Everything you need to know about Pam in Stardew Valley

 Pam is a villager from Stardew Valley who often has problems with alcohol. She is also Penny's mother and she lives in a caravan where she can be found until noon. After that time, she will be taking a walk around the MercaJoja supermarket. Do you want to know more about the delegate at the bus stop? She continues reading.

Everything you need to know about Pam in Stardew Valley

What does Pam like in Stardew Valley?

He loves being given free beer, pale ale, and parsnip, the latter being one of his favorite root vegetables. Once you reach the first friendship heart, Pam will start sending you gifts in the mail. They are usually gifts such as energy tonics and batteries.

She also has Gus, her most loyal friend, who waits for her every night at the bars of the Starfruit Lounge. After drinking too much she has to go to the doctor and enter the examination room. There she will be a little upset when they ask her how much alcohol she drinks daily.

Pam celebrates her birthday on the 18th of spring, which is a good time to get three hearts of friendship. She immediately seeks to make him gifts such as prickly pear, glazed yams, mead, and parsnip soup. After this, you will receive a recipe called Cauliflower Gratin in the mail.

Finally, remember not to give him fishing objects like octopus and squid because he totally hates them. She occasionally woos her with flowers such as daffodils, as they represent spring in Pueblo Pelicano. She expects the gifts twice a week to increase the dialogue.

It is very important that you do not give him gifts that he hates or simply does not like, because it will lower your friendship level and it will be more difficult to get hearts with this character.

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