Everything you need to know about Willy in Stardew Valley

 On day two of starting an adventure in Stardew Valley, the player receives an invitation letter to the home of local fisherman Willy, one of the few Playa residents who live south of Pelican Town. There he runs a store dedicated to the purchase and sale of items related to fishing, which he opens every day except Saturdays when it will depend on the weather. Below we bring you all the details about Willy in Stardew Valley.

Some things you need to know

The grown-up villager among the Fern Islands can be found fishing off the pier before and after his shop's business hours. Some nights and especially in the winter, he may be in the Starfruit Hall instead of the beach. Willy has eight missions that can be enjoyed in different seasons and levels, he will also give you a cane to start these challenges; Keep in mind that the rewards of these vary from 90 to 800 coins.

In the 1.5 updates made in December 2020, new content was added for the character where players can now access behind the door of their store, there they will find a ship capable of taking them to explore a new area, Ginger Island.

Everything you need to know about Willy in Stardew Valley

In order to get on this ship, you must first unlock Willy's door by finishing each Community Center package or JojaMerchant story.

They must also fix the ship, for these repairs you must get five Iridium Bars for the anchor , four Battery packs for the ticket machine and 200 Hardwood logs for the hull. The ship is an advantage to store materials, in it you can sail to the island for 1000 G.

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