Cuphead: Boss Walkthrough (Carnival Kerfuffle)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the second game of world Cuphead: how to kill the crazy clown

Beppy the Clown is another boss in the second part of the Inkwell Islands. Once there, go down and go to the roller coaster on the right side (you will see minecarts). It must be said that this boss poses a certain threat, which is to be expected since you are close to the first half of the game (roughly). But now together we will try to overcome your fear of clowns.

Phase 1 - Clown on a Typewriter

Beppy starts the fight by sitting on a car that he uses to try and run you over. At this stage, there are two types of attacks that the boss uses:

  • Ducks. Ducks will hover right in the air, moving from right to left on special wands. When you jump, try to avoid ordinary ducks, as they will damage you. But there will also be pink ducks, which you can parry as usual. As always, the Smoke Bomb skill will be very useful. Some ducks will also move light bulbs around in an attempt to drop them right at you.
  • Ramming a car. Beppi will move on the car from left to right and vice versa. When he is about to move to the other side, you will notice how the clown seems to be pulled back. Jump over it using the dash in the air.
Phase 1 - Clown on a Typewriter

After a few shots, Beppi will be defeated.

Phase 2 - Beppy Balloon

As soon as the car disappears, after a few seconds, Beppi will return to the battlefield in the form of a balloon. Like any good clown, Beppy will have an array of balloons to toss at you, as well as occasional rollercoasters. The pipes to the left and right of Beppy will spawn balloons in the shape of dog heads trying to eat you. Avoid the brown dogs, but jump attack the pink ones to gain charges for powerful attacks. You can also shoot any balls.

Phase 2 - Beppy Balloon

The real hardcore begins the moment the rollercoaster line-up appears on the arena track. You have to jump on it by jumping over the starting minecart and those in which someone is sitting. In addition, you can parry the nose of the first minecart to gain an attack charge. This rollercoaster is in constant motion, so be prepared for it to return in seconds.

Once you shoot Beppy's head (balloon) enough times, he will explode and disappear. But that's not all!

Phase 3 - Beppy on a horse

Beppy will descend from above, sitting on a mechanical horse. If the horse is green, then it will spit out two horseshoes that will fly in a wave. One of these horseshoes may be pink. If Beppi descends on a yellow horse, then very quickly spits out a chain of horseshoes. When they leave the screen, yellow horseshoes will appear in the upper area (except for the place where Beppi is) and soon fall down. Stay left or right of the screen while under Beppy's horse.

As with everything related to Cuphead, it's easier said than done. Rollercoasters will appear periodically, which means you will have to stay in constant motion. Focus on your work and act carefully. Once you've dealt with Beppy on the horse, the next stage will finally begin.

Phase 4 - Beppy with an umbrella

At this stage, Beppi is not as dangerous as in the previous ones. He will return to you in the form of a huge carousel, which is shaped like an umbrella. From his head will drop platforms that move from left to right and right to left. Jump on these platforms and keep shooting at Beppy's face.

As usual, a motorcade of roller coasters will periodically move around the location. When Beppy opens her mouth, she will spit out green penguins. These little creatures will start throwing baseballs across the floor of the arena. Jump off the platform as soon as possible and shoot the penguins. Once they are done with, jump back in and continue attacking Beppi himself.

In the end, you must defeat the clown and end this duel.

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