How to solve the planet puzzle in MADiSON

 Where to find all three medallions and the correct combination to solve the puzzle

MADiSON is a psychological horror game with puzzles and the perfect balance of all these areas. The lack of in-game hints suggests that some puzzles are more difficult to solve. As soon as you start finding sun medallions, strange and demonic phenomena will begin to appear in the house every now and then. However, they do not interfere with the decision, and practically nothing can kill you in this game.

How to solve the planet puzzle in MADiSON

Where to find all the medallions

The first medallion can be found in the basement, after the first descent towards the red door. After passing the generator through the open door, you will see an item on the shelf in front of the entrance to the narrow opening on the right side. This medallion features two colored circles, reminiscent of the planets Mars and Jupiter, which are clues to solve the puzzle.

The next medallion will appear a little later after exploring the basement and encountering Madison, so don't think too much about it. Keep going through the game.

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