Everything you need to know about hats in Stardew Valley

 The clothing is made up of a variety of objects that will allow each player's characters to be personalized within Stardew Valley, but although some grant certain bonuses when playing, in the case of hats they are used only for cosmetic purposes, they alter the appearance and in general, represent the achievements achieved by the character which comes hand in hand with certain rewards. Here are all the details on hats in Stardew Valley.

How to get hats?

To get them, you must reach the first achievement and thus receive an invitation letter to the House of the Mouse Hat, which would have just moved to the Ruined House in the south of Tizón Forest.

After the above, a new shop dedicated to the sale of hats will open where all hats will cost 1000 coins, but they will only be available as other achievements are reached; some of them can only be obtained through festivals and specific events.

The store has a wide variety and each one has different rewards, some like the Bowler hat can give up to 1,000,000 coins with the Millionaire achievement, in the same way, the Lucky Lasso gives 50,000 coins with the Cowboy achievement, but another important mention it's the Cool Cap; which when obtaining Landlord grants 250,000.

Everything you need to know about hats in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, to obtain some such as the Sheriff's Hat, you must complete the Museum collection and likewise, the Mouse or Cat Ears require having 10 Friendship hearts with one or more villagers.

Among the most difficult to achieve is the Gnome Hat which requires crafting all items. Also, the Patch, whose Expert Angler achievement consists of catching all the fish in the game.

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