Culinary Masterpiece in Cult of the Lamb - How to open and prepare a dish


Culinary Masterpiece in Cult of the Lamb - How to open and prepare a dish

Eating at Cult of the Lamb increases satiety for followers and also provides additional bonuses. Today we'll show you how to unlock the Masterpiece Culinary Recipe and describe its effect on cult members.

How to unlock the "Culinary Masterpiece" recipe

All dishes in the game can be prepared using individual ingredients. Some become available only when certain locations are opened. To get the dish, you will need to unlock the fourth story region "Silk Cradle". While exploring this map, you will find a beetroot.

If during the passage of the location you were not lucky enough to find the necessary ingredients, then you can grow them yourself by buying the appropriate seeds from the caterpillar. You will definitely stumble upon this character during other outings. After the first meeting, the seed seller will be waiting for you near the entrance to the Swamp location.

Recipe of dish:

  • Beets (6);
  • Pumpkin (2);
  • Cauliflower (2).

Recall that in order to grow crops, you will need to plow a piece of land, as well as build a farm. You can scare away birds with a scarecrow.

When you upgrade the farm to the second level, you can assign cultists to take care of the plants. An order will appear in the interaction menu with followers "Cultivate the land". Be sure to build seed storage and fertilizer storage near the site.

Dish bonuses

Each dish in the game has positive or negative characteristics. Unlike other recipes, "Culinary Masterpiece" adds only useful bonuses:

  1. The satiety indicator increases by 5 units.
  2. A Follower gains confidence in you with a 50% chance. If the bonus works, the cultist's loyalty will increase.
  3. Each meal eaten adds 5 points of faith. We recommend using it at low faith scores.

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