Everything you need to know about Robin in Stardew Valley

 We continue to get to know each of the characters and villagers of Stardew Valley widely, in this case, it is the turn of the charismatic Robin, one of the citizens residing in the pelican town, and who is in charge of the carpentry, so it will be essential that Have a very good friendship with this character since later on it is very possible that we will need a favor from him.

Trivia about Robin the Woodpecker from Stardew Valley

However! We can find this villager in the mountains, specifically on mountain road 24, in the respective pelican town. Her birthday is on autumn 21, a date on which you can give her a nice gift and thus greatly increase the level of friendship with her.

She lives with her husband Demetrius along with their children Maru and Sebastian, she owns the local carpentry shop, works from 9 am to 5 pm every day, and still finds time to go to exercise classes with Jodi. , Caroline , Emily, Marnie.

Everything you need to know about Robin in Stardew Valley

You must take into account that You can give Robin a maximum of two gifts per week, but on his birthday you can give him the third gift and you will increase your friendship level by 8 hearts, as long as it is a gift that he likes, and in turn, he will say a dialogue that is unique, such as:

"A birthday present? What detail! I'm lovin 'it."

Ah, she likes almost all the gifts that are of universal taste, but what she loves is Goat Cheese, Peach, and Spaghetti. And do not give her a horseradish or a holly at all because you will make her angry. Upon reaching 7 hearts, she will send you a recipe in the mail.

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