10 Cool Cat Games You Should Play If You Like Stray


10 Cool Cat Games You Should Play If You Like Stray

So the release of the adventure game Stray took place, where the player had a chance to look at the world of the future through the eyes of a stray cat. Since the announcement, the project has made a lot of noise. And for good reason. Cats are loved all over the world, and here they also let them play for the purring one. Except there were games about furry before Stray, and perhaps for some reason you missed these projects - or even heard about their existence. We have collected ten interesting projects where cats play an important role, giving users a dose of cuteness and charm.

Monster Hunter Rise (2021)

The clones of the Monster Hunter series can easily be counted on the fingers, but they will never have such charming mascots as a palico. Upright cats are faithful companions of monster hunters, they actively participate in the life of human settlements. The game assistant will heal a wound in battle, and a screenshot from the game will decorate with its presence.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can create your own palico and use it extensively in adventure outings. Take care of your furry friend, entertain him, and feed him cat treats. Not to mention the palico chefs, who come up with hilarious cooking animations.

Shelter 2 (2015) and Shelter: Generations (2018)

The shelter is a touching and very cute game. Users will have to monitor the offspring of the lynx and protect it from dangers in the open world. And also hunt, sniff out prey and explore the world in search of a safe haven.

The world of the game changes depending on the seasons, and each season is fraught with new challenges and dangers. Already after the first hour of the game, you will become so attached to virtual cats that you will not be able to tear yourself away from the gameplay.

Tokyo Jungle (2012)

Tokyo Jungle is an animal survival game set in a deserted, futuristic Tokyo. In it, you can take control of a cat and fight for existence with other animals. For hunting larger creatures, it is better to put together a pride with other cats. And you also need to have offspring, mark the territory, and do everything that is laid down by the natural instincts of cats.

In addition to cats, Tokyo Jungle has a lot of other animals with their own habits, gameplay, and tasks that you need to complete in order to progress through the story. By completing missions, you can, oddly enough, decorate your pets, upgrade them and raise stronger offspring that will be easier to survive in abandoned Tokyo.

Super Mario Bowser's Fury (2021)

Bowser's Fury is an open-world platform game. The player controls Mario, who must clean up the black liquid from Lake Lupket and free Bowser from it. The game world is made in thematic cat style. You need to collect "Sun Cats" (do you feel the pun?) to progress through the story. Buildings and interior items have furry paws with ears. Characters dress up in cat costumes and walk on all fours, scratching opponents. Lake Lapket is inhabited by hundreds of cats, which can be used to solve puzzles ... well, or just squeeze.

A Street Cat's Tale (2019)

A Street Cat's Tale is a game about a stray kitten who lost his mother and now needs to survive in a big city. The game is made in a simple pixel art, but it has quite a lot of features. In the role of a fluffy, you have to run around the city in search of food, ask people to take care of you, communicate with other cats, collect story items and solve non-linear tasks that will lead to one of several endings.

Blacksad: Under the Skin (2019)

Blacksad: Under the Skin is a cat-noir detective with investigative and QTE elements. The official game is based on the comic book series of the same name, which will appeal to fans of quests from Telltale Games. A jazz soundtrack, well-written characters, an interesting plot, and a constant drive do not let you tear yourself away from the screen until the very end. 

Night in the Woods (2018)

Night in the Woods is an art-house quest in which the player controls an anthropomorphic cat named Mei. She returns to her hometown and encounters paranormal phenomena that are somehow connected to the forest. A kind of story-driven Inside with Life is Strange mixed up. From the first - elements of platforming and exploration of the location, and from the second - an intricate plot and acting out for an infantile cat.

Night in the Woods delights with interesting local stories and great music, and the game is literally imbued with the spirit of a visual novel that you can’t tear yourself away from. The project has excellent reviews on Steam and a high score on Metacritic.

Cat Quest 2 (2017)

The bright isometric role-playing game takes place in the world of cats. Yes, this is the same Cat Adventure game that Butters from South Park used to play. And there is nothing to be ashamed of, Cat Quest 2 has very positive reviews on Steam, and critics were completely delighted. Cat magic, nothing else.

Cat Quest 2 has exciting real-time combat with swords, magic, and a healing paw to restore health. The game has dozens of all kinds of costumes that will not only improve performance but also make your cat a real dude. A large open world will help you feel like an exciting adventure with wizards and the Bermurra Triangle. If you haven't tried Cat Quest 2 yet, then why were you waiting for the release of Stray?

Catlateral Damage (2013)

So we got to the naughty cat simulator. When controlling a fluffy dirty trickster, you need to throw as many of your owner's things on the floor as possible. The difficulty in this seemingly trivial gameplay is that the house is randomly generated, and it is difficult to get to expensive household appliances. But for a cat with tenacious paws, even a two-meter closet is not an obstacle in solving the main goal of life: turning everything upside down.

The game is designed for people who like to fool around and look at scattered pictures of cats. If you believe the number of positive reviews on Steam, there are many such people.

Cateau (2018)

Cateau is a highly acclaimed visual novel about cats that has a great visual style, nice and relaxing music, and a captivating non-linear story.

The game takes place in Paris. The protagonist's neighbor is seriously ill. To help her defeat the disease, you need to bring as many cats as possible, because furry ones are the best cure for any infection. You have to make friends with several stray cats and ... perform their tasks.

The game is free, and the passage will take only a couple of hours.


These are not all cat games that exist, but we talked about projects that are fun to play even today. If you have your own exciting game in the style of a cat or with cats in the lead roles, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

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