Everything you need to know about the player in Stardew Valley

 The player in Stardew Valley is the character you must create to proceed to receive a devastating farm. It is part of an inheritance left by the grandfather, in order to cultivate it and obtain wealth. That is why, in the beginning, you proceed to select the sex, type of hair, and everything that has to do with its appearance. Below we explain everything you need to know about the player in Stardew Valley.

Main Player Features in Stardew Valley

When starting the game, you must choose a name for both the player and the farm. They will be used in the dialogs and can be changed later. As for your appearance options, here you can select your gender, skin type, accessories, and clothing. Similarly, you choose the favorite thing that appears when eating the mystery fruit, and pets on the farm.

Another of its important characteristics is the personality of the player that will be added during the game. These traits are what will define your relationship with the other villagers through the different scenes. This is how you can choose who to marry and what kind of reaction to have before others.

Everything you need to know about the player in Stardew Valley

It is worth highlighting some details to take into account with certain options, including the bonuses you receive. These are in charge of increasing or decreasing the player's abilities, therefore, be careful with what the character consumes. On the other hand, you can marry whoever you want regardless of gender, get pregnant or adopt a child.

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