How to unlock the Secret Laboratory in Youtubers Life 2


How to unlock the Secret Laboratory in Youtubers Life 2

The neighborhoods of NewTube City have places that we can see on the map and visit when they are open, but as we progress through the story, we will come across secrets hidden throughout the city. We refer to certain locations that are only unlocked after completing some missions, such as the Sewers of Katzia, or the Geektopia Basement of the collector Edgar.

These are unconventional locations that sooner or later it will be essential to visit in order to complete some secondary tasks that will lead us to complete main missions. One of the most difficult to access is Dr. Ermingaut's Secret Laboratory, which is extremely important to unlock to complete the NT Codes objective. This takes time, but following our tips in the complete Youtubers Life, 2 guides will make it easier.

How to gain the trust of Dr. Ermingaut in Youtubers Life 2

The reason it takes so long to open the doors to the Secret Laboratory is because we must first establish friendly, trusting relations with Dr. Ermingaut. The way to do it is to see this character every day, and do actions such as Talk, Give a Gift, or Take a Photo whenever you have the opportunity since this allows you to fill the hearts with confidence, in addition to helping him with his problems. Your goal is to reach at least 3 hearts so that he can tell you about his project or invite you to the secret place.

How to gain the trust of the mayor in Youtubers Life 2

Once you gain the trust of Dr. Ermingaut, when you approach him and ask him about the secret invention he has with the government he will tell you that he cannot tell you anything because you must gain the trust of the Mayor. This character can be found at City Hall every day except weekends, and the friendship process is the same.

How to enter the Secret Laboratory of Dr. Ermingaut in Youtubers Life 2

After making friends with Dr. Ermingaut and the Mayor, you will receive a message from the scientist in your Instalife explaining that you are ready to enter his Secret Laboratory. When this happens you have to go to Er-Tech and access the door on the right side of the store (it looks like an elevator). Immediately, it takes you to the indicated place where Dr. Ermingaut comments on how the machine works in which you have to place the NT Codes of the main mission.

Where to put Youtubers Life 2 NT Codes

NT Codes are obtained through particular missions that are linked to 5 inhabitants of the city . Each of them will give you a code that you have to take to the Secret Laboratory to put it in the machine that is in the lower left corner of the room by pressing "Place".

In the Secret Laboratory you will also be able to complete other types of objectives such as obtaining the Mutant Gene for Katzia, and others of the like.

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