra captive. Defeat the first enemy group. On the left, in the corner, there is another squad guarding the chest. There are no weapons or armor inside, so take on the enemies at will. In fact, you can go straight ahead and kill opponents in the gorge. This is how you free Cleopatra. Leave the location where you came from. Talk to Cleopatra again to complete the current task and start a new quest. In addition, you can talk to her again and choose the "love branch".

strange alliances

Move along the marker, collecting various resources on the global map, and visit the Sky Court. Talk to the junk merchant. You can buy a unique helmet from him for 50 denarii, but your companions will be amazed at the honesty of the legate if you pay all 1000 denarii, saying that this is a real relic. You can buy vinegar from the winemaker for 500 denarii. Along the path on the right, you can find an ordinary merchant with basic resources. Axil will have a task for you, and you can buy an antidote from the shaman (500 denarii). Return to the beginning. On the left bank stands Gulussa. There is a side quest associated with it. When you're ready, head up the mountain and enter the elders' tent.

Move to Apollonia, where your new legion is stationed. You can look around, but then leave this place and move to the sacred location marked with a marker. This is a burial place. Chat with the elders and Lange. Say you're ready to start. This place will be attacked by enemies. It turns out that Varmaksan is a traitor. Lanzhi has a vinegar lotion, a consumable that allows you to get rid of bleeding and poisoning. The latter is very important since the local opponents will actively use poison flasks, which, when destroyed, emit a cloud of poison. You need to reduce Varmaxan's health to a minimum. After that, he attacks again and dies. But other enemies will have to be killed anyway. Don't forget to search the corpses, as Varmaxan will have his unique staff on him.

African conquest

In the first step, you need to subdue a total of 5 African regions. One of them has already been pacified. After conquering each city in the region, as usual, you should enter the legion camp and talk with Turius Orest to take the quest to pacify the region. Here is a summary:

  • Antipygros . Located to the right of Apollonia. After talking with Orestes, go to the map and use the legion to complete any task highlighted by the marker. Sector conquered!
  • Djalo . Located below Apollonia. Talk to Orestes, and then go to the outpost with a detachment. You need to finish off the first enemies without letting them raise the alarm. Enemies who are about to announce your presence to others are marked with markers. It is enough to stand close to them, and they will stop. First batch - 5 enemies. Then select 6 more targets for yourself and finish them all off. The rest will run away. Be sure to search the corpses and chests.
  • Southwestern Cyrenaica . In the lower-left corner of the map. Just complete the task from the legion without entering the camp.
  • Taserbu . Below, slightly to the right of the lower-left corner. After the capture, visit Orestes and find out what needs to be done for the final pacification. Now leave the camp area and move with the detachment to the hot springs. Choose one ally and five Praetorians. The battle will begin. You need to kill Meddur. Immediately after his death, the battle will stop. Do not worry about a large number of enemies: they are all weak and fairly easy to destroy.
After capturing 5 sectors, the task will not change. That is, you need to complete the story tasks described below. Engage in the quest "Going on the offensive." By the way, upon returning to the legion camp, you can meet another character near the merchant who will offer to develop a battle banner. Agree and pay 1000 denarii (or less if you chose the appropriate path).

Going on the offensive

After a while, while you are capturing Africa, a messenger from Lanzhi will come to you, who offers to go on the offensive against Udada. Go to the global map and send your legion to the trade caravan. After capturing it, move the detachment to Augila, located at the left edge of the map.

There are several options. You can go to the guard on the right and attack him. You can pretend to be his friend. Tell him that he himself must guess which part of the city you are from. Then report that the old man is dead, but don't say that he was too old. As a result, the warrior will call on Sekkura. However, she will recognize you, and so the battle with 6 opponents will begin. If you kill him, you will fight with five opponents, including Sekkura. Finally, in the depths of the location, there is a merchant. Ask him for Sekkura, then pay 1000 denarii. The amount can be halved along the path of Ethos. But in the future, you will have to buy a merchant's shop - for 3000 denarii (or 2000 along the path of the Logos). Expensive!

The best option (if you're going to fight) is to trick the guard into bringing Sekkura closer. Then stun her. Move one of the warriors closer and spend an action point by using the shackles in the consumable slot. This will bind Sekkura and stop the bleeding. Kill all opponents and move towards the gate from where you came. Along the way, you will encounter another enemy group. The task will end as soon as you leave the citadel, standing on red hexes with all characters. By the way, Sekkura will immediately disappear as soon as it is on the red hexes.

Return to the legion camp and interrogate Sekkura. Convince her to help you. After a while, Udad will come to the camp. Don't threaten, and you can convince Udad to take your side. The task will end.

African Conquest: Siege of Augila

After the quest "Going on the offensive" you will be able to lay siege to Augila. At the first stage, you will lead the assault and reconnaissance. You can form the third group incomplete, since its task will be much easier, and the allies will help. So, with an assault squad, just kill the enemies, don’t really go on the rampage. When you switch to scouts, move to the nearest enemy group by the fire. It is best to attack on the second turn, with all the fighters at once. Kill this group in 2 turns max, and leave 1 torch for 2 of the fighters! Made? In this case, stand at the right bridge with one fighter, but do not burn it. Lead the rest to the left. However, one who has a torch is enough. When there is 1 turn left (or less), set fire to both bridges, ignoring the enemies. You don't have to kill them, even after burning the bridge.

The second stage will begin. You need to kill 15 opponents and then it will end. If you fail and lose all the catapults, you simply lose their support. However, I easily managed to keep all 5 catapults intact. In the third stage, you are asked to kill Izil. This is the last battle. Choose the left or right path and follow it with the whole squad. That will be much easier. Please note that after damaging Isil, he will bleed for 4 turns. It is important that at least one of your squad is alive. In general, do not rush. Reinforcements will arrive every few turns. The enemy has no reinforcements.

After defeating Isil, you will need to capture all 12 sectors of Africa. We continue:

  • Lower Egypt. After the capture, you need to complete any assignment by the legion.
  • Shiva oasis . After the capture, go to the legion camp and chat with Turius Orestes. Please note that you will have two legions. But Turiy Orest is only in the main, the first. So if you captured this sector with the help of the second legion, move it to another city, and bring the legion here with Turius Orestes. You need to eliminate the Widower and his bandits. Look for a quarry in the upper part of the region, closer to the right corner. It will be a fairly simple battle against weak enemies. Kill everyone and follow the Widower upstairs.
  • Bemje oasis . Another sector where you will need to complete the task using your own squad. Talk to Turius Orestes in the main legion and go to the indicated place (do not forget to fix this quest). Here you will manage a detachment and one ally. I recommend not to rush, but to take strong guys on a mission. Immediately run to the green allies and free them. But don't rush until you kill the first enemy group. The next hostages will be on the right and left. There will also be two separate enemy groups, so it's better to attack them in order. You also need to free the leader of the local rebels. After doing this, make sure no one is shooting at him. The task will end as soon as the hostage leaves the location. Or when you kill all the enemies, which is optional.
  • Secret Valley . Simply engage your legion by choosing one of three locations.
  • Fiom . It will be necessary to visit Orest Turia to find out about the new task for the detachment. You will need to destroy 7 areas with stocks of arrows and weapons. To speed up the process, it is best to use torches. Take a balanced squad. Let the archers stay on the high ground and kill the enemies. They can also throw torches that can be taken from the fires. You don't have to kill everyone. As soon as all stocks burn out, the task will end.
  • Sikhet . Just complete any task with your legion by spending the indicated amount of resources.
  • Plateau . The same.
  • Sais . Same thing, use legion.
  • Heliopolis . You will need to talk with Turius Orestes and use a detachment with one ally to complete the mission to pacify the sector. This will be another mission to rescue the prisoner. Get to the prisoner in the upper left corner, killing as many enemies as you can along the way. Release him and escort him down as the opponents will try to kill him by attacking from both sides. It is important that no one hurt him.

Death number

When you capture the remaining sectors of Africa, sooner or later you will meet a flutist. I recommend killing him as Julia points out, as it is indeed an ambush. After that, eliminate 17 robbers. New ones will appear periodically. When everyone is defeated, search the corpses to find a Roman helmet. This is how the task will begin. Return to the camp of the first legion and talk to Sextus, who is usually standing by the tent on the right. Visit the main legion's camp and speak with Velit Decimus. After searching the tent, leave the camp and go to the marked place, to the secret Roman camp. Most importantly, neutralize Decim, and after that, finish off the remaining opponents. Follow the path on the left as it will allow you to get closer to Decimus faster. Decide the fate of Decim, then leave the location and go to the pyramid, where the meeting should take place. As expected, you will be ambushed. Be sure to bring a couple of pitchers of water with you! Or, at the very least, place your squad on the edges of the blue zone, away from the oil barrel! After the victory, take the scroll and return to the camp of your main legion to speak with Sineros. Or move the legion closer to you. So, there are spies in the camp. Then decide how to deal with the spies. It doesn't affect anything. The task will end soon.

Diplomatic maneuvers

This task is activated after you complete all the story quests above and capture the required number of African regions. Sooner or later, you will receive a letter from Cleopatra, who wants to meet in the Heavenly Court. Make sure you don't have anyone in the infirmary, otherwise wait for the healing to complete, and visit the camp. After talking with Cleopatra, leave the location and go to the pharaoh's palace in Alexandria. Move to the marker in the upper right corner of the global map and visit Alexandria.

Go forward and meet Pharaoh Ptolemy in the throne room. If you killed the guard at the entrance, you can point it out. Continue the conversation, after which the squad will split up. Go to the indicated guard and talk to Marcellus. Say you're ready to be alone. Marcellus bites. Then continue to talk with the pharaoh. Now you control Bestia and Cezo. There is a table and a large wooden structure against the wall of the library on the right. Find a hammer there and break the table. Return to the entrance and pick up the rope. Go towards the throne room. Pick up the board on the left, and remove the torch from the wall in front of the entrance to the throne room. You can set fire to a wooden structure. Talk to Tranquill, who ran out of the library. Keep talking and find out that all the evidence against Lurko is in his head. The task will end. Be careful! Cleopatra can be killed

New and old gods

After Alexandria, you will receive a letter. Go to Memphis. At the beginning of the location, there is a herbalist. You can buy fragrant herbs from her for 350 denarii and hemlock for 500. Follow the marker and talk to Raya. After the conversation, follow Raya to the hunters' camp. Now we need to deal with them. A fairly simple battle awaits you. The main thing is not to let the enemies attack Raya. Better keep her away from everyone. Then free the lions. Return to the temple and chat with Tener. Agree to the participation of Cleopatra (if she survived). Cleopatra will piss off Ptolemy and you can fight the guards. Keep in mind that the enemies will attack first. Don't confuse pharaoh's guards with angry civilians! The battle will be pretty easy. The task will end. You will be asked to discuss the assault plan. When you leave Memphis, you will be attacked by assassins from VIXI. Kill 8 opponents so that the rest fall behind you. Pick targets with the lowest health.

Conquest of Africa - Storm of Alexandria

Before you start the assault, be sure to deal with the rest of the quests. Then talk to Turius Orestes and move to the indicated place, towards Alexandria. The first stage is simple - kill 10 Egyptians as soon as possible. Choose the weakest targets. Fortunately, in the first turn, opponents will be carried away by your allies. You can also use catapults, although they will only interfere. Follow further, deep into the palace. The second battle will begin, in which you need to make your way to the throne room. I don't know if this is correct or not, but it worked in my case. While the allies distract the enemies, move along the left wall, as much as possible. In 2-3 moves, you will be able to get to the selected area, spending a minimum of health. Wait at the entrance. The fog should soon dissipate, and then you can attack Ptolemy. For the time being, I recommend hitting him with poisonous or fiery arrows of Yulia Kalida 2-3 times (as long as you have time). Before making rash decisions, keep in mind that even after stunning Ptolemy, you will have to kill all the enemies in the throne room. Then you can spare Ptolemy, kill yourself or let Cleopatra. Finally, you will need to kill Cleopatra or Lange. Don't forget to search Ptolemy (he'll die anyway) to get a unique scepter. Run to the library to find the dead bookkeeper. Campaign in Africa completed. Don't forget to search Ptolemy (he'll die anyway) to get a unique scepter. Run to the library to find the dead bookkeeper. Campaign in Africa completed. Don't forget to search Ptolemy (he'll die anyway) to get a unique scepter. Run to the library to find the dead bookkeeper. Campaign in Africa completed.

spoils of war

Talk to an ally, go across the bridge and talk to Vit. Moreover, Dejanira and Cezo will have two side tasks for you. Come to Rome. Talk to Cineros. If Cleopatra is alive and you brought her a carpet, she will appear in your villa. Invite her to take a walk in the garden. All this in the end can lead to a night with Cleopatra and another achievement. Once you've completed all the desired side quests, speak to Claudiana to complete the second act.

Act 3. Gaul

A few more years have passed...


At the very beginning of the third act, the Gauls attack Rome. Exit the pub, send Cezo to search for allies, and then, together with Sineros, leave the square, reaching the transition point to another location. To do this, you need to move to the left (the alley on the right leads to a dead-end). Attack some opponents standing in the way. Just running past to the point of evacuation will not work! Use the skill of Syneros, which allows you to restore the AP of an ally. The main character must have a powerful blow that can disable any opponent. Break the shield with one blow, then use the Sineros skill and repeat the attack with the main character. In general, there are enough allies on the battlefield, and together with them, you will be able to defeat the enemies. Returning home, finish off the Gauls. You will have the opportunity to rescue Deyanera from the dungeon. Get out on the map of Rome and before you go to the Senate, visit the dungeon. Save and convince the girl to follow you. So you will go to Gaul.

supply lines

Surrender your weapons or refuse, but you have to fight. Go to Lurko and go to meet the leaders Dumnorix and Divitiak. After the negotiations, exit to the world map and move to the right to find the city marked with a marker. Attack him with your legion. After that, go left to the marked place to grab or kill Orgetorix. Go to the location where the battle will begin. Don't forget to equip your armor and weapons before moving on! If you want to capture him, you will have to kill all opponents in 8 moves. Otherwise, if you do not have time, attack the target. However, it is much more difficult to kill an enemy than to get rid of all his comrades-in-arms. Leave the location and return to the legion camp to speak with Caeso and the captured prisoner. The task will end.

Conquest of Gaul

You need to subdue 13 regions. Everything is as usual: first, capture the regions with your legion, and then use the same legion or units to complete one task. This time I will not describe each settlement: you yourself know what to do. In the task where you need to kill the Lone Wolf, I recommend that you immediately run to him, not paying attention to the enemies, and finish him off. Otherwise, he will begin to hide, and the task will become more difficult. In the quest with a caravan and magic potions, these very potions can and should be used on yourself, otherwise, you simply won’t have enough slots in your inventory to collect all 8. As soon as you collect all the potions, the task will end.

serious binding

Some time after the Supply Lines quest, you will receive a letter from Lurko who wants to meet. In addition, Sabinia, the daughter of the master, from whom you could previously order a banner, will appear in the camp. She will offer an improved standard, and in exchange she asks for money for her father's treatment. You can do without expenses if you have already fully upgraded the infirmary and follow a certain path. Follow to the village of Lugdun and talk to Lurko. You will be ambushed. Pretty simple fight. Defeat and talk to Vitelius again. Make sure he survived. Talk to Lurko again. Go to the meeting point with King Ambiorix in the Pictonian sector, in the cave marked with a marker. The task will end.

End of the Edui

You will receive the next story task on the global map. You should receive a message from Divitiak. Meet him at the camp of your main legion. After reaching the mountain, climb up and talk to Divitiak. You will learn that a sacrifice is needed. If you do not want to kill anyone, then there is a way out. Talk to the boy Tin standing nearby. From him, you will learn about a special sickle with which you can gouge out your eye and sacrifice it. Leave the area and follow the black and white exclamation mark marker. Talk to Ambiorix and immediately pass the check on the chosen path. If you can't, you won't get a knife. Then, with a sickle, go deep into the cave and destroy the defenders of Esus. On one of the paths, you will be able to stun the defender. Otherwise, you will have to fight with everyone. After the fight, leave the cave and return to the top of the mountain to sacrifice your eye. After the sacrifice, finish off Dumnorix and his army.

Ambiorix Warning

You will receive the next story task on the global map, along with a message from Ambiorix. Go to his cave, then agree and move towards Kativolk and his warriors. You will be ambushed by both Gauls. Fight enemies. Try to kill the leaders. You will lose anyway, but then Lurko and his squad will appear, who will need to kill the leaders and 10 Gauls. If you destroy the leaders (or at least one), the task will be greatly simplified. After the fight, talk to Lucio, then go to your legion and heal in the infirmary.

Veni, Vidi, Vixi

This story quest will start with a message from Vercingetorix on the global map. Go to the secret meeting place. You will learn about Felix Adrian, and then you will have to meet with Vercingetorix in Alesia. Win a simple battle, one of the enemies must stay alive in order to use it as bait in the future. Go to the indicated house and finish off all the enemies. Do not touch the character outlined in white.

Siege of Alesia

After talking with Adrian Felix, return to your camp and discuss the siege of Alesia. This will be the last battle in this region. Then return to Alesia and proceed to the siege. Start assault. In the first part of the assault, fight the Gauls. Kill as many enemies as possible to make it easier for your scouts (the main character and allies). Only after that, go to the marked area to proceed to the next stage. The battle will end as soon as you or your allies are in enemy territory (4 warriors). Move along the right street, killing enemies, until you find yourself at the right gate. Stand with all allies in the highlighted area. In the third step, first, make your move, and then you will see a trench and beams. They need to be destroyed with the help of the second detachment, which you will control. Move to the beams regardless of the rest of the opponents. It's best to pick up torches and/or oil along the way to burn down the beams you're asked to destroy. The task looks complicated, but in reality, everything is quite simple.

When you manage your comrades-in-arms and the main character, the main thing is to destroy Hortensius and Marcellus, and then finish off the remaining Romans. Perhaps we need to finish off the leader of the Gauls Vercingetorix. Then it will be necessary to decide the fate of the latter. After that, you will return to Rome.

Act 4. Rome, the die is cast

Then you can enter Rome with your legion or disband it and go to court. If you decide to invade Rome, Ceso will leave your squad. Travel to the region to apprehend Mark Cott. Finish him in a simple fight. Then return to your villa. Now you need to kill or convince several local "officials". Please note that the detachment that you send to one place will not be able to take part in another operation. This means that you simply will not have enough of all the Praetorians if you want to kill Cato, Cicero, Pompey, and Corvinus. Therefore, it is best to negotiate with the former and leave the Praetorians and their best comrade-in-arms to Corvin.

Choose the villa of Cato and the companion who will go there. Give the remaining three cells to ordinary Praetorians. If you want to negotiate, send Cato Sineros to the villa. Then, in a conversation with Cato and Cicero, select the following phrases:

  • I'm sorry you think so. The death of a good man does not benefit anyone.
  • They say about you that you are incorruptible.
  • And although you are broken, you are still Cato.
  • What is more important to you: honesty or loyalty?
  • You judge a person by their actions.
  • An enlightened person must be able to weigh the consequences.

Cato will agree to support the legate. Then head to Pompey's Villa. To solve everything without bloodshed, choose Bestia as the leader in the squad. True, he will still kill one of Pompey's guards. Then choose the following phrases:

  • My name is Tabat Bestia and I promised my master that I would try not to kill you.
  • I want you to stop supporting Vitel Lurko.
  • Why are you going to support Lurko?
  • Lurko is a criminal.
  • Lurko is a diplomat who wants to get involved in a war at the cost of the well-being of his people.
  • Rome was built by the will of its people. For Lurko, people are just a bargaining chip.

Then you will need to eliminate Corvin. He will refuse to have any dialogue if you killed the girl in the fishing village. Corwin is very dangerous. It will disappear after each missed hit. That is why you need to attack him with the most powerful tricks. But first, kill the normal opponents.

When you're done, return to your villa. You don't have to pay much attention to civilians. Kill enough enemy gladiators to make civilians disappear from the city streets. It is unlikely that this will be done in one move. The task is complicated by the fact that the herald must survive, and the podium will burn. Without luck, you can't win. Or no jugs of water. You can also use a healer who can remove the burning status. The main detachment linger in the nearest alley on the left. Save your energy. On turn 3, you can safely deal with the required number of gladiators near the stage, as a result of which all civilians will disappear. I recommend going to the indicated place through the second lane on the left. break all the fences with catapults.

Inside the Senate, you will meet none other than Cezo. At this point, you will be able to convince Cezo. Choose medium options. It will be a plus if Cato and Cicero are on your side (you did not kill them). And then there is a possibility that Cezo will fight for you. Eliminate enough civilians inside the Senate for the rest to escape. Usually enough to kill 5-6 people. Then there will be an earthquake, but the legate will still decide to seek revenge and death for Lurko. After Lurko's health bar is empty, he will respawn and additional troops will appear. So we recommend that you first destroy the rest of the villain's associates. After the second time, he will not rise to his feet.

Then kill Lurco or spare him. Then choose what to do next: surrender, become the ruler of Rome, or go to Egypt (if Cleopatra survived).

Act 4. Rome, Res Publica

Chat with everyone and follow to the Senate, where the trial of Vitelius Lurko will take place. In order to win the trial, several important decisions must be made. In our case, Cleopatra was alive. Choose the first sentence, stating that Lurco deliberately killed his brother without trial in order to evade proceedings and save his reputation. After witnessing Lurco, say that Cleopatra serves Rome. Remember that at that time Lurko was the ambassador to Egypt. Say that the murder of the Praetorian Guard in Gaul was only self-defense. All this will be enough to present irrefutable evidence, but the verdict will not have time to make it, because the sun will go down. If you make mistakes, the game will be over.

Talk to Cicero. Someone will poison Syneros. Corvin will burst into the Senate with his guards. Kill all enemies. Corwin will disappear after his first move. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to save Sineros. Return to your villa. You can release the soldiers who started the fire to avoid an additional battle. It is not necessary to put out the fire. You just need to get to Claudiana. Yes, you will have to put out some hexes, especially where there are barrels. Then you will be able to control Claudiana as well. Put out the fire at the exit and get there with all the heroes. Talk to your allies and follow Corvin to the Champ de Mars. He will disappear, which will complicate the battle. Therefore, to begin with, it is desirable to kill the rest of the opponents. Return to your villa and interrogate Corwin. Decide his fate.

Return to Cato, Cotta and Cicero in Regia. Then head to the streets of the city where Lurko has captured your Praetorians. You can attack him or show patience, but then someone will die. On the other hand, Lurko could be arrested. You will then be able to resign or accept the role of quaestor.

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