How to unlock all playable characters in Raft

 We tell you what you need to do to unlock all playable characters

Raft is a long-term survival game released in early access back in 2018. Recently, the final chapter appeared, the game saw its full release, and the gaming community got the opportunity to get to the final and unlock several new characters. So, in our new Raft: The Final Chapter guide, we'll show you how to unlock all four of the game's heroes in order to use them as playable characters. It's about how to get Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Sego.

Keep in mind that this will have to move through the storyline and look for characters that are located on separate islands. Let's be short and to the point!

How to unlock all playable characters in Raft


Tala is one of the first new Raft characters. The girl is on the Radio Tower - an object with a small amount of resources like plastic and glass items. The radio tower is scattered with various boxes and boxes, as well as several rooms and your first additional character.

How to access and navigate the radio tower

Sooner or later, as you research, you will be able to build a receiver and antennas. When this happens, you will see a secret code consisting of four digits. To get to the Radio Tower, players usually have to use their raft with an oar or sail. After entering the desired numbers on the receiver, follow the blue marker that appears. Three antennas need to be installed near the receiver. But they should be located approximately equidistant from it, in different directions.

The radio tower is located directly on the water and contains several rooms that the player can access once they get off their sea transport. After wandering around the rooms, you can also search several boxes and crates for loot to add to your inventory.

Do not stay long in the water, otherwise, the shark will start chasing you. Drown or die - you have to move to the radio tower again. The only way to be safe is to enter a room that is not flooded or covered in water and rise out of the water. Take your time to explore the tower, as you have plenty of time and Tala isn't going anywhere. But how to get it?

Unlock Tala

When you get to the Radio Tower, make sure to park your raft as close as possible to avoid falling into the water. And don't forget to anchor it. After climbing the first flight of crates, enter the door that leads to an empty room; walk forward and enter the room with the stairs leading up.

Climb the stairs until you reach the top, turn right and see a door leading outside. After turning left, continue along the main platform and you will soon come across a ledge covered in leaves. You must use it, turn left and climb to another ledge.

Jump over a small ledge, then up the ladder connected to the edge of the building, keep walking until your hero can jump over the gap again to another main platform. Jump from the boxes to the roof and jump to the ladder connected to the tower.

Inside the tower you will find a new character, Tala, sitting on a chair and waiting for you to appear. Talk to her, exhaust all dialogue options, and after that successfully unlock Tala!


Another new character in Raft is Johnny, who can be unlocked by going to Balboa Island.

How to get to Balboa Island

The island itself will be unlocked through the storyline. It resembles a huge nature reserve with many outposts, trails, and shelters. There will be other designs as well as animals including bears. Among ordinary bears, there will be a huge Ursa - a kind of boss that poses a serious danger to players. If you attack the Bear or aggro her, you risk serious injury.

The region also has a ranger station and three relay towers. You can find different resources as well as items that are directly related to the story of the game.

On the island, you can also find several blueprints, journal notes, loot materials, and more. To get to Balboa Island on a raft, you need to enter the found coordinates and use the sail. Stop the raft near the island and swim to it.

The ranger station will be available after the player on the raft completes the parkour segment while moving over rocks in a poison puddle. As for relay stations, they can be accessed after completing the challenge next to the ranger station, and after that, players can focus on unlocking a new hero.

Unlock Johnny

Now, to unlock the playable character Johnny, be sure to park your raft right on the shore of Balboa Island to find some broken railings. Pass through them, and once you find the hill, continue up and down the main path.

Keep walking forward until you reach a dead end and see a sign with four signs; turn left at the signpost and keep going until you reach a dead end again with a mountain dividing the path into the right and left paths. Turn left and keep going straight, but instead of taking the straight route down, start heading up the hills.

Once you pass the path leading to the top of the mountain, try to avoid any bears that may appear and attack you. In which case, just run past. A little further you will find the entrance to the cave, which will be closed with vines. They can be cut with a machete, the drawing of which is in a cave on the same island (both the drawing and the machete itself). The cave is guarded by the Big Dipper.

After cutting the vines, go through the cave, exit on the other side, and climb the large tower ahead. At the very top, you will find Johnny sitting on a mattress. Talk to him, after which he will become a playable character.


Another important Raft character is Elaine, who will be unlocked once players gain access to Tangaroa.

How to get to Tangaroa

Unlike most islands, Tangaroa is not an island, but a huge city made up of smaller regions. The city has many structures of various shapes, such as circles and hexagons, as well as quite a few houses.

Tangaroa contains 8 main locations as basement area, bridge, main city area, main tower, plantation, secret basement, and skyscrapers. There is also the main storage room. All of these areas will have resources. Since this area is large, we recommend that you stock up on food and water beforehand.

You may not need heavy armor, the use of water bottles and cooked food will be crucial as there is a lot to explore, so hunger and thirst will literally torment you all the time. Before finding a new character for your raft, we recommend that you explore the entire city.

You can find several blueprints, among which there are blueprints for an electric purifier, large storage, plumbing, and a water tank, as well as Tangaroa tokens that can be used to buy things from vending machines (if you need to satisfy your hunger or thirst).

Unlocking Elaine

Remember that you need to move through the storyline, get to Tangaroa and explore the main parts of the city. Among city apartments, rooms and domes, you need to find a code that opens the tower. It is in it that the third unlockable playable character is located.

Tangaroa is difficult to explore the area. It may seem that finding Elaine in Tangaroa is not easy, but in fact, it is not so difficult. Look for a small tower with a partially submerged staircase. Moor next to this ladder on a raft and start climbing.

Once you get to the top of the tower, you can enter a room through a small opening. Jump down and enter the room. In the middle of the room, look for some seats. Elaine will be strapped into one of the seats. Talk to her to unlock the character.


Last but not least, the fourth Raft character is Shogo, who came along with the final chapter.

How to get to Temperance

Temperance is a new difficult Raft region that the player enters as they progress through the main storyline. The area is located at the arctic end of the map. This is a snowy region, and on the way to your raft will encounter many icebergs. Temperance is dangerous in that it is a snowy region with minimal buildings and a platform. Therefore, before you go to explore the island, we recommend researching and building a snowmobile. It is extremely difficult to move around this region on foot.

There are different areas such as the Igloo Village and the Observatory that the player must explore. Don't forget to stock up on food. The most noteworthy places in the area are the Bunker, the Radio Tower, the Selena Research Center, the Observatory, and so on. Mining minimum.

Unlock Shogo

As soon as you enter the room that looks like a boiler room, you will see a circular platform leading to another corridor connecting this place with the next room. Go to the side of the room, do not forget to take the note lying on the ground, because at some point it will be decisive.

When you reach a dead end in the corridor, you will see a closed door. After opening it, go inside, turn left and look for a heart monitor at the top of a small ledge.

Press E to interact with the lifeline and chat with Sego. After the conversation, you will unlock the fourth and final playable character.

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