How to get the best gear in The Cycle: Frontier

 How to find the best weapons, armor, and other equipment in a free multiplayer looter shooter

The bulk of progress in The Cycle: Frontier is dedicated to gradually obtaining better weapons, armor, and other equipment. We’ll go into detail about what you need to consider in order to speed up this process and how to get the most powerful equipment in the game as soon as possible.

If you want to succeed in The Cycle, you don't need to go exploring Fortune 3 with the best armor and weapons. There is a high probability that you will die and lose all your prey, becoming a beggar in an instant. The best way to progress quickly is to go to the game map with low-tier gear and try to evacuate with better items compared to what you came here with. In this game, it is entirely possible to defeat a well-armed player using low-level weapons and armor. Or, if you don't feel like fighting, you can just gather supplies, fill your little pack to the brim, and evacuate. And then repeat. The low risk provides you with potentially very high returns.

Priority should be given to quests with a good reward in the form of equipment. If until now you have not paid attention to the rewards that factions promise you for completing quests, now is the time to do it. As the difficulty of tasks increases, you need to start prioritizing. And a great way to do that is to look ahead and see if completing certain quest chains will lead to a new piece of rare armor or weapon.

How to get the best gear in The Cycle: Frontier

Improve your position in each faction, but still give preference to only one of them. Doing quests and selling items to the three factions is an important thing. As you level up with a faction, you will be able to purchase new items from that faction's shop, most notably powerful new weapons. It is recommended that you maximize your position in each faction so that you can access a wider range of weapons and other items. But I would also recommend taking a look at each faction's unlocked weapons: choose the one weapon set you like the most and focus on trying to get it (pump that faction's reputation). This way, you will unlock higher-level weapons and equipment faster.

Pay attention to the equipment printer, and set your own goals for it. While some of the more advanced weapons in The Cycle can be found in faction stores, more advanced armor, backpacks, attachments, and consumables must be crafted at the printer. Don't rush to rejoice: it will take a long time for a new player to get to the stage where he can comfortably create his equipment. It is not cheap both in materials and K-brands. What you can do now is to study the things you can create with a printer and then decide what you want to get first. Would you like to create a purple shield? Get the necessary resources and kill marauders to get hardened plates. Want a shiny long-range scope for your sniper rifle? You need to collect Optical Glass and Pale Ivy Flower to craft Resin to craft your scope. Set your own goals, and prioritize, and you will quickly become a much stronger and more prepared player.

The attachments used for weapons are also extremely important. Most weapons have various slots for attachments, and you can add or remove them on the fly, both in a match and while waiting for a session. These attachments can significantly increase the effectiveness of weapons. If you have a good weapon, and its disadvantages are a terrible scope and strong recoil, install a double scope and a stock or handguard. If you are going to hunt a Marauder or a Crusher, then before the campaign, add an ammo converter that increases damage against creatures. Pay attention to the embeds. Once again: they are extremely important!

Upgrade your supply crates in the apartments. Some of the possible upgrades you can unlock in your chambers increase the chance of getting high-quality loot from the Daily Supply Crate. These supply crates open on a 24-hour timer, and each crate provides a chance to earn a variety of gear, including weapons, armor, backpacks, consumables, and more. The more materials you spend on upgrading supply boxes, the more often you will receive rare equipment.

Finally, go to the Crescent Falls map. As mentioned earlier, Crescent Falls is a more dangerous area, but it also means that it's easier to find high-level loot here. In this place, it is much easier to collect the necessary resources and rarer items. And remember - even though this is a more dangerous map, there's nothing wrong with going to Crescent Falls with low-level gear and not risking more powerful items.

Take your time. It takes time to get to the point where you're constantly dropping high-level weapons and armor. Gradually, you will rise from ordinary items to rare ones, from them to epic ones, and so on.

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