Everything you need to know about the milk bucket in Stardew Valley

 Within the Farm experience offered by the popular game Stardew Valley, animals represent an important factor, since, in addition to existing different types, they are also a very stable lucrative source. From them, you can obtain base products with which you can make recipes, make objects or take advantage of sales.

One of the most recommended products is Milk, but to get it you must have the milk bucket; as well as it is important to learn to use it.

How to use it?

If you decide to dedicate yourself to raising animals, Marnie's Ranch will be the ideal place to develop livestock. After building the Stable, the player will gradually be able to start raising cows and goats that are available at different prices. Both produce milk in various quantities and duration, but for this task the Milk Bucket tool is essential.

The Milk Pail is sold by Marnie for 1000g, but you can also pick it up randomly at an event organized by Sandy. It is used to milk and obtains milk with which handcrafted products such as cheese are made or sold; in the case of Cow's Milk, it is also used to prepare recipes such as Rice Pudding and Ice Cream.

Everything you need to know about the milk bucket in Stardew Valley

It should be kept in mind when using it since it can only be used in these two animals and at different times. For example, the Cow reaches adulthood in 5 days, and from then on, it will produce Milk every day, while the Goat is milked every two days.

With each product obtained, whether it is goat or cow milk, Cheese can be manufactured which, as the animal's Friendship progresses, will improve its quality when one begins to produce XXL Milk.

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