Stray: Get the poncho for the cold robot

 We explain step by step how to get the poncho in Stray by first obtaining the Super Spirit Detergent and an electrical cable. In addition, we show you which cold robot you should give it to.

From the moment you visit the Suburbs in the Stray story, in this area you can find the "Grandma's Clothes" shop which is run by a charming robot who can weave you a poncho, but only if you bring him an electrical cord. This, which may initially seem simple, is actually one of the game's puzzles.

Surely, if you have come this far, it is because you do not know how to get the electric cable so that Grandma can make you a poncho or, even, what you should do with this object once you have it since it is assumed that you have to give it to a cold robot, but it's not entirely clear which one. Don't worry, below we will show you all the steps to follow to get the poncho and what you have to do with it.

How to get the electric cable?

  • The object you need so that Grandma can weave you a poncho is an electric cable.

You may already know if you've explored the suburbs a bit, that the electric cable is an item that the suburban merchant robot Azooz has for sale, but the bad news is that you can only buy it if you give him a Super Spirit Detergent in exchange...

Therefore, the next part of this puzzle comes into play here and that is that you will have to know where to get the detergent bottle first. We are going to tell you about it below.

Steps to get the Super Spirit Detergent

The Super Spirit Detergent canister is located inside the Super Spirit Laundromat building in the suburbs area.

Steps to get the Super Spirit Detergent

The laundromat is easy to locate if you head from the Guardian bot location to the street on the right-hand side down the center stairs. You can see the Super Spirit detergent bottle in the window next to the laundry room door.

The problem here is that the door to the laundry room is locked tight, so you will have to find a way to open it to get inside and get the precious object.

How to get into the suburban laundry?

To be able to enter the Super Spirit laundry you have to follow a series of steps. The game itself will give you several clues if you investigate the area and its surroundings, but to save you trouble, here below we tell you how you should proceed :

  • From the closed door of the laundromat, look up into the sky and you'll see two robots on top of the buildings throwing paint cans at each other.
  • Climb from the street with the help of containers, roofs, and signs, to the roof of the laundry building.
  • Up here, approach the robot that is throwing the paint cans to the one on the other side that is in charge of picking them up.

  • You can interact with this robot with the Triangle button and then the word "Meow" will appear on the screen.
  • Wait until the robot is about to throw a paint can and when the text "Meow" turns white press the Circle button to meow.

If you get it right just in time, the robot will freak out and trip, causing the paint bucket to fall to the street below, causing the robot inside the laundromat to storm out.

This chain of events will have left the laundry room door open. Now you can go down and enter it. You just have to climb on the table by the window to pick up the Super Spirit Detergent. Easy peasy!

You can now go back to the merchant to exchange the detergent for the electrical cable.

Where is the cold robot that needs the poncho?

After carrying out all the steps that we have been describing up to this point, you will have obtained the electric cable and, by giving it to the Grandmother, she will have knitted the poncho for you. The curious thing is that the poncho is not really to put on the cat. If you show the item to B-12, he will tell you that it is an ideal piece of clothing for a cold robot.

Ok, so who is that cold robot or where is he?

The cold robot that you need to deliver the poncho to is Elliot, the computer robot found inside the Elliot Programming building.

  • To enter Elliot Programming, go to the door near Granny's Clothes, on the same street, and scratch it with your nails (the door is the one we show you in the image above).
  • A robot will open the door for you and you can go inside. Then go upstairs to the top floor.
  • Here you will see the robot Elliot in front of a bunch of screens, shivering with cold.
  • Talk to Elliot and choose the poncho from your inventory items to give to him.
After giving the poncho to Elliot, he will keep it and put it on to stop being cold.

What is the point of giving Elliot the poncho?

If you've done all of this during Chapter 4 of the story, it will seem like it was for nothing because you don't get any rewards in return, but it really isn't. You will have saved yourself from having to do it later.

In Chapter 6 you have to solve all this puzzle of the poncho to be able to advance in the story, otherwise, if Elliot is cold he will not be able to fix a key object for you, so everything makes sense at that moment.

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