Everything you need to know about Shane in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley I enter northeast of Blight Forest, down the road that leads to Pelican Town, Shane lives in a rented room at his Aunt Marnie's pet store, where his goddaughter Jas is also. This character takes care of the chickens at the Ranch, works at JojaMerch, and spends his nights at the Starfruit Lounge. Below we give you more details about Shane.

Shane Fun Facts

He is depressive and alcoholic, in fact, he will have a low heart for no reason. Most of the time he is at JojaMerch from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but he does not work on weekends, so he is seen around the ranch.

The first event with the character occurs with two hearts at the bar, Shane will be on the dock and after offering a beer, he talks about his problems, his future, and the problems of excessive drinking.

How to increase your friendship level with Shane?

Despite being rude and sad at first glance, if a player is interested in forming a friendship with him, Shane begins to improve his attitude little by little as he increases the level; with Jas, he is usually more upbeat and protective.

How to increase your friendship level with Shane?

He is one of the available candidates for Marriage , he enjoys Pizza, Chile and Beer ; he doesn't like Daffodils or Hazelnuts and he also hates Pickles and Quartz.

Once married, he allows a maximum of two children of different sexes , helps water the crops, feeds the animals, and from time to time, gives away a Joja-Cola in the kitchen. He will also have a chicken coop next to the Cabin where his chicken Charlie will be.

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