Wordle Tips for Finding the Right Words

 With our tips for Wordle, we help those of you who do not know all English words and still want to join the hype game. There are a few approaches and tools that will help you find the words.

Wordle Tips for Finding the Right Words

The official guide to Wordle

One of the most important tips is to study the rules of Wordle. The catch is that not all are mentioned. You only get a quick guide to the game. This states the following:

You have six tries to find out the word. The color of the tiles changes after each word is entered, giving you clues as to whether the letters are in the word you are looking for. It explains what the colors mean.

Green shows that the letter is correct at this point. Yellow means that the letter is in the word but appears in a different place. Gray tells you that the letter does not appear in the word at all.

Unwritten rules that help

A letter can appear more than once in a word. However, you will not necessarily be given a colored indication of this. This only happens if the letter appears twice in your entered word. Example: The solution is QUEEN and you enter BEECH. In this case, the first E in BEECH would be yellow and the second green.

A big advantage is that you can not enter a word that does not exist or is not in the Wordle list. The game will then tell you “Not in word list”. It won't count as an attempt, so don't worry if you're not sure if it's actually a word.

If Wordle is too easy for you, you can switch on hard mode using the gear wheel in the top right corner. This means that you can only enter words that contain the yellow and green letters in your subsequent experiments. For some it is hard mode, for others, it is a help, at least not to forget these tips.

You can only see these statistics on Wordle until you have deleted your cookies. Then the count starts at zero.

The most important tips about Wordle

Cheating on Wordle is no fun because the challenge would be completely lost. However, the following tips will help you find the solution.

Obviously, it is still worth mentioning that you have to follow all the instructions. An attempt is only wasted if you overlook some clue. If you pay attention to everything, six attempts are usually completely sufficient. But we also have a tip for this.

  • When entering the letters, always concentrate on the colors on the keyboard. So you shouldn't miss a hint. Pay particular attention to the gray colors. We noticed that these in particular can perish. If you consciously perceive the color when typing it, you should at the latest then notice that you have already used a letter.

  • For at least the first two attempts, do not use words that contain a letter more often. You only enter these when you are partially sure that they are the answer. Even if the word you are looking for contains a letter repetition, such words are not suitable for excluding letters.

  • Use one as the first word that is best suited to contain more than one vowel. If possible, it should also contain the most common consonants. For example, do not use words with X, Q, or Z on the first try. These letters appear less often. First, focus on narrowing your search and excluding the most common letters. Below is a list of the best words to start with.

  • There are word generators to help you find the right word. There are, for example, so-called Scrabble aids that you see words to your search terms. One site that we can recommend to you for this is Word tips. Such word finders do not give you any answers. You still have to evaluate the hints from Wordle.

  • If possible, try to follow the rules for common letter sequences in English. For example, the letter U usually comes after a Q. The letter sequence EA is more common than AE. There is a high probability that the letter Z will not appear at the end of a word, etc. Of course, there are exceptions to such rules.

  • Do not use words that have already been the solution in the last few days. They won't be the words of the day again anytime soon. However, if they help you narrow down your search, use them.

Best words to start with

The network agrees that some words are particularly suitable to start with. These include the following:

As soon as we can think of more useful Wordle tips, we'll update this article. We wish you a lot of fun with the letter salad. By the way, a user swears by a certain word to start with. Which one, reveals his tweet:

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