Everything you need to know about Sandy in Stardew Valley

The owner of the Oasis introduced in Stardew Valley as Sandy, has an unknown name, since she only uses it for trade, she lives in the Calico Desert and runs her store there; where the objects vary every day. Her best friend is Emiliy who visits her every Monday and she has a deal with Lord Qi as she allows him to run the Casino behind her business. Here are all the details of Sandy in Stardew Valley.

How to increase Friendship Levels?

In order to meet her, players must complete the Desert Bus repair, you can try to get all four Vault packs, or buy her for 40,000g. Generally, it can be found by operating the Oasis as long as it is open.

To increase the level of friendship, take into account his birthday on autumn 15, the gifts will have an amplifier for eight, and, in addition, a good option is to send him the two available gifts each week.

Every time they level up, the player will be able to get rewards, tasks, and scenes with unique dialogues. Also, starting at level 7, he will send you the recipe for Tom Kha soup by mail, a profitable option since the recipe provides maximum energy and increases the Farming skill for seven minutes.

Everything you need to know about Sandy in Stardew Valley

A good gift for Sandy is all fruits and vegetables, also Chocolate Cake, Coconut, or Coffee. She however remembers that she is annoyed by all the rusty objects, the Bait, the Carp, and the Green Algae.

Dialogue is recommended, after completing the conversation options she can give milk to the player with the limit of once per day. Similarly, character annotations can be found in the general store, this will award coins and friendship points.

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