How to solve the mausoleum puzzle in MADiSON

 We tell you how to find the correct coffins with the victims of Madison and what to do to rotate the Roman numerals on the columns of different floors

The first thing you should pay attention to is that puzzles in MADiSON change from playthrough to play through, so the specific outcome may change, although the solution method will remain the same.

How to solve the mausoleum puzzle in MADiSON

Where to get clues to solve the puzzle in the mortuary

To solve this puzzle, you will need a hammer. If you previously placed it in a red safe, you will have to go back and get the item or try to load the previous checkpoint. The path back to the safe is not close.

Each floor of the mausoleum (or mortuary) is the same in shape and has four directions, including an elevator. One direction leads to the elevator, the other three lead to the burial chambers, which are hidden behind the walls. Arriving on one of the floors, you will hear a message on the loudspeaker about what happened to the victim on this floor. In the middle of each floor is a column with a ring of numbers. There is another column on the top floor, but it has only round holes on the side.

There is a lot of confusion in this riddle. First, the burial chambers belong not only to the victims of Madison but also to other people. If you want to find the right person, you must remember that Madison's victims all died in 1987. Other clues will be heard from the loudspeaker: the announcer tells you some facts that may be both relevant and confusing you. Among other things, you will hear the age of the victim. This will help you if only the year of birth is indicated on the tombstone. Then you have to use the year of birth and add the age of the victim to it. If you get 1987, then this is the grave you are looking for. All other information will not help.

Puzzle interpretation

Not many hints. The overall objective of the puzzle is to get all the metal rings on the top floor to point towards the mirror. Fortunately, this can be achieved through trial and error, but why waste so much time?

The ring on each of the floors below the top can be rotated. To do this, you must take a photo of the corresponding wall. For example, you go down to the fourth floor, take pictures in one direction, go back to the top tier, and check if the ring is pointing in the right place. If this is not the case, go down to the fourth floor again and take a picture of another wall. And so on. But if you want to do it as soon as possible, you will have to look at the order in which the victims were killed and the location of their coffins.

You need to enter the Roman numeral, which corresponds to the sequential placement of the victim in the coffin. This means that if Lynn Jamie is buried to the right of the elevator and she is the fourth victim, you need to enter the Roman numeral IV to the right of the room.

Solution example

The victims were Robert Hale, Judith Hale, Drake Fletcher and Lynn Jamie. They go in ascending order of floors, so Robert is on the first floor and Lynn is on the fourth.

Robert is buried to the right of the elevator, so you need to enter the Roman numeral I in that direction. Judith is buried on the left, so on the second floor, the Roman numeral II should face the left side of the room. For Drake, you need to punch a hole in the back wall to reveal a tombstone. Then you move the Roman numeral III directly to this wall (photograph it). Finally, on Lynn's floor, she is buried to the right of the elevator, so number IV should face that direction. However, for each individual case, the solution to the puzzle may be different, so you need to listen to the announcer and study all the tombstones to find the right ones. The position of the coffins may be different.

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