5 tips for MADiSON beginners

 Tips and Tricks for Speedplaying MADiSON and Solving All Puzzles

MADiSON tells a creepy and tense story involving inner (and not only) demons. The protagonist Luka explores various places in his grandfather's house and visits part of his surroundings. Using a special Polaroid, Luka uncovers the dark secrets of the place by taking photographs that he can use to solve a variety of puzzles. His family lineage was infiltrated by a demon, and Luke became the central figure in a sinister ritual.

5 tips for MADiSON beginners

Explore every nook and cranny

It is impossible to ignore the fact that MADiSON is a rather difficult game, so players must thoroughly examine every corner, door, safe, or hallway. One of the best things to know at the beginning of a playthrough is that the game won't lead you by the hand. Even though Luka has his own notebook where you can learn about the current state of affairs and see the overall task, the rest of the game will keep you thinking, guessing, and, most importantly, exploring the mysterious house.

As such, exploration is critical to success in completing MADiSON, especially when it comes to the variety of puzzles. Often, a piece of paper or a clue is hidden quite well, so players must search every nook and cranny of the game world.

Storage of things in a universal safe

MADiSON offers a variety of items to discover, collect, use and store to solve future puzzles. Soon you will realize that you are not able to carry more than 8 items at the same time, while three of them remain in your "pockets" on a permanent basis (you cannot put the camera, photos, and Luka's notebook in the safe). Those eight slots fill up fairly quickly with key items, so you may need some extra inventory space soon enough. Unfortunately, you cannot expand inventory in MADiSON.

Luckily, instead of throwing away items, you can use the red universal safes that are scattered throughout the game world. There are not so many of them, but, as mentioned above, they are universal. So, leaving an item in one safe, you can pick it up in any other. However, one of the main frustrations with MADiSON is that it will be difficult for you to figure out which item to leave in the safe at the moment and which one to take with you to solve the next puzzle. Therefore, you will have to constantly run to pick up something and put it in the safe.

Puzzles tend to be multifaceted

MADiSON is an interesting horror game that looks like a walking simulator at first but later turns into a complex puzzle-oriented horror game. This dichotomy makes the game quite unnerving, as it's very difficult to know what's around the next corner. The puzzles in this game really go back to old-school horror franchises like Silent Hill or Resident Evil and require players to think outside the box.

Most of the puzzles in this game require going through a series of steps, usually leading to finding a few key items, moving them to a specific location, using Luca's camera to decipher, and then putting all the information together. One way to solve puzzles is to focus on one thing at a time, making sure you pick up each item and study it before moving on.

Take pictures…

Returning to the unique MADiSON mechanics associated with Luca's camera. This old-school camera takes real-time shots and can reveal Madison's clues and secrets. Learn about Grandpa's obsession with dealing with the dead and Luke's role in all the supernatural events that take place with the Polaroid. I don’t think I can remember that since the Fatal Frame series, the camera has been so successfully used in games. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the fact that the camera runs out of the film, the battery runs out, and so on. You have an unlimited supply of all this "good".

While the game is incredibly liberal with camera resources, many players may not understand when they should use the camera to solve a puzzle or otherwise advance the storyline. Luckily, MADiSON provides a clue in the form of photos scattered around the game world. If you see a camera icon, it means that you need to use the camera to advance. Just take pictures of the details of the environment to reveal their contents. Then shake the photo to show a "clear" picture of what to do. And don't forget to photograph collectibles in the form of shimmery blue and red photographs.

Randomized events, puzzles, and walkthroughs

MADiSON is far from a one-time experience. After the first passage of the game, when you restart you will encounter the same puzzles, but the course and outcome of the solution will be different. Literally, all the puzzles in the game are random, which means that you cannot rely on any walkthroughs and guides. While the solutions, items, and puzzles generally remain identical, some things may change, including the way certain events are resolved.

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