Cult of the Lamb Trailer: Everything you need to know about them - Game Guide

 What is a lamb without its followers? Probably the most important part of your career as a cult leader is your cult members because nothing works without them. But you also have to take care of them and know where to get more members. Everything you should know about your followers, we tell you here!

Cult of the Lamb Trailer: Everything you need to know about them - Game Guide

What you need trailers for

Followers are essential to the success of your cult leader, without them you will not gain devotion. Daily, the cult members pray to your shrine, providing you with the devotion and faith you need to receive divine inspiration and hone your abilities.

Through divine inspiration, you unlock improvements for the temple and your camp. The cost of rituals can also be reduced through their prayers. The more followers you have who pray to you every day, the faster your cult can be expanded.

Inside your temple, you can also give sermons every day, for which you will be rewarded by your followers. Once you have reached a certain amount of devotion, you can unlock new skills that you need for your crusades. In general, your followers will also help you out to gather resources. Let them chop wood, dismantle stones or send them into the wide world via the missionary.

Ultimately, Cult of the Lamb is designed for your cult to grow steadily, because to advance in the story and open the four areas you need a few more cult members each time.

Find followers for your cult

In each of the four areas that you cross during your crusades, you will find at least three new followers, because each mini-boss is a victim of the four gods that you can save. If you emerge victorious, your opponent will transform back into their harmless animal form.

On your journey through the different areas, however, you will often come across a sacrificial offering that you should interrupt as soon as possible. If you are on the map selection of the area, you recognize such a sacrifice by the symbol with the praying pendant. So choose the route that will take you there.

However, these are not the only ways to get new members for your cult.

This nice fellow is happy to part with his prisoner for a few gold coins.
This nice fellow is happy to part with his prisoner for a few gold coins.

Kankro is willing to part with one of his morsels for a price. You may encounter him from time to time on your crusades. When choosing an area, just look for the house symbol, which has a small head underneath it. Once you have opened the Silk Cradle area, you will find Kankro at the entrance from now on.

If you want to save the gold coins, you should make use of the missionary. Here you can give your cult members the task of finding new followers in the world and bringing them to you. Your followers are also happy to approach you with quests, one of which is to take on new members that they have tracked down. However, they often doubt you and the cult, whereupon you should teach them better, or they suffer from an illness.

Caring for and avoiding sick followers

Sick followers can quickly become a major problem for the entire cult. As soon as even one member is infected, you have to take action and take action. Put them on bed rest as soon as possible and wait for them to recover. This will take several days before your trailer can get back to work. In order to boost the procedure, it is advisable to place the healing quarters, which you unlock from temple level two. Instruct your sick follower to go inside and make sure you have 15 camellias with you, as your patient needs them to recover.

Fortunately, you can actively counteract the diseases. Also, pay attention to the effects of the meals you cook for your followers and keep the environment clean by regularly cleaning up excrement and the occasional vomit. In addition, you can build a cleaning post and place outhouses. After all, your cult doesn't consist of animals in the forest after all... or maybe it does.

Murder, sacrifice, let die and revive followers

Yes, your followers are not necessarily immortal and they can die in a number of ways. If you have decided against nurturing them back to health, they will die away from you sooner or later. If it is not their health that robs them of their lives, it could also be old age.

The elders are separate devotees who have reached old age and are living out their final days in the cult. They dress in white and have stopped all work. After a few days, they will die and you will have to take care of their bodies. If a follower has died, you must place the body in a corpse pit. Alternatively, you can play butcher and prepare a meal for the deceased.

Other options include murdering followers for whatever reason and sacrificing them. The latter is particularly interesting for the lambs among you who want to develop their skills quickly. Through the Sacrifice of the Flesh ritual, you strengthen your own powers in exchange for a follower life. Alternatively, the Ritual of Follower Ascension gives you the opportunity to send a cult member to the desired afterlife, thereby increasing the loyalty of all other followers.

If you miss one of your deceased followers so much that it hurts, you can perform the ritual of resurrection. The newly resurrected returns to your arms young and healthy, awaiting instructions from their cult leader once more.

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