Digimon Survive Playing time and number of chapters

 A mix of visual novel and tactical RPG, Digimon Survive has quite a bit of content to offer. But how long can you move through this world? You can find out the average playing time and the number of chapters in this article.

Digimon Survive Playing time and number of chapters

How long does Digimon Survive last?

The playing time of Digimon Survive depends entirely on how much time you put into combat and exploration. According to Kazumasa Habu, the game's producer, you can expect a playing time of 40 hours per playthrough.

But that's not all. The game also features a New Game + and various endings. So after the first 40 hours, you are far from finished but can strengthen the bond with your comrades even further.

Thanks to the possibility of skipping already known dialogues, your further runs should not be a problem. Kazumasa Habu predicts that within 80-100 hours you will have seen all the endings.

How many chapters does Digimon Survive have?

Your approximately 40 hours of playing time are divided into 12 chapters. In addition to the opportunity to strengthen your relationships and Digimon, each of the chapters also offers momentous decisions. You can also collect items, make friends with wild Digimon and develop them further.

Starting in Chapter 8, you'll work towards the different endings of the game. Both your karma and the characters you have available will determine which path you take.

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