Everything you need to know about having children in Stardew Valley

 In order to have children in Stardew Valley, you must be married to any of the villagers. Achieving this is part of one of the biggest wins in the game, as it requires effort. It is a process that begins with harmony and a good relationship when finding a partner. Below we explain everything you must take into account to achieve it.

Everything you need to know about having children in Stardew Valley

Steps to have children in Stardew Valley

An essential requirement is to have expanded the house at least twice, there you will maintain a stable relationship. But first, to start the courtship, reach at least 8 hearts of friendship, this is achieved by giving gifts every week. Upon completing all 10 hearts, you buy a bouquet from Pierre's shop and give it to him to get engaged.

Once this is done, you head to the beach to buy the mermaid pendant that will complete the wedding. When at least 10 days have passed since the wedding, you can already think about having children. Remember to have a good relationship so that the husband or wife asks you if you want to have a child. This is achieved by filling in the other two hearts that are added when marrying.

When you answer that you do want to have children, it will take 14 days for the baby to arrive. This son includes several phases, in the first, he will be sleeping and then he will get up from the crib. Eventually, he will crawl into a small child and you will only be able to have 2 children of each sex. As for same-sex couples, it is the same process, but they alone have the option to adopt.

Finally, you should keep in mind that for this to work, the relationship you have with the villagers and the friendships you have in the game is very important. So try to make it the best it can be.

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