Everything you need to know about Linus in Stardew Valley

 The simple-minded, outdoorsy drifter Linus is one of the loneliest characters to interact with in Stardew Valley. He lives in a tent near the Mines, he is distrustful, with few friends and although he enjoys his lifestyle, deep down he longs to be accepted by others but believes that they fear or hate him.

How to form a friendship with Linus?

Linus feels left out compared to other villagers, as it is actually mentioned in the Halloween event that his only apparent friend is the wizard. Despite being happy with his lifestyle choice, he can also come to appreciate the player's friendship as he is even one of the few who come to the rescue when the player loses health.

He is usually seen in his tent north of Pelican Town or in the lake near the camp. In winter it can be found in the Spa and also when entering the city at night, scenes can be activated where it is found rummaging through the garbage.

Everything you need to know about Linus in Stardew Valley

Linus shows up when he tries to steal from George's dumpster and is subsequently caught by Gus, who decides to help him when he tries to do the same in the Starfruit Hall. He has two quests available with their respective rewards: Blackberry Basket available in Autumn 8 and I Need Help, which is found on the board at Pierre's,

To develop the friendship bar the player must try to agree with his choice of life. You can also choose to send him gifts such as Coconut or Blueberry Cake, another good option is Daffodils, Dandelion, and Winter Root, these gifts will help you improve your friendship.

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