MultiVersus: How to Get Toast and Send Toasts to Other Players

MultiVersus: How to Get Toast and Send Toasts to Other Players


Here are how the MultiVersus toast system works and the methods by which you can accumulate Toast in your account to send to other players.

MultiVersus, the fun fighting game from WB Games, features a curious system of toasts between players that take place with Toast. Yes, toast. Who doesn't like toast? It is likely that in your first games you will not know very well how this system works or how to get toast, but do not worry, that is what we are here for. In this entry of our guide, we show you what to do to get toast and send it to other players very easily.

How to get Toast?

Toasts in MultiVersus are a type of "currency" that can be exchanged between players and can be obtained by several different methods in the game, both for free and for a fee. Here below we show you all the ways to get toast:

Get Free Toast

MultiVersus makes the following methods available to players to receive toast as free rewards for your account:

  • Character Upgrade Level 3 Reward: When one of your characters reaches Mastery Level 3 you get 5 Toasts.
  • Battle Pass Reward – You can get 5 Toasts in Phase 4 of the Free Pass (and also 10 Toasts in Phase 6 of the Premium Pass).

Buy Toast

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy toast more quickly, you can also buy it with gold coins from the Collection section, by pressing the toast icon.

  • You can purchase a batch of 10 Toasts: in exchange for 350 gold coins.

Explanation of toast system with Toast

The so-called MultiVersus Toast system that is done with Toast is a way to send a "like" to another player with whom you have played a game. That is when a game ends you can send a toast to the other players and, if they also liked playing with you, you can return the toast, culminating the toast in this way.

Apart from being a thank you system between players, you have to keep in mind that every time a player receives a piece of toast from another, they get a small bonus of gold coins for their account. Specifically, he receives an additional 25 gold coins, so the toast is something like sending alms to another player.

How to send a toast to other players?

You may not be clear on the process of sending toast to other players in MultiVersus. In that case, don't worry, here below we show you how to do this:

  • When a game ends, the results will appear on the screen of the chips of all the players.
  • At this time you can ask for revenge for a few seconds. If everyone decides on the rematch, the toast with toast will not be able to be made yet.
  • If instead the time for the rematch runs out or any player decides to leave the group, there will be a short period available to send a toast to the others.
  • At that moment, if you want to send a piece of toast to another player, select the rectangle that says "Give Toast" on their character sheet to send a piece of toast .
  • If you're the one who leaves the party without accepting the rematch, other players can send you toast during your reward screen. If this is the case, you will see a pop- up message that warns you of this, and you can click on "Toast return" to send a toast back to that player and thus make a toast with him.

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