Equipment guide in LOST ARK

 This guide will show you exactly how the item farming system works in LOST ARK.

Equipment in LOST ARK works the same as in many other MMORPGs. However, there are some nuances that you should familiarize yourself with in order to understand exactly how the farm of items works in the game.

All gear in Lost Ark is divided into tiers, each of which has a certain level. You can get equipment using crafting, or by farming it in dungeons. But this is only half the trouble, since then the extracted items will have to be improved. In this guide, we will explain how the gear progression works after level 50 and how you can get the best items in the game.

First Tier

Equipment guide in LOST ARK

First stage

The first tier includes gear up to level 250. As a rule, upon reaching level 50, your character will be equipped with items around level 250. This can be considered the starting point from which the endgame begins. At this point, you should have Halls of Chaos and Guardian Raids unlocked. Otherwise, complete the corresponding purple quests that can be found in Northern Bern. In this location, you will have to hang out for some time, getting a new set of equipment.

Second phase

Complete Halls of Chaos “Echoes of the Past I” in Northern Bern. There you can farm a set of equipment level 302. If going through the Halls of Chaos is not a hunt, then instead you can complete the story in Shushira and get a chest with the same set of items of level 302. However, you can run through the Halls in just a few minutes, so the farm will go very cheerfully.

Unlock the Void Dungeons by completing the main storyline in Northern Bern. As a rule, Abyss Dungeons are more difficult than Halls of Chaos and require attention and good knowledge of game mechanics.

Third stage

Temper items up to +2 to bring them to level 340 and unlock the ability to play the new content.

It's time to start farming the Abyss Dungeons. With level 340 equipment, you will have access to the Abode of Death and the Necromancer's Rock. Go through these dungeons until you get a complete epic set. Then temper it again to +2, or transfer the temper from your old set.

Fourth stage

Craft your new epic set up to +8. After that, the level should reach 460, which again will give you the opportunity to go to the new Abyss Dungeons.

Complete the main story quest in Rohandel to gain access to the local Halls of Chaos and Dungeons. The latter is to be farmed. Run around the Citadel of Illusion and Avresuld Palace until you get a chance to craft a legendary set of equipment. After that, roll over the temper from the last set, as you did earlier, and continue to improve it to +15. At this stage, you may encounter noticeable difficulties in sharpening items for the first time, so be prepared to translate a lot of materials. Your item level should now be 600. Tier 1 is coming to an end and you only have to finish a few quests.

Continue to complete the main storyline to unlock the Yon location and its Halls and Dungeons.

Second Tier

First stage

Congratulations, you are no longer a green newbie! You are officially moving to the second tier, and now more complex and interesting activities are opening up for you.

It's time to go to the Halls of Chaos in Yona. Go through these Halls until you get the entire set of equipment level 802. On the islands of the Kraken's Lair, San Tramonto, Gravis Resort, and the Avenue Club, you can get the necessary materials for the second tier.

Upgrade equipment to +2 to unlock the Mournful Road and Forgotten Forge Dungeons. Then it remains to transfer +2 to the new set and you will rise to level 860.

Second phase

As on the previous dash, first of all, we temper the set to +8. Then we open the Feyton location and complete the main story quests to open new Abyss Dungeons and Halls of Chaos. As before, start farming local Halls, namely the Sea of ​​Oblivion, the Underwater Sanctuary, and the Baneful Deep.

Then we transfer the sharpening to a new legendary set obtained from the Dungeons.

Third stage

We are approaching the end of the second shooting range, it remains to make the last spurt. First you have to upgrade the equipment to +15. Tempering failures at this level will be especially painful. Be mentally prepared to farm materials for a long time.

We open Papuanica by completing the following story quests. As before, we go there and open the content that we will farm in the future.

Third Tier

First stage

Time to play big. This location contains the most difficult Dungeons and raids in the game. We pass the Halls of Chaos of Papuanic and get a complete epic set of level 1302 there. This set of items will stay with you for a long time, so the time spent farming will definitely pay off.

Second phase

Next, you need to upgrade your equipment to +6 and complete the Crazed Forest - Abyss Dungeon, available at level 1325.

Third stage

Upgrade your set to +9 and complete the Rotting Glade Dungeon on normal difficulty.

Fourth stage

It's time to upgrade your equipment to +15. This will unlock the Crazed Forest and the Rotting Glade for you on Hard difficulty.

Finally, we are ready to go to the Abyss Raid. Pass the first gate of Argos. For the next step, you need to farm the legendary set and transfer the upgrade to it.

Fifth stage

Upgrade your gear until you reach level 1385, after which you can pass the second gate of Argos.

Sixth stage

By analogy with the previous stage, you need to continue to sharpen the set. This time you need to finish the 1400 level. Then we go to the third gate of Argos.

seventh stage

We are entering the finish line, but this does not mean that it will be easier further. The next steps will be much more difficult than the previous ones, and I advise you to plan your gold consumption so as not to go down the drain due to expensive materials.

At the moment, the most rational will be the following configuration of item sharpening: Weapon +11, Gloves +17, Shoulders +17, Helmet +13, Chest +12, Leggings +12. This layout will allow you to reach level 1415 with minimal currency consumption.

At this stage, the usual raid mode on Voldan opens for you.

Final stage

In the future, you have to go through raids, gradually improving your items as the difficulty increases. It makes no sense to paint all these steps. First, you will need to defeat Voldan on hard mode, then Belakis and Ku-Sothoth. Ultimately, the Avresuld raid will open for you, the highest levels of which are available only to a small number of players.

Let's summarize. A lot of things may seem confusing to you when you first read the guide, but in fact, the entire equipment level system boils down to a few simple rules. First, the content remains locked until a certain gear level is reached. Secondly, new locations open up by completing story quests. That is, you need to farm items in Abyss Dungeons and Chaos Halls, then temper them to open new Dungeons and Halls, and then go to a new location, repeating the process. Having reached the third tier of equipment, you will begin to farm complex Halls and raids.

In addition to farming Dungeons and Halls, you can and should complete daily tasks, collect collections (for example, Hearts of Giants) and Mokoko seeds.

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