Digimon Survive Rescue Ryo and Shuuji

 As the story of Digimon Survive progresses, you may have to say goodbye to the characters. But that can be prevented. In our guide, you will learn how to save Ryo and Shuuji and keep their Digimon.

Digimon Survive Rescue Ryo and Shuuji

Save Ryo

In the first run, it is impossible to save Ryo. Only in the New Game + do you have enough opportunities to bring Ryo's affection to the necessary level.

To save Ryo, he needs at least 35 affection. Use the save function to always choose the right answers.

When Ryo is in danger of being lost, you now have a new option. Promise Ryo to help him. Then he is rescued and stays with you for the rest of the game.

Save Shuuji

In order to save Shuuji, Ryo must also still be part of the group. That's why it's also not possible to save Shuuji in the first round. So you have to rely on the New Game + here too.

Also, Shuuji's Affection must be at least 35. If that's not the case, Ryo can't help you either. The same applies here: Save to always choose the best answers.

If you have met these requirements, Shuuji will be saved automatically.

Can all characters be saved in one run?

You definitely won't be able to save everyone in the first run. For this you have to finish the New Game + at least once.

Depending on the route you choose, it may happen that other characters leave you. The morale route is the only one that keeps all of your remaining characters.

If you have saved Shuuji and Ryo, you also have a new option: if everyone survived, you can also choose the route to the true ending.

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