Digimon Survive Unlock all endings and true ending - Game Guide

Digimon Survive Unlock all endings and true ending - Game Guide

 In Digimon Survive, every decision you make counts. The game also offers you different endings. You can find out how to reach these endings and which of them is the true ending in this guide.

unlock endings

The most important decision for the endings can be found in Chapter 8. Towards the end, you are given up to 4 options. Before doing so, you will receive a prompt to save your game.

Whether an option is available depends on your karma. You need at least 25 points in the appropriate category for the option to be available.

These are your choices:

  • Moral: stay with your friends
  • Fervor: Stay with Agumon
  • Harmony: save the world
  • Bad Ending: Never Return

As you are used to karmic decisions, morality is the left answer, fervor is the upper answer and harmony is the right answer.

The bad ending will result in a game over. You will then start again at the last save point before the decision.

What is the real ending of Digimon Survive?

In the true ending, all characters must survive. For that, you have to rescue Ryo and Shuuji.

If Ryo and Shuuji are still part of your team, every choice in Chapter 8 leads to the true ending. Only the bad ending still means game over.

In the true ending, you will learn more about the background of the world of Digimon Survive and many questions will be solved. You will also receive another Digitation from Agumon.

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