Speed ​​attribute heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

 In Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, a wide variety of characters are available from the original work written by Nakaba Suzuki and which became a worldwide success even outside the community of manga lovers. This story is full of characters of all kinds, with characteristics that have made them the favorites of millions of fans, such as the case of Escanor, the Sin of Pride.

One of the aspects that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has built very well is an attribute system with advantages and disadvantages, which means that some characters will have some effectiveness when facing others, but also the opposite. These are divided into the attributes of HP, Strength, and Speed, which is what we will talk about in the next few lines.

In general, the units that belong to the Speed ​​category are called “ Blue Characters ” and the reason for this, we will explain to you shortly. So, if you want to know a little more in detail about this category, as well as about the heroes that are part of it, you have come to the right place. In addition, we invite you to take a look at our complete Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross guide, where you will find all the information you may need.

What you should know about Speed ​​Attribute Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Speed ​​attribute is represented by the icon of a blue sphere, hence players refer to its heroes as “Blue Characters”. And it is important to note that each and every attribute available in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has an interaction with each other that determines the effects of advantage or disadvantage during a fight.

It should be noted that the Speed ​​attribute has an advantage over the Strength attribute, which means that these heroes will deal an additional 30% damage to their opponents. However, this attribute has a disadvantage against the HP attribute, so in this case, attacking them will reduce the damage by 20%, making it more difficult to win the fight. This shows us why it is important to know how to build a team based on the attribute of the rivals, whether in PVE stages or even in the Vaizel Fight Festival because it can make a difference.

Types of Speed ​​Attribute Heroes in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Speed ​​attribute features many heroes that belong to all the races or clans that we have seen in the anime. So to tell you what units are currently available, we have grouped them according to this feature to make them more organized.

It is important that you know which heroes belong to this category, especially if you are just starting out, as you will be able to have an idea of ​​what units you may need to make up your team, since in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross there is also a rule for creating teams, as it is advisable to include attackers, supports and control, especially at highly competitive levels.

Human Race Speed ​​Attribute Heroes

Escanor (The One) in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

  • Holy Knight Arden [the Pleiades of the Blue Sky] – Performs an attack that deals damage to one enemy and applies Poison for multiple turns. He can also boost damage to opponents who have postures.
  • Adventurer Arthur [Heir to the Throne]: Deals damage to an enemy and increases damage based on Ultimate points. Also, he can do an area attack that disables healing abilities.
  • New King Arthur [Heir to Destiny]: Performs an attack that causes a large amount of damage to an enemy, but can also do it in an area, disabling attack skills.
  • Ban [Outlaw]: Can deal heavy damage to an opponent by ignoring their defense, can also disable an opponent's attack skills for a few turns.
  • Adventurer Ban [Collector]: Deals damage to an enemy and removes their posture, and can lower defense-related stats.
  • Nobility Eastin [Ruler of the Waves]: She can deal AoE damage and refill her Ultimate gauge, she also boosts all her allies' attack stats for several turns.
  • Eleven [Stranger Things] - Special Collaboration Unit with Stranger Things. Deals damage to one enemy, plus applies Assault, which is bonus damage equal to Patience rate. It also has an area attack.
  • Eren Jaeger [Training Corps] - Special collaboration unit with Attack on Titan. Deals damage to an enemy and removes their posture. Additionally, it boosts his base stats for several turns and applies an evasion effect.
  • Escanor The One [Invincible Incarnation]: Deals a large amount of damage to an opponent, which is multiplied percentage-wise for every 1% of Escanor's missing health.
  • Holy Knight Freezia [Bizarre Fangs]: Deals area damage by applying Poison for multiple turns. In addition, it increases the damage that all his opponents take for several turns.
  • Holy Knight Gilthunder [The Kingdom Star]: Deals damage to an opponent and doubles their critical rate. He can also apply Shock status that deals extra damage at the end of each turn.
  • Holy Knight Golgius [Bizarre Fangs] – Attacks an enemy dealing damage and doubling their critical rate. It can also do damage in an area that triples with the debuffs that the enemy has.
  • Holy Knight Griamore [Adventurer] - Deals damage to an enemy ignoring the patience rate, as well as postures and taunts opponents reducing the damage they take.
  • Holy Knight Guila [Rapier]: deals damage in the area and applies ignition for several turns. He also removes debuffs on his team from him and percentage-wise restores lost health from him.
  • Holy Knight Hendrickson - Deals damage to an enemy and steals a percentage of health to restore theirs. He can also apply ignition effects and increase the damage the opponent takes.
  • Holy Knight Howzer [The Star of the Realm]: can deal damage in an area reducing the defensive statistics of the opponents, as well as their maximum life for several turns.
  • Druid Jenna [Sweet Temptation] – Can deal damage while disabling recovery skills. Additionally, she can remove stances and deal massive damage.
  • Jericho Guardian [New Legend] – This unit deals explosive damage to an enemy, as well as reduces health-related stats.
  • Holy Knight Jericho [New Generation] – Deals damage to an enemy and doubles their critical rate. He can also restore a percentage of maximum health to all of his allies.
  • Maga Lilia [Mastermind Director] - Deals AoE damage and lowers Ultimate gauges. Additionally, she can remove debuffs on her allies and restore her lost health based on her attack power.
  • Mai Shiranui [KOF '98] - King of Fighters Collaboration Special Unit. She can do a lot of damage and lower the Ultimate gauge of her enemy. In addition, she is capable of dealing damage that increases percentage-wise the more buffs she has.
  • Holy Knight Marmas: Its main use is to disable the buff and debuff techniques of its enemies in the area, it can also lower everyone's defense for several turns.
  • Mikasa Ackerman [The Strongest Soldier] - Special collaboration unit with Attack on Titan. He deals massive damage and applies bleeding for several turns, which also boosts his damage based on the Mikasa cards in hand.
  • Monkey Human Weapon [Arrival of Ruin]: It can remove buffs on an enemy and do a lot of damage. Also, it prevents them from gaining Ultimate gauges for multiple turns.
  • Slader [Intimidating Hunter] - Deals damage while doubling critical chance. It also removes postures and disables abilities of this type for several turns.
  • Valenty [Brilliant Vacation] - Deals damage that is multiplied by each point of Ultimate on the opponent. It also prevents the enemy from gaining these markers for multiple turns.
  • Holy Knight Weinheidt [Dawn Roar] – Deals AoE damage and disables attack skills for several turns. He can remove stances and disable these kinds of abilities.

Demon Race Speed ​​Attribute Heroes

Zeldris and Derieri in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

  • Bellion [Six Black Knights] – Attacks all enemies ignoring the patience rate, but can also lower the Ultimate gauge.
  • Chandler Wizard [Peacemaker Demon]: Deals damage and prevents skill effects. Additionally, he can provoke enemies into attacking him, dealing back a lot of damage.
  • Derieri of Purity [Sweet Temptation] – Deals massive damage to an enemy and removes their active buffs. He also increases his own defensive stats for several turns by applying taunt and stuns immunity.
  • Fraudrin of Selflessness [Evil Spirit]: This unit deals damage ignoring patience rate. Additionally, he taunts his enemies and triggers a damage reflection.
  • Galand of Truth [10 Commandments] - Boosts its damage for each active buff on the character. In addition to that, he can do damage in an area by applying bleeding for several turns.
  • Melascula of Faith [10 Commandments] - Deals damage and disables healing abilities. It can also attack in an area and increase the damage based on the Ultimate indicators of the opponents.
  • Meliodas [Boar Hat]: Deals damage to an enemy and triples if they have any active debuffs. He can also take a counter stance and return a lot of damage when attacked.
  • Demon Meliodas [Furious Knight]: This unit can deal AoE damage by tripling its penetration rate. It also applies corrosion that does extra damage based on Meliodas's health.
  • Zeldris of Mercy [10 Commandments] – Deals heavy damage to one enemy and doubles their critical damage. Additionally, by hitting a critical you can recover a percentage of your lost health.

Goddesses Race Speed ​​Attribute Heroes

Elizabeth Goddess in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

  • Princess Elizabeth [New Adventurer] - Deals AoE damage and disables debuff abilities. She also removes debuffs on her allies from her and restores some of her lost health.
  • Goddess Elizabeth [Holy War Warrior]: Deals heavy damage to an enemy and prevents them from using skills. She can shield allies from her with her attack power from her and prevents additional effects from being applied to them, except for Burst.
  • Guardian Hawk and Elizabeth [Reverse] - Boosts the damage done by the number of active buffs on the character. He also increases the patience rate of his allies and removes debuffs.
  • Ludociel [4 Archangels] - Can deal massive damage to an opponent. He can also attack in an area, boosting the damage he deals if the opponents have active buffs.
  • Tramiel [4 Archangels]: Deals damage to an opponent and increases their Ultimate gauge. He also strikes a stance, shielding his allies from the damage they take.

Fairy Race Speed ​​Attribute Heroes

Winged King at Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

  • Elaine [Halloween]: Attacks in an area and lowers her opponents' attack stats. She also boosts the attack of all her allies from her.
  • Helbram [Aristocrat] : Deals AoE damage and absorbs some of the life it takes from his opponents. He also restores the health of his allies based on his attack power and removes debuffs.
  • King of the Fairies King [Deadly Sin] - Deals damage to an enemy and petrifies it, preventing it from moving. Additionally, he can restore a percentage of his allies' lost health from him and purifies debuffs.
  • Adult King [Deadly Sin] : Attacks an enemy and applies bleeding. He takes a stance and counterattacks when his allies take damage.
  • Winged King [Growth Trial] : Deals damage to an enemy and releases bonus damage equal to other effects , such as Shock, Poison, and Bleeding. You can also apply Poison with area damage.

Race Giant Speed ​​Attribute Heroes

Diane and Matrona in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

  • Fighter Diane [Matron]: Deals damage to a unit, which is boosted if it has any active buffs. She can also disable buff abilities for multiple turns.
  • Holy Knight Diane [Deadly Sin] - Applies AoE damage that is doubled if opponents have active buffs. Also, she can disable attack skills for multiple turns.
  • Drole of Patience [Evil Spirit]: Attacks an enemy by petrifying them for a few turns. It also increases health-related stats, can prevent petrification effects, and activates taunt.
  • Matron Mercenary [Earth Fang]: Deals damage and disables attack skills. She can also remove buffs from all enemies and apply a lot of damage to them.

Race speed attribute heroes Unknown

Merlin and Gowther in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

  • Forbidden Library Watcher Beatrice [Re: Zero]: Re: Zero collaboration special unit. She deals a lot of damage to an opponent and steals a percentage of her life to heal herself. Also, she can attack in an area and absorb more of that life that she takes away.
  • Rey Candidate Emilia [Re: Zero]: Re: Zero collaboration special unit. She can deal damage to an opponent and freeze them, preventing them from acting. Additionally, she performs an AoE attack that lowers Ultimate gauges for several turns.
  • Holy Knight Gowther [Hero of Liones] – Triples the damage dealt with all enemies with a buff active. He can also lower opponents' attacks and disable ability buffs and debuffs.
  • Great Merlin Mage [Infinity] - Attacks and disables abilities other than an attack on an enemy. And she can deal AoE damage while decreasing the range of her abilities from her.
  • Milin [Tyrant of Destruction] - Special collaboration unit with That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Smile series. She makes an attack that deals damage to one enemy and doubles critical damage. She can also attack and disable Ultimate for a few turns.
  • Swordsman Nanashi [Fast Sword]: When attacking an enemy, it can lower its Ultimate gauge, in addition to randomly removing the opponent's cards. And when he lands a critical attack, he gets a bit of his health back.
  • Rimuru Tempest [Governor of Monsters] - Special collaboration unit with That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime series. He can double the damage he deals if the opponent has a buff active. Also, he takes a stance avoiding debuffs for several turns and restores some of his health.

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