How to get the Blue Nees achievement? at MADISON

 We tell you how to get the secret achievement "Blue Nees"

One of the monsters in MADiSON is called Blue Nees, and he appears towards the end of the game (with the exception of a few short screamers). One of the in-game achievements is associated with it, which is very easy to miss.

How to get the Blue Nees achievement? at MADISON

Blue Nees was shown to us in one of the MADiSON game trailers. Then he was called one of the most sinister monsters hostile to the main character. Blue Nees hardly appears in the early stages of the game, but still, flashes in some jump scares.

Along with Blue Nees, the player can be attacked by other monsters. At the start of the game, Luka sneaks into his grandfather's house and attempts to explore it. Suddenly, the electricity goes out, and Luka is offered to start the generator located in the basement. Then he is limited to free movement around the house. Some rooms will be inaccessible for research, but one of them hides a small but extremely valuable secret.

Inside the bathroom, which can be accessed through any two doors next to the stairs to the basement, there is a mirror hanging on the wall. By interacting with the mirror and rotating it 180 degrees, you will find a hidden message on the back that says "Blue Nees is real". By completing this action, you will earn the trophy of the same name.

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